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ELECTRONICA  Electronica

The CIP-04 seems to be a clone of the Sinclair Spectrum +3.

However, despite similar or higher technical features (256 KB of RAM, 64 KB of ROM, built-in Floppy Disk Drives), the system was not compatible with all Spectrums because of its 3.5" FDD instead of the 3" Spectrum model (though the 3.5" FDD was a better choice).

The 64 KB of ROM probably hold the 48K Spectrum BASIC, 128K Spectrum ZX+3 BASIC and CP/M operating system

Additional information from Grecu Cristi:
The CIP-04 is very close to Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3, probably the only +3 clone from Romania. It's ROM software is almost identical; but at power-on the message is "(c)" instead "(c) Amstrad...".
The menu is identical, with loader, 128 BASIC, Calculator and 48K basic. It has the AY-3-8912 sound chip, the video connector is also used for sound output.
The disk is managed through +3DOS, a method cloned from Amstrad's +3. The disk is 3,5", single sided, double density, 40 tracks. It's somekind silly to use 720K floppies, and use only 1/4 of its capacity! But I think this is also cloned from +3. The controller chip is a CM609P, a russian clone of the 8272. Being a total clone, I bet it can also run CP/M.
It has a one-direction parallel port, providing 8 data lines, STROBE and ACK. No PIO was used, it is probably controlled by soft. It also has a serial connector, but no UART is used. Also probably driven by software. Transistors were used instead of the classic MC-1488. Very unprofessional!
Joystick connector: Two Sinclair joystics. Uses keys 1..0.
Memory: Although near the keyboard is said BIG, "256 kbytes", from the 128K basic interpretor we may access only 128 KB. The memory consists of eight K565RU7G, 256 Kbits each. So indeed, it has 256 Kbytes! Two M27C256B (64 KB) hold the ROM software, just like the +3. I also saw about 5 more ROMs, MN74L287, 256*4 bits each. I don't know what are those good for.
Something stupid: The expansion bus is very close to the power supply jack, so there is no space to plug in a peripheral. Not even the original Electronica's joystick interface.
Power supply issues: It needs 5V, plus on the central pin. Careful: Like all the CIPs, it hasn't internal stabiliser. +12V is provided inside for the serial interface and other chips.

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TYPE  Home Computer
ORIGIN  Romania
YEAR  1992
BUILT IN LANGUAGE  48K Spectrum BASIC and 128K Spectrum ZX+3 BASIC with +3 DOS (probably)
KEYBOARD  Full-stroke keyboard, QWERTY, 40 keys (same as CIP-64)
CPU  MMN-80. East European clone of the Z80-A
SPEED  3.5469 MHz
RAM  256 KB
ROM  64 KB
TEXT MODES  32 x 24
GRAPHIC MODES  256 x 192
SOUND  AY-3-8912 3 voice + white noise sound generator
SIZE / WEIGHT  32.5(W) x 27.5(D) x 7(H) cm.
I/O PORTS  TV/RF, Composite video, tape recorder, serial and parallel ports, expansion bus connector, DC in, joystick
BUILT IN MEDIA  3.5'' disk drive
POWER SUPPLY  External Power supply unit (5V - 2A)
PERIPHERALS  All Sinclair/Spectrum extensions using the expansion bus connector
PRICE  5000 lei (Romania, 1992)

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