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Y > YAMAHA  > CX5M Music Computer

CX5M Music Computer

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The Yamaha YIS-503 is a MSX-1 computer gifted for the music. Indeed it's possible to add a Synthesizer module (SFG-01) which turns the YIS-503 into a real synthesizer with a FM sound generator, 4 operators, 8 algorithms, 8 note polyphony and 46 presets sounds. In fact it is the equivalent of the DX-9 synthesizer !

The Yamaha CX5M is just a YIS-503 with a built-in SFG-01 Sound Generator module, a pseudo MIDI interface and a black case instead of grey. Thus if you add the price of the YIS-503 (3400fr) + the SFG-01 (1350fr) + the MIDI Interface (1000fr), the CX5M is much more interesting as he has everything integrated for 5100fr.

The CX5M was marketed mainly as a Musical instrument just as the DX synthesizers for example, that explains why its design is very close to the Yamaha synthesizers of that time (DX-7, DX-9, DX-21, etc.).

Both computers can use special Yamaha keyboards (YK-01, YK-10 or YK-20) to play the sound of the Sound Module or to compose songs with special cartridges.


When you switch on a YIS-503+SFG-01 or a CX5M, you can type CALL MUSIC at the Basic prompt to run a program stored in ROM enabling you to play all the sounds of the module with the keyboard.

In a same way, if you have the FM Voicing cartridge inserted, you can type CALL FMV to run the progam to edit all the voices.



Here is the list of the Yamaha cartridges that once were available :

Catridge Program name Description
YRM-101 FM Music Composer Music composition and orchestration
YRM-102 FM Voicing Program Edition and creation of the internal sounds
YRM-103 DX-7 Voicing Program Edition and creation of the DX-7 sounds
YRM-104 Yamaha FM Music Macro BASIC commands to use the Sound Module
YRM-105 DX-9 Voicing Program Edition and creation of the DX-9 sounds
YRM-301 MIDI Recorder YRM-301 4 tracks real time MIDI recorder
YRM-302 RX Editor Software manager for RX Digital Rythm machines.
YRM-303 MIDI Macro & Monitor Used to display and control MIDI messages
YRM-304 TX-7 Voicing Program Edition and creation of the TX-7 sounds
YRM-305 DX-21 Voicing Program Edition and creation of the DX-21 sounds
YRM-501 FM Music Composer II Music composition and orchestration with disc support
YRM-502 FM Voicing program Edition and creation if the internal sounds with disc support
YRM-504 Yamaha FM Music Macro II Basic commands to use the Sound Module, with disc support
YRM-506 FB-01 Voicing Program Edition and creation of the FB-01 sounds


All the YRM-1xx programs have not any disc support, which means that you had to store on tape the voices edited with the YRM-103 program for example...

All these possibilities were perfect for musicians owning Yamaha musical systems, since you could edit the voices of the famous DX-7 for example, directly and clearly on the screen instead of the 2 lines of monochrome LCD screen of the DX-7.

With the FM Music composer you had a real MIDI recorder at a time when it was not available so far on other systems (unless you paid a very high price for specialised machines).

With the Yamaha FM Music Macro you can control entirely the possibilities of the SFG-01/05 from the Basic ! Very powerful...



The drawbacks of the SFG-01 Sound Module is that it doesn't have a real MIDI interface. The MIDI plugs were used to transmit voice datas from Yamaha music machines (Synth, rythm machines, expanders,etc..) to the computer and vice-versa but wasn't able to interprate NOTE ON commands for example. Thus it was impossible to control the SFG-01 and the computer from another MIDI device... Hopefully, this was possible with the SFG-05 sound module which was an advanced version of the SFG-01 with real MIDI interface and disk support. This new sound module was built-in the CX5M II computers.



This is an original extension. You get a card reader with the cartridge in which you can pass magnetic cards describing musical scores. Then the computer plays the tune and you have all control over it (volume, voices, sustain, transpose,etc.). Fun !

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