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S > SORD  > M23 Mark III


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Sord  M23 Mark III computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Monday 21st September 2020
Candice  (France)

How does it cost ? I find this computer at my house

Monday 21st September 2020
Candice (France)

J''ai retrouvé un ordinateur identique à celui ci dans mon grenier. Une idée de combien ça vaut ?

Tuesday 10th December 2019
David (UK)

SORD was imported into the UK by Exleigh Business Machines (EBM) of Penzance. A small number of machines were re-exported to Cyprus. There is further information on SORD, mainly M5, on this page

Tuesday 11th July 2017
Simon (New Zealand)

I worked for Broadlands Finance (NZ) in the early ''80s. Broadlands acquired a small number of SORD''s and had a simple programme written to assist with the promotion of repayment insurance for dealer written HP agreements. I smuggled the Christchurch machine home and over many nights nutted out how to programme the PIPS platform to do stuff that was really useful for the business! First and very fond memory of harnessing this brave new technology!!

Tuesday 21st July 2015
Gerry (New Zealand)

I used a Sord for several years for work. The PIPS_III spreadsheet would do something in one operation that Excel still won''t - Sort and Sub total in one operation.
I think the spreadsheet was ahead of its time.
My boss bought it in Singapore where we had business interests.
Eight years ago when moving and downsizing I reluctantly gave away two Sord models - one with 5.25 and the other an 8 inch disc and all the manual etc.
There never were any good old days but I think nostalically about my Sord my first computer.

Saturday 4th October 2014
Pecoramatta (Italy)
Rétro Scan

The price in Italy was Lire 4,900,000 + IVA (14$?) in 1982 (found in an old computer magazine ad), about 5 months of salary of an employee at the time.

Tuesday 17th July 2012
Shane Doyle (Australia)

I remember writing all this software for an Insurance Agent I knew, who had one of these Sord M23''s. Can''t remember which variant it was now. Anyway, he ran his agent business on this machine with the apps I wrote for him.

Wednesday 11th July 2007
Lorna (New-Zealand)

I still have one. I've just dragged it down from the attic!
It was still able to go when packed away, not sure I have any discs for it.

I remember that it had a great pacman game

Friday 20th April 2007
Richard (Sparta New Jersey)

I am looking for someone who can copy and printout
the programs for a reel to reel tape made in 1979 and ran on the GE timeshare Mark III computer. The
programs are in fortran 77 and the out put is in ascii. I would like to have the programs converted for use on PC or unix machines. Please e-mail reply

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