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T > TRIUMPH ADLER  > Alphatronic PC models P1/P2


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Triumph Adler  Alphatronic PC models P1/P2 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 14th August 2015
Helmut Wiertalla (Deutschland)
Triumph Adler Alphatronic PC models P1/P2


Alphatronic P2 Maschine,
dazu ev. hilft der Link.

mal auf der Seite etwas umsehen.

MOS Beschreibung, Treiberbeschreibungen (Floppy,Display)
und ein Boot-Kochzept ev. anwendbar.
Eine funktionierende P2 Alphatronic und schreibbare Disketten sollte
man haben.

Mit YMODEM 80 Programm von mir - erstlich entwickelt und
ein Boot- Kochrezept dort zu finden.

Viel Erfolg und Grüße
Helmut Wiertalla

Tuesday 14th April 2015


I have an Alphatronic P2 and i need technical information and software for it. Do you have this machine yet? If you have it, could you help me, please?
Obtaining information about these machines is very (impossible) in my country.
Thank you very much.

Monday 6th January 2014
peter marchese (UK)

I have a twin floppy Triumph Adler in working condition that I purchased in 1980 as the IBM''s started to make them obsolete, I was still using it to a small extent in 1995 for weather satellite orbit prediction.
My first computer training was on the Siemens R10/30 series which I believe was more or less a clone of the IBM360 with washing machine size 250MB drives.
When I could get time on the Siemens machine I could write basic programs which I later transferred to the CP/M machine

Sunday 4th December 2011
Michael Titgemeyer (Germany)

P1/P2 where the base for P3/P4 - CPU speed was 3Mhz (Intel 8085 with 6Mhz xtal). It was based on a computer developed by SKS (Steinmetz and Krischke Datentechnik in Karlsruhe, Germany). TA did a redesign of most boards to bring it in production. Floppy disks where double sided, 40tracks. As I was working in the dev. dept. for this computer, I do have some few software information, mostly the MOS and the CP/M Bios

Sunday 21st February 2010
jomoca (Barcelona (Spain))

Aún guardo algunos viejos catálogos e información de Alphatronic en español....

Wednesday 26th March 2008
Colin (UK)


I used to sell these (in East Anglia) - both the P1 and the P2. They were really good business machines at the time.

I wonder if any of my old customers have still got them? I'll maybe ring around and see :-)

Monday 26th November 2007
Marko (Germany)

I've got some disks as teledisk images and the original manual in German.

If you need some info, mail me.

Monday 19th February 2007
Frank (Germany)
gadgetPool - Yacht Electronics

I got an Alphatronic P2 !!
I'm really glad to I could find one - becaus this computer was the first computer i ever had.

What's missing - I didn't get the system disk with it.
Is there anyone who could help me with a copy of the system disk ?


Sunday 13rd August 2006
Kjeld Rasmussen (danmark)

I have some progam I have make My alphatronic are not working I like to fine one the are working

Wednesday 4th January 2006
Ron (England)

The Alphatronic P2 does use CP/M but but the Base Address is at 4000H not 100H as Standard CP/M this means that programs have to be assembled to that address. The disks are single sided, the drives can be single sided or double sided, which are treated as two separate drives. As I haven't touched my machine for many years I would have to search my records for more information. The machine is so strange that many were just dumped. They were the bane of my life, I passed on all the information to some one in Cambridgeshire many years ago.

Saturday 11th January 2003
Marco (Italy)

Hi anibody has some information about this computer? (Alphatronic P2)
I have the pc but no documentation or disk !
It boots normaly and enter in the monitor program but so noting happens, no basic or operating sistem.
Please someone help me ! I can't find anthing on the web !

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