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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Philips  P3000 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Thursday 20th January 2011
William Ramwell (Johannesburg, South Africa)

I worked for Philips in South Africa in about 1984 in a PR capacity and was one of the lucky ones (I guess now) to get a Philips word processor in my office. Unlike the pictures I''ve seen, this was built into a full steel, curved desk. What I recall was it had a dual 8" floppy system (although my memory must play me wrong in thinking it was 10"). But what stands out is the sheer bulk of the whole desk and system. You''d have needed piano movers to get it around. I''d love to know more about these. It would have been pretty old by then because within a year I''d bought my first AT PC.

Tuesday 3rd April 2012
Kostas Kritsilas (Calgary, Canada)

The Swift was based on the case/mechanics of a system orignally made for the Swedish or Swiss (forget wihich, its been a while) Teletex system. Front bezel and base were the same, otherwise, the systems were completely different. The Swedish/Swiss system was Z8000 based, and very powerful. The Swift was basically a repackaging of the older Z80 P5000/pedestal type system. I remember that the memory was eventually increased to 256K, the floppy drives were 5 1/4" vs. the 8" of the older system, and there was a hard drive option. Ran faster than the older system, CPU ran at 4 Mhz vs. 1 Mhz of the older system. Printer was a laser or a TEC daisy wheel running on RS232. The very special Qume prnter was usable using some sort of converstion box, but not many of those were ever seen in the factory.


Thursday 7th January 2010
Rudi Blom (Netherlands)

The P3000 was sold outside America as P5020. I worked in a support group in Philips, Apeldoorn, Netherlands. In the ''80s we generated localized versions of the various word-processing packages (including things like sort/merge), all on 5-1/4" diskettes. At that time you could buy a decent car for the price of such a machine. The introduction of the PC caused it''s demise.

Wednesday 28th November 2018
Donald Woo (Canada)

Worked with the founder (Steve Dorsey) in Montreal assembling Micom 2000 in 1978 (or 1979 ?) and transfer to Ottawa servicing Micom 2000 to P3000 and The Swift was a portable unit (like a laptop). Yes, we had Qume Printer, Tec Printer, Diablo printer and a laser printer. We also had OCR and 1200B communication modem talking to the outside world plus connected two (2) Micom together with a null modem cable. P5020 was a European version of the P3000 of the North American version, it brings back lots of old memory.

Saturday 31st January 2015
Philipp Maier (Germany)

Hi Folks. I have a P5020, I could find out that P5020 and P3000 are the same machines. I have my system for about 10 Years, but I do not have a bootdisk and I could not find any image on the Net so far.

I have equipment to process Teledisk images, it would be awesome if someone could help me out with a bootdisk image, but I would also be fine sending Floppydisks around the world $-)

Here is a Photo of my P5020 (P3000):$


Monday 7th February 2011
Kathy (Montreal, Québec, Canada)

I first learned WP on a MICOM 2000 series - then started a home-based Secretarial Service and bought a MICOM 3000 - which, last time I turned it on, still worked. I have daisy wheels, floppies, training manuals. the printer, which I think I paid $5,000 for - stopped functioning years ago.

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