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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Telenova  Compis computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 29th October 2013
Gino Jovannelli (Italy)

I worked in Kristinehamn Telenova (TELI) factory $ builded the Compis computer.
Disaster! :-/

Saturday 30th June 2012
Anders Hesselbom

We used it for programming Comal in ninth grade. If I remember this correctly, it supported libraries and was line number based, so you could damage your library if you used to high line numbers in your program.

Monday 15th September 2008
Kimmo Laitinen (Finland)

We have used this computer in physics (radioactive measurements) until today (15.9.2008). Computer still works, but geiger dont give readings any more. :(

Our students are younger than Compis-computer!!

Thursday 3rd August 2006
Martin Pålsson (Sweden)

I remember using this computer back in the mid 80's when I went to school. We were exclusively let into the computer room in the school, the computers were bought but there were only one teacher understanding the concept of computers. On the other hand he had build some i/o interfaces so that we could mesure, i think it was voltage.
This was my first real contact with computers and i stayed on that track...

Monday 7th March 2005
Niklas Carlsson (Sweden)

When I was in ninth grade, in 1993-94, my school still used the Compis system. We had about 15 workstations hooked up to a server, where the 10 MB harddisk were located. The screens were black/green. We used them to practice wordprocessing, and there were also some simple games that we could play against eachother via the network. The year after these computers were scrapped and replaced with ordinary PC:s.

Monday 17th February 2003
Kalle Raiskila (Finland)

Out of nostalgia I typed in COMPIS in google anf your site popped up. I read Christer Sj÷bloms note saying that COMPIS died beacuse of "lack
of realism"... Hmm, since it had a 80186 it should have died sometime in the mid 80's (when the 386 was launched).
I used the COMPIS in the 7th - 9th grades for my very first studies of programming (in COMAL) and making music. This was in 1993-1995. And I must recommend the COMPIS for its ease of use with MIDI synths & samplers. IMHO a COMPIS would still be perfect for programming studies
at the lower grades at school, and I must ask my younger brother, who now attends the same school, if they still have them ;)
PS, as you can see from my mail, I'm not even from Sweden (as the COMPIS is)

Sunday 1st December 2002
onionkid (sweden)

I┤ve got a Compis, and might gain access to a Compis 2 which I┤ll take some documentary pictures of when I get a digital camera.
I┤ve also got a manual for programming Comal on Compis, and a book of schematics of it.

Saturday 23rd February 2002
Christian Johansson (Sweden)

I used the COMPIS computer in a mathematics course at high school (Bergaskolan in Esl÷v in Sweden) as late as 1989-1990. We used the computer for programming in COMAL. The computer was however obsolete by then and in 1990-1991 the school replaced all COMPIS computers with PCs running Windows.

By the way, I want to protest against what Christer Sj÷holm writes on the page describing this computer. He says that all influential people in Sweden were socialists before the fall of the iron curtain. I think this is mostly crap. Sweden has always been a western country. There were even people calling Sweden the 51st state of the USA since Sweden was and is one of the most "Americanized" countries in Europe.

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