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M > MSX  > MSX 1


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the MSX  MSX 1 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Thursday 18th March 2021
Omar (Dubai, UAE)

Adding to that, my mother actually owned an MSX as a teenager. There were a lot of edutainment titles, and the MSX it seems was marketed primarily with an educational slant, and a games system and work computer second. Eventually the company (Al-Alamiah) began creating MS-DOS computers, but there''s barely any information I can find about those.

Monday 22nd June 2015

The MSX was also very popular in west asian and north african Arabian countries. It was also especially popular in gulf countries with KSA based al-Alamiah reprogramming translating the OS to Arabic. al-Alamiah also developed and published several Arabic applications and video games.

Thursday 30th May 2013

Hi all.

Believe it or not, I became a fan of programming and computers after using one of those around 1985. They where hooked to black $ white CRT TV sets and the programs in MSX Basic recorded in music cassets.

That was in Cuba and were the first computers introduced at high schools along with 8086/8088 Ltels with 256 KB RAM (for the teachers). Damn, I''m so old...

Thursday 28th February 2013
Roger Jowett (Ulster)

please help
trying to convert 8bit video for sam coupe
this is still not mode 3 interlaced with hmpr bit 5$6 CLUT alterations per scan line HELP we only need a DMA...
masterdos/basic atom lite support HELP

Thursday 26th April 2012
josemi (Valladolid (Spain))

MSX 1 was very popular in Spain. It was sold very well in 84 $ 85, specially Sony and Philips

Most computers were sold in office material shops, nothing related to families, Philips was a really popular brand for TVs and electrical appliances, so many families bought it in the same shop that offered freezers and hair dryers. Sony was popular too and it made a big advertising campaign.

The big problem was the price, a MSX system cost the double that an "grey imported" spectrum, and that was much money for an Spanish family by that time.

Saturday 21st April 2012
Marco G (Portugal)

I do own a Philips MSX. They were good machines but over here Timex TC-2068 and Sinclair 48k/128k where dominant.

Monday 9th August 2010
Kvisko (Serbia)

Please add this photo of first MSX, since I remeber it well to be the exact copy of this computer

Best wishes to ya all from Serbia

Wednesday 3rd May 2006
Alexei (Seattle (USA))

It's too bad the standard didn't last. Rather than an official standard for home computers, we ended up with a de-facto standard (the PC).c

Still, MSX are cool machines.

Enrico, I'm willing to bet that there are probably even more unknown MSX system.

Tuesday 5th November 2002
Alberto (Madrid (Spain))

Hi Enrico, and every one who loves MSX. Certainly the meaning of "MSX" acronym is secondary, let's use these wonderful machines and enjoy! :D
And thanks to Old-Computers webmasters for your patience ;). Best Regards.

Thursday 29th August 2002
Enrico Barbisan (Italy)
Enrico Barbisan's Web Site

Kris says:

This is a Sord M5 computer

There are pictures of games and they look very much like MSX games!

My question now is: Is the Sord an MSX compatible ???

I and other say:

There are some differences, for ex slot format.


Monday 26th August 2002
Enrico Barbisan (Italy)
Enrico Barbisan's Web Site


I've found this interesting site talking about East countries homecomputers.

Maybe there are unknown MSX clones around the world. For example:

Elektronika MC1502: MSX?

Toshiba style!


Thursday 8th August 2002
Enrico Barbisan (Italy)
Enrico Barbisan's Web Site

Hi Alberto,

I'm an Italian MSX user. I know that Nishi said that MSX was the acronym of: "Machine and Software Exchageability".
I don't know if Nishi has said another thing for it. Let me know.

Wednesday 31st July 2002
Alberto (Madrid (Spain))

Hello, I've been an MSX fan for many years and I've read several times the origin of "MSX" as "MicroSoft eXtended" acronym but, the same Mr. Nishi who founded the standard in 1983 has declared the real meaning: The first protoype of this machine was called MNX by "Matsushita-Nishi X". This word was registered and then they have to change to MSX for "Matsushita-Sony X". This information is more detailed at Kuniji Ikeda internet news page.

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