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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Husky Computers Limited Hawk computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Monday 17th September 2007
Mark (Wales)

I was part of the original team who built the Husky Hawk! I remember there were about 8 of us in the whole dept. who built and tested these lovely machines. Wow I really loved that machine - at the time it was soooo far ahead of any other handheld computer.

Saturday 6th November 2010
Brian Gregory (UK)
Brian''s Home Page

To GPSLVR and anyone else interested.
I''ve just managed to bring my own Hawk back to life which had got itself into what sounds like a similar state to yours. In my case I had to rebuild the battery pack since the original cells were in a terrible state. One had a hole in the side and there were crystals of dried electrolyte all over the inside of the pack and a few in the body of the Hawk. I remade the pack with four AA NiMH cells, which are the same length as the originals but narrower, I used the temp sensor / cutout thing (not sure exactly what it is) from the original pack, it was slightly corroded by otherwise intact. The resulting pack is somewhat messy compared to the original but does seem to work. Weirdly the secret to getting the Hawk to wake up was in the sequence the various bits were connected up. It was the opposite of what I would have expected. It only seemed to wake up if I connected the battery pack before I connected the ribbon cable to the memory expansion board fitted in the back cover. Really weird. It also made it very difficult to assemble. The charging power connector which has really short leads was very hard to plug in just behind the, already connected, battery pack connector. You know it''s up and running if the red LED comes on when you connect the charger. If you''ve never unplugged the memory expansion cable before make sure you note exactly where it goes because confusingly it has 4 less pins than there are holes in the socket so you can plug it in wrongly very easily. The two pin connectors that bring in the charging power and connect the little speaker are also booby trapped in that there are more pins on the board and you have to note exactly which pins they go on (and the polarity in the case of the charging power one).

Monday 1st October 2018
N. Cowie

Does anyone remember the Husky Hawk 8/16?

I developed the BIOS and ported MS-DOS 3.21 onto this platform. It was as I remember the first hand held MD-DOS compatible computer reviewed in the April 1988 issue of Personal Computer World.

I would love to see if I can pick one up from some where!

(If you have one and run the DEBUG, try dumping memory at F000:000 - then check the text portion of the dump $-)

Tuesday 25th September 2012
Markku Helli (Finland)

Hi guys!

I used to write software for Husky Hawks in Finland. We had a system wich was developed for a Finnish Tobacco company for sales-reps to collect orders from their customers and report the sales into our system. ( A.C. Nielsen Finland Oy - haven''t been working there since -93/94 :) )

The system did not eventully end up in full production mainly due to bad modem connections back those days :)

Programming language was C and the compiler was from Australia, Hi-Tech or something like that. Wrote all screen handling routines using ESCAPE codes which were really well documented in the manuals that came with the machine.

Golden era of computing! Try writing a fully functional application now, with 56Kb of ram and some odd Kb''s for data $)

Sunday 4th December 2011
tinyloops (netherlands)

the hawk computer is featured in the sf-movie "slipstream" from 1989. fast forward to 23 minutes and 45 seconds, and you get a glimpse of the machine!

Monday 14th February 2011
GPSLVR (Netherlands)

Brian thanks for your input but this is to technical for me.
As I wrote before I own two of this amazing machines complete with documentation. and like to know if somebody is interested to get them for hobby or museum.

Tuesday 25th December 2007
GPSLVR (Netherlands)

I own 2 of those "HAWKS", extended with a worldport 2400 bps modem.
Unfortunatly they will not power up anymore. When I measure the accu voltage, it seems to be ok. I did press the reset key. Entered X&P with poweron also Cntrl&C 56580 and poweron, but It will not revive. So what could be wrong. Any help will be welcome.
Also if anybody is interessted in those "Husky Hawks"
Feel free to contact me.

Tuesday 18th September 2007
Webmaster (France)

Hi Mark. Thanks for your comment. If you read this please contact us! We would be very proud to publish more info the Hawk.

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