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Little is known about this Slovak clone of the ZX Spectrum.

One of its particularity is that it has a separated reset button and two joystick ports (1 Kempston + 1 Sinclair). But both joystick ports have non-standard connectors.

The ULA (video chip) is different from the one used in the original Spectrum. It's a russian circuitry, and it results in the screen being square instead of rectangle. Because of these russian ICs, the Diaktik M was actually much more compatible with Russian Spectrum clones (like the Pentagons) than with original ZX Spectrum.

The Didaktik M seems to be sold as a 64 KB RAM computer but only 48 KB is available.

Two models of the Didaktik M were produced (90 & 91). The Didaktik Kompakt is in fact the same computer with a built-in floppy drive on the right side of the unit.

A 3 channel sound interface with ACB stereo called "Melodik" was also available, as well as a 3.5" external floppy drive called D80.

Didaktik M and Kompakt are still sold online here!

Richard reports to us:
There was external 5.25" floppy drive produced called Didaktik D40. I think it was able to take memory snapshots with a snapshot key located on the connector to the floppy. Later there was Didaktik M Kompakt produced which had 3.5" floppy integrated on the right side of the unit. I used this computer to play games, was fun.

Predseda (Czech Rep.) adds:
It has one of the most uncomfortable keyboards ever. Keys are unnacuratelly attached to the computer´s body and it makes their pressing really painful. Quick typing on its keyboard is really impossible, you must press each key separatelly and with special care.

and Petr adds:
It has 4MHz CPU, different from original Spectrum and must be braked - some instructions has another size of tact. RAM is 64 KB but only 48 KB is used. There is no difference between slow and fast memory. This computer is much more compatible with Russian Spectrum clones than with original ZX Spectrum.

We need more info about this computer ! If you designed, used, or have more info about this system, please send us pictures or anything you might find useful.
Please consider donating your old computer / videogame system to or one of our partners from anywhere in the world (Europe, America, Asia, etc.).


Its not true that it has better compatibility with Pentagon than in Spectrum, because of russian ULA. There was almost 100$ compatibility with Spectrum. Two design difference were slightly problematic, but do not cause leaning to russian clones which were even addressed differently etc:
a) ULA - provide refresh for all adressing space - it means, all memory space have issue with wait states. Therefore, to bring better compatibility, CPU was running at slightly faster frequency, so approximatelly memory access timing was almost the same. This bring two results: exact timing demos wont work correctly, when uses attribute change to bring 8 colours per attribute, and writing to border was out of timing as well
b) different copyright messages in ROM, different charmap (bold fonts) and corrected original bugs caused incompatibility only when tested by stupid games protection, this was not real issue.
The most problematic part was the keybord. It was meant to be build as high-quality replacement for original membranne, however, it was a real disaster. It lasts about 2 or 3 years of everyday usage, then it starts to have contact problems, and, plastic parts came to colision with each other and with metal spring.

Saturday 19th February 2011
Miroslav Werner (Czech Republic)

How great comp it was!! With 5.25" floppy, special monitor called I think Merkur and dot printer BT100 (1pin) it was impressive IT center :-) of 90´s in Czech Republic.

Sunday 18th March 2007
Udernik (Czech Republic)

Price in 1991 was about, if translated to euro, 100EUR. Was a very good clone of ZX Spectrum, almost 100% compatible, I did not see any game or application from ZX that could not work on DIDAKTIK M. I used it for long time. Keyboard was not so bad, needed a bit of training to get accustomed for it, but printed commands and letters on the keys faded away very soon with often using. But I have only good reminds about it...

Friday 15th December 2006
Martin (Earth)


TYPE  Home Computer
ORIGIN  Czechoslovakia
YEAR  1990
KEYBOARD  QWERTY mechanical keyboard
with separated arrow keys
and many functions per key just like the spectrum
RAM  64 KB (48 KB used), up to 128 KB
ROM  Didaktik M ROM 91
TEXT MODES  32 x 22
GRAPHIC MODES  256 x 192
SOUND  Beeper, 1 voice, 5 octaves
SIZE / WEIGHT  Unknown
I/O PORTS  Expansion bus
Sinclair Joystick port
Kempston joystick port
Video output
PRICE  Approx. 100 €

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