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L > LEANORD  > Silex   


Little is known about this computer. Help welcomed ! Silex means flint in french, a stone mainly used in prehistoric times as tools and weapons.

The SILEX is a professional computer released in 1979 by the french company Leanord. It was conceived from a modified Apple II board.

It has a professional keyboard with function keypad and numeric keypad. The display is built-in the system. It is monochrome but has graphic capabilities (280 x 192) and can display 40 x 24 characters (80 x 24 in option). To the right of the display is a 5.25'' disk-drive built-in the case (143 KB). Additional storage media will be available later (high density disk drives and hard disks).

Different languages were available : extended BASIC (in english and in french!), PASCAL, "evoluated disk operating system"...

The fact that there is so little information about the Silex, makes us believe that it had a very short life, at least under this name, since SIL'Z systems from the same company seem to be an evolution of the Silex. SIL'Z systems had some success, particularly in french administrations and schools.

We need more info about this computer ! If you designed, used, or have more info about this system, please send us pictures or anything you might find useful.
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I ''ve worked in the plant (town :Haubourdin), and the Sil''z was an Apple 2 machine with some enhancements (graphics) in a hard case (aluminium), and with a better power supply, built in video CRT and strong keyboard
It was possible to connect 8" drives (I''ve writted routines for that, in 6502 assembly and Pascal UCSD
On the picture, on the right,it''s a 5.25" disk-drive

Saturday 9th April 2011
Dan (France)

Looking at the random systems I first fell into the "Darlay DY 80" page and now in this "Leanord Silex", both Made in France. Seems to me that the French are as good making computers as they are making cars. LoL. :D

Monday 2nd December 2019
Yan (Brazil)


NAME  Silex
TYPE  Professional Computer
ORIGIN  France
YEAR  September ? 1979
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  Monitor (2 KB) + Basic (6 KB). Extended Basic in option (10 KB)
KEYBOARD  Full stroke QWERTY keyboard with numeric and function keypads. AZERTY available in option.
CPU  NMOS 6502
RAM  32 KB, 48 KB or 64 KB depending on versions
ROM  8 KB (2 KB monitor + 6 KB Basic)
TEXT MODES  40 x 24, 80 x 24 in option
GRAPHIC MODES  280 x 192
COLORS  12'' monochrome built-in display
SOUND  Unknown
SIZE / WEIGHT  35 (h) x 54 (l) x 59 (d) cm / 20 Kg
I/O PORTS  Unknown
BUILT IN MEDIA  built-in 5.25'' disk-drive (143 KB)
5.25'' 650KB high density and 8'' disk drives (1 MB and 2 MB)available in option as well as 10 MB hard disk
OS  Unknown
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in power supply
PERIPHERALS  External disk drives (single & double), printers, A/D convertors, hard disk, 16 KB memory expansion, modem, real time clock, IEEE S 840 bus
PRICE  29 400 F (France, 1979)

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