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S > SMT  > Goupil G4   

Goupil G4

The G4 computer represents the real entry of the S.M.T. Goupil company in the professional computers world. The time of the craft period with systems intended for a small circle of computers hobbyists and teachers is over. With the G4, the french manufacturer clearly affirms his will to quickly penetrate the companies and administrations market.

The future will show that this new positioning will be successfull, partly thanks to the qualities of the G4 : modern and fast microprocessor, full compatibility with IBM standard, but also thanks to a dynamic and coherent european marketing policy.

We need more info about this computer ! If you designed, used, or have more info about this system, please send us pictures or anything you might find useful.
Please consider donating your old computer / videogame system to or one of our partners from anywhere in the world (Europe, America, Asia, etc.).


When I was youg, we had Goupil G4 in class room: 2 for all the school, at 10 yo... it was an computer for learning

Friday 9th July 2010
Gilles (FRANCE)

At one time, the Goupil G4 was considered as the fastest available IBM-PC compatible.
The company went to Stock Markets and shares soared.
False statement were issued (the company started loosing money but issed false invoices to report non-exisiting sales increase) and Goupil closed with a minor scandal.

Sunday 11th March 2007
François (France)

Sorry, but I speak English very bad.
I have SMT Goupil G4. I need original software for this computer (from original disks).

---Russian (translit)---
Privetstvuyu vseh! U menja est kompjuter SMT Goupil G4. Mne nuzhny programmy s disket, idushih v komplekte s kompom - programmy dlja raboty s chasami i t.d.
Vse, u kogo est etot kompjuter, pozhaluista, otzovites!

Friday 27th June 2003
Alexey (Moscow, Russia)
INT21 - Site about DOS


NAME  Goupil G4
TYPE  Professional Computer
ORIGIN  France
YEAR  1985
KEYBOARD  Separated full-stroke keyboard, 83 keys
with 10 functions keys and numeric keypad
CPU  Intel 80186
SPEED  8 Mhz.
CO-PROCESSOR  optional 80187 arithmetic co-processor
RAM  256 Kb. (up to 512 Kb. on motherboard)
VRAM  25 lines x 40 / 80 chars.
ROM  16 Kb. (BIOS)
TEXT MODES  25 lines x 40 / 80 chars
Monochrome hercules mode or colour CGA mode
GRAPHIC MODES  640 x 400 monochrome hercules mode
320 / 640 x 200 CGA mode
COLORS  4 / 16
SOUND  Internal loudspeaker tone generator
I/O PORTS  Serial (2), Parallel, extension ports (2)
BUILT IN MEDIA  One or Two 5.25'' 360 Ko. disk-drives, optional hard-disk
OS  MS DOS 2.11 with GW-Basic, first version of Microsoft Windows (MS-Windows 1)
POWER SUPPLY  Built-in PSU with fan
PERIPHERALS  Monochrome or color 12'' monitor

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