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A > AMSTRAD  > CPC 464


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Amstrad  CPC 464 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Thursday 14th November 2019
Bob  (Leicestershire, UK)

I am trying to print out an asci file on an Amsoft CF2 compact floppy disc . Can anyone help ?

Tuesday 16th September 2014
Robyn Hibbert (Central Coast Australia)

I have an Amstrad Portable PPC512/640 One of the original laptops I think, in perfect condition with all accessories including the user instruction book, does anyone know anything about, is it worth anything ?

Tuesday 16th September 2014
Robyn Hibbert (Central Coast Australia)

I have an Amstrad Portable PPC512/640 One of the original laptops I think, in perfect condition with all accessories including the user instruction book, does anyone know anything about, is it worth anything ?

Thursday 28th February 2013
Roger Jowett (Ulster)

please help
trying to convert 8bit video for sam coupe
this is still not mode 3 interlaced with hmpr bit 5$6 CLUT alterations per scan line HELP we only need a DMA...
masterdos/basic atom lite support HELP

Wednesday 21st November 2012
Antonio (Italy)

Text windows ... and the "COPY" key :D

Thursday 4th October 2012
Chris (Australia)

The World of Amstrad still lives on - check out the CPC wiki: !!!

Thursday 31st May 2012
Yves (Belgium)

Hi this was my first computer !!!
At school we had MO5 and TO7
We had a small computer club formed of 6 people to create small games.
I wish i had it still.
I''m currently looking the ebay to buy a 6128

Friday 27th April 2012
Allan (England)

Ahhh, the Amstrad CPC464. How fondly I remember mine, sat on a rickety old table in the corner of the living room, with its green screen (couldn''t afford the colour version).

Learned my first assembly code on it. Even my mother loved it, and was often to be found playing a fruit machine game on it, for hours on end. I wish I still had it, if only for nostalgia reasons.

Friday 16th March 2012
Peter Belbin (Gold Coast/Australia)

I have a amstrad computer with at least 10 games $ the menu book for sale.1 of the games is Hobbitt can anybody tell me are these worth anything or not please before i throw the lot out.
Thanks Peter

Sunday 31st July 2011

i bought mine second hand from a 12 year old/ it had dozens of games!!! I loved Dizzy and Jet Set Willy. I later bought a hard drive and a modulator in order to play in full colour! Awesome

Thursday 4th November 2010
Phil (London)

George Johnson - uncanny how similar our experiences are. My brother had a Dragon 32 and then I got a CPC 464 - I loved it and spent many a hour writing programs for it. The 464 and the ZX81 are the two reasons I got into IT, now I''m an Oracle DBA too!

Thursday 16th September 2010
Marcos (England)

These are now on an CYCLCONE chip using a teasic devlopment board ( Altera DE1 board), running at 24MHz !!

See the symbos web site !

Monday 5th July 2010
Conrad (Scotland)

I''ve still got mine, just firing it up now to see if it still works!

Monday 3rd May 2010
George Johnson (London, UK)

I well remember getting it. We had had a Dragon 32 and my old man wanted an "upgrade" and bought a 464. I had no games and Amstrad had just started an offer to give away 12 games after we had bought ours. So I old man went down to Rumbelows ( electrical store ) and demanded the games, even though he was technically not entitled and he got them! I then managed to convince 4 mates to get CPCs and we had a good little trading ring going for well over 3 years! CPC was the first time me and my old man had ever played with computer databases, most likely responsible for me working in IT as an Oracle DBA! Gryzor, Glider Rider and Enduro Racer. Level 9 games had to be some of the best going.

Friday 23rd May 2008
Bernadette (England)

It was my very first computer when I was about eight or nine years old! I remember my mam let me load a game, and I had time for a bath while it was loading. Me and my brother used to insist that my mam let us bring it to our grandmas on a weekend and it wasn't exactly a light thing to carry.
My bro got a black marker pen and scribbled over all the keys the little sod.
Its in the attic now and I'm at the family home for the weekend, I'm trying to convince my mam to let me bring it down!

