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Welcome to, the most popular website for old computers.
Have a trip down memory lane re-discovering your old computer, console or software you used to have.

There are actually 1244 systems in the museum.


UNIVERSUM Multispiel 2006
Basic pong system based on the popular AY-3-8500 chipset from General Instruments....
The Gamatic 7600 is a classic pong system sold worldwide under many different brands, as the Grandstand T.V. Game Model 2000 for example, or the Univox 41N. The system itself seems to have been made in Korea. The electronic board is labeled "F'GAMATIC-7600". Indeed many Gamatic 7600 systems identical to this one can be found worldwide, the earliest one being a japanese Gamatic 7600 system released in 1976. The c...
GRANDSTAND T.V. Game Model 3000
The Grandstand T.V. Game 3000 is a classic pong system sold in U.K. It can be also found under different other brands worldwide. It's in fact the same model as the T.V. Game Model 2000 but with a colour display (Model 3000 is in black & white). The system itself seems to have been made in Korea. The electronic board is labeled "F'GAMATIC-7600". Indeed many Gamatic 7600 systems identical to this one can be found worldwide, the earliest one being a japanes...
GRANDSTAND T.V. Game Model 2000
The Grandstand T.V. Game 2000 is a classic pong system sold in U.K. It can be also found under different other brands worldwide, for example as the Univox 41N in France. The system itself seems to have been made in Korea. The electronic board is labeled "F'GAMATIC-7600". Indeed many Gamatic 7600 systems identical to this one can be found worldwide, the earliest one being a japanese Gamatic 7600 system released in 1976. The case design is not particul...
The Univox 41N is a classic pong system sold in France. It can also be found worldwide under many different brands, as the Grandstand T.V. Game Model 2000 for example, or the Intel TV Sport 1004 in Germany (1977). It seems to have been quite popular as many for them were found in french flea markets and boot sales. The system itself seems to have been made in Korea. The electronic board is labeled "F'GAMATIC-7600". Indeed many Gamatic 7600 systems identi...
MAGNAVOX Odyssey 2000
The Odyssey 2000, released in 1977, is almost an Odyssey 300 with one more game (practice, for one player). In fact, and as opposed to previous Magnavox Odyssey systems (except the Odyssey 300), the Odyssey 2000 uses the famous AY-3-8500 chipset from General Instruments. This chip offers 4 black & white pong games: Tennis, Hockey, squash (here called Smash) and Practice (squash for 1 player)....
MAGNAVOX Odyssey 500
The Odyssey 500 was released in 1976, and was very advanced for that time considering the technology used. It was in fact the only system of its kind. As a matter of fact, the white paddles representing the players were replaced by simple color graphics: two tennis players with their rackets (TENNIS game), two squash players (SMASH & SOCCER?), or two hockey players holding their sticks (HOCKEY). On the control panel, one can find two switches: one to select the playfield (a wall on the left, ...
MAGNAVOX Odyssey 400
In 1976, Magnavox released the Odyssey 400. It played the same games as the Odyssey 200 and used an additional Texas Instruments chip to display digital on-screen scoring (it was the first Odyssey system to display digital on-screen scoring). On-screen scoring was quite well designed. As a matter of fact, the scores were large and were only shown when the ball was lost, and a large 'W' letter was displayed on the winner's side when the games were over. L...
MAGNAVOX Odyssey 300
After both Atari and Magnavox released their first pong systems (Odyssey 100, Odyssey 200, Pong) in 1975, Magnavox continued with the Odyssey 300 in 1976, which was one of the first system to use a single game chip containing the major circuitry of a PONG system. This system was Magnavox' answer to Coleco Telstar, the first game to use the GI A...
ATARI  Ultra Pong Doubles (Model C-402)
Ultra Pong Doubles was the ultimate pong console released by Atari (in 1977). It offers 16 pong games (32 variations) mainly based on original pong and hockey games, for 2 to 4 players! DESCRIPTION The plastic case show only one button which acts a Game Select and Reset. There is also a power on/off switch, but that's all for the interaction. The list of the 16 games along with their screenshots are printed on the case front. On the rear side, one can spot an external power su...

