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B > BANDAI > WonderSwan   


The WonderSwan was developed by Yokoi Gunpei (known as the father of the Nintendo Game Boy). A low price point and extremely low battery consumption is considered to be the original vision of Yokoi. Sadly, Yokoi died in a car accident before seeing a completed WonderSwan.

Most of the games for the WonderSwan were based on Japanese Anime series. The system had no success outside of the Japanese domestic market, mainly beacause it was not ditributed and marketed efficiently. One of the system's interesting features is the control layout allows for games to be played in either vertical or horizontal position.

Other than the original WonderSwan's lack of color support it was a brilliantly engineered system. Shame it didn't have success outside of Japan.


Author : Yuki Itada

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idk why i said i don''t know my keyboard glitched out but what i wanted to say was These old systems are really cool and i actually had a nintendo 64 and i still have it! :p XD xD xd Xd lol lel lul :P $p $P $D d$ d: D$ D: lolololololololololoXdXDXDXDXDXDXxDxDxD WHY AM I SAYNG XD LUL

Wednesday 27th September 2017
Kaleb losher (USA)

I don''t know

Wednesday 27th September 2017
Kaleb losher (USA)

If you have ever found a WonderSwan, B$W, Color or Crystal in another country than Japan, it was imported, without the approval of Bandai. and $150 is 2 to 3 times more expensive than what is was in Japan..

Also there is a small error in the desctiption

"ROM: 1KB save EEPROM" mean nothing, there is an internal EEPROM but it''s not used as a save memory for game, it''s only to store some internal information for the console, and the Owner Infos

Also, the Media is proprietary ROM, that''s true, but the "small amount of EEPROM for game save (max 16MB)" is eaither badly written, or just false.

There are two type of possible save method on the WonderSwan, SRAM and EEPROM (like early GBA game in fact), the EEPROM capability have a limit of 16KB (maximum of 13 bit of Address with 16bit data) and have the ability to address 256 * 64KB of SRAM so 16MB in this case.)

Monday 9th May 2016
Godzil (UK)


NAME  WonderSwan
YEAR  April 1999
END OF PRODUCTION  December 2000 (replaced by WonderSwan Color)
KEYBOARD  integrated into system chassis (11 software addressable buttons, 1
CPU  16-bit SPGY-1001 (custom Bandai manufactured CPU based on the NEC V30 MZ line of processor, the v30 microcode is compatible with x86 instructions)
SPEED  3.072 MHz
RAM  16 KB
VRAM  shared with system RAM
GRAPHIC MODES  FSTN fixed resolution LCD display 224 x 144 mono
COLORS  8 shades of gray
SOUND  4 channel stereo 4/8 bit sample size audio (mono through systems internal speaker)
SIZE / WEIGHT  74.3 mm x 121 mm x 24.3 mm / 110 gr
I/O PORTS  Accessory port (allows system communication and headphone adapter)
BUILT IN MEDIA  proprietary ROM cartridges with the ability to have a small amount of EEPROM for game saves (max 16 MB)
OS  Unknown
POWER SUPPLY  1 AA battery (30 hours autonomy!) or Rechargeable Battery Pack
PRICE  4800 yen (Japan, 1999)

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