Saturday 29th September 2007
Francisco Martin (España (Spain))

I was 14 y.o. when my CPC 464 arrived to my life, it was my first computer, as the color monitor was very expensive I have one which used green phosphorus, it was an incredible machine. I used to spend too many hours with two games "La Abadia del Crimen" and "Saboteur2". The PC's can't provide you the same feelings, neither the emulators, if you have used one CPC is forever, is in your heart and mind. Thanks to Mr. Sugar for giving us the CPC, one dream with a computer body.

Wednesday 27th June 2007
Uncle Mex (Glasgow, Scotland)

What a wonderful old machine the CPC was - the best computer (or console for that matter) I ever had. Gryzor, Exolon, Nebulus, Renegade, all magnificent 8-bit masterpieces... but I still go back to Chuckie Egg and Thrust even to this very day :-)

Thursday 4th January 2007
Anon (Belfast)

My brother spilt milk on our family 464 and I got the blame for it. The ripples are still being felt to this day.

Ahhh - the sweet song as you waited 20 mins for Knightlore to load... Buying the mags for the cheats.

Friday 4th August 2006
stephen hendrick (wales)

hi my name is ste i'm ninteen and strangely adicted to retro games ,,, i've recentley heard about using an ipod to play tzx and cdt formats through a tape adapter with a jack at one end.
having found a few working tzx games i have become excited about the concept. for months i have searched the internet far and wide for Fruity frank in tzx or cdt format (old amstrad game) if anyone out there has it in this format please mail me it i may even pay for it when i certify you are genuine......cheers

Sunday 3rd April 2005
Owen (Cork, Ireland)

The best computer ever! Remember these games like Harrier Attack, Galatic Plague, Roland on the Ropes/Caves, Bridge It, Scaletric.
There was nothing quite like waiting 5-20 minutes for a game to load!

Tuesday 12th October 2004
James penketh (Horwich)

I love amstrad 464+ It is the best!

Thursday 1st July 2004
Neville (Lleida, Spain.)

This one was my first computer ever! I was given one with a green monitor and a bunch of Amsoft tapes (Admiral Graf Spee, Galactic Plague, etc) on 1986. I barely used it for anything different that computer games, but it was a very good computer indeed. For years I could play conversions from my favourite arcade titles for less than $9 per game.

Those who want to dump their tapes onto TZX or CDT files (emulator friendly formats) must create 8 bit mono VOC files (GoldWave is very good at it) and then encode them with the Samp2CDT or VOC2TZX utilities.

Thursday 13rd November 2003
Joe (Norwich)

I found a cpc464 in my shed - perfect condition, and would like to try some retro games on it
Is there an online resource where I can download games? How would I get them onto audio tape?

Wednesday 11th June 2003
Al (Kent, England)

I had an Amstrad CPC464 as a little kid, and remember playing on things like Harrier Attack and Jet Set Willy really vividly. In fact i'm just about to go up into my loft and try to find it, and see if it's still working! Anyone know of anywhere I could get hold of the music synth or vocal synth for the CPC464?

Monday 21st October 2002
Roland Weigelt (Bonn, Germany)

Great computer! Good basic, nice firmware manual and a processor (Z80) with an easy instruction set. This was the computer on which I really learned to develop larger software.

Thursday 19th September 2002
Charles da Silva (France)

No doubt it was a great computer. Not only had it allowed so many people to discover computers (for the price of a single C64, you had the monitor and the tape recorder), it also had the best softwares, an excellent Basic and it was one of the most solid computer ever... I've got mine since 1986 and it's still working fine. Thanks to Alan Sugar who made the computer technology affordable for anyone !

Tuesday 30th July 2002
Amon (Italy)

I had this marvelous computer when i was a boy... my fist step in informatic world! U have worked on CPC 6128 of my best friend
remember it forever in my life!

Friday 15th March 2002
Dave (Edinburgh)

I had my old CPC for years as a youngster, and it suffered lots of gaming abuse, even falling off the desk a few times: still worked perfectly! The only thing that went in all its years was the tape counter! I LOVED my Amstrad, and I now own 2 of them thanks to ebay! Check out my site for emulation and history stuff :)

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