A classic european pong made in Honk-Kong and sold under many brands through Europe. The Hanimex 7771G is exactly the same system (even internally) as the 7771, but it enables the two shooting games initially offered by the AY-3-8500 chipset, by providing a lightgun and its connector. This means that the 7771 "could" play the shooting games, but hardware was not implemented in it. This was a common marketing strategy at the time, in order to propose a range of systems at minimal cost. ...
Even Thomson made pong systems! Actually, this system is an Interton 2400 pong system rebadged by Thomson for the french market. Read this entry for more info. Thomson also released another pong system, the JV-1002....
COLECO  Telstar Classic - Model #6045
After the release of the Telstar (the first "dedicated-chip" pong system) in 1976 which was a big success, Coleco conceived a whole range of pongs for release at Christmas 1977. This pong is identical to the original Telstar but with a big deluxe wooden frame. There's a 3 positions switch that controls difficulty (beginner : slow ball, big paddles / advanced : fast ball, big paddles / expert : fast ball, small paddles). If this is common to the first Telstars, this is quite different from ...
ALEX Video Spiel TG-621
A classic german pong system which uses the GI AY-3-8500 chip, thus playing the 4 basic pong games. No shooting games here... Something rare for that time, the two tiny controllers are not hardwired to the system. This means that when one of them died, it wasn't necessary to change the whole system. The shape of the case is weird. It looks like a case conceived for a small computer. Indeed there's enough room for a small keyboard instead of the actual panel control, and the bulk at the back c...
PRINZTRONIC Videosport 600
In UK, Prinztronic was the market brand used by Dixons Group for their electronics. This system is original because of its large selector in the middle of the front panel. Small and easy to carry. It offers the classic 6 games of the General Instruments AY-3-8500 chipset, including two shooting games playable with an optional light gun. This system will be followed by the Videosport 800, which offers more games (8) and a colour display....
Hmm, there are still many mysteries arround this system. The case is in sheet metal so it's very heavy but indestructible. It's impossible to open because all parts have been reveted. There is only one part removable on top with clips to place the 9V batteries. The fact that the case is made of sheet metal means that only a few of these systems were produced. Indeed, plastic cases require a special and dedicated mould which is very expensive to make. Thus, the plastic solution was only adopte...
It's a very uncommon french system. It's a very complete AY-3-8500 based sytem: 7 selectors and 2 buttons ! This system inludes a Robot option that allows the player to play against the system and to set its "intelligence". It's very odd looking, I mean, not a clone from another system but an original shape. Each paddle is detachable. Now, the funiest part: Inside the system is a mother board with SOE OC5000 written on it ! Well, the OC-5000 is a French pong produced by a French company (Soci...
BINATONE Colour TV Game MK 6 (model n░ 01 / 4761)
This pong is one of the many Binatone systems. As its name indicates, it offers 6 games : 4 pong games (squash, squash practice, football, tennis) and 2 shooting games (target, shooting). In order to understand how this system fits into the Binatone pong range, here is simplified list of the systems : TV Master MK IV TV Master 4 plus 2 TV Master MK 6 TV Master MK 8 TV Master MK 10 Colour TV Game Colour TV Game 4 plus 2 Colour TV Game MK 6 Colour TV Game MK 10 The Colour TV Ga...
MBO Tele-Ball
MBO, a popular German electronics manufacturer, produced a large serie of pong systems named "tele-ball" with numbers ranging from 1 to 9. Though they had some cosmetic differences, all these systems were very close to each other in terms of functionality. The Tele-Ball is the most basic system of the whole range, offering only the 4 classic pong games in black & white. The two big silver dials on the front panel are used to switch the system on/off and to select games. The
BINATONE TV Game Unit (model n░ 01 / 4990)
Very interesting and early pong system but sadly nearly nothing is known about it. It is the UK version of the Entex Gameroom Tele-Pong (USA). It might be an analogic pong, using no dedicated chipset. The controllers are weird : two knobs for each player, integrated into the plastic case. One for vertical movements and the other for horizontal movements. Two other knobs at the top of the case are used to set V-Hold and H-Hold values of the display. Anoth...

1980 Coleco catalog

Telstar Marksman

German advert

Odyssey 200

1980 Coleco catalog

Telstar Colortron

French advert #1

Visiomatic 101

French advert #2

Visiomatic 101


RIVA T-800c
Hi people are saying this unit freezes, I added a small heatsink to the board from spare zx spectrum parts I had and it no longer freezes.

Hope that helps.

Scott Elliott
PHILIPS  Odyssey 2001
Here are a few subtle bonus features of this system, thanks to the National Semiconductor chip:
- To change the paddle size, move your paddle off the playfield and press the reset button. Each player can independently choose from 3 paddle sizes.
- When it is your turn to serve, the ball will be served from the location of your paddle.
- To pause a match between balls, move your paddle off the screen when it is your turn to serve. The game will wait until your paddle returns to the playfield.

Nick Blackburn
PRINZTRONIC Videosport 600
Hi although I agree with Olivier about how much these are worth, they are still very collectable and a great talking point for parties and some of them look good enough to have on display just for their aesthetic value.

G Fisher
BINATONE TV Master MK 6 (model n░ 01 / 4907)
I have a mark6 tv master 01-4907 is it worth anything


I love this system. I got mine from deep in the basement in 2015 and I LOVE this thing! Its a real classic. The power cable is broken so I have to use the batteries but it has a surprisingly good battery life. All in all this is a solid system.

Nick Blackburn
Hi I have one of these lovely old consoles.

It was in a very sorry state when I got it, but its been cleaned up, resoldered where required and broken parts fixed.

It works really well and its just so refreshing to to play a simple yet addictive game of pong.

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