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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Commodore  C64 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 31st December 2010
Ivelisse Colon-Nevarez (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Producciones Puertorriqueñas

This was the first ever computer we have at home when we we''re just teens back then. My big brother was the owner. He used it to practice BASIC programming and to do projects for high school and at the University. He collected a huge quantity of games developed for this machine, like Mission Impossible (my favorite), Maniac Mansion and more. These games came in 5.24" floppy discs.
We no longer own these machine. Years later, my husband downloaded an emulator and now I can play my games like old times.

Thursday 20th March 2008
John (USA)

Well, I got the C64 after I had the AFP IM-1. I had to suffer over a year with no storage. That was rough. Then my dad bought a 1540 from some guy that said it would work. I didn't know. How utterly frustrating. Finally got a 1541. I have done so much with it. I used it live on stage with the MusicPort keyboard attached, I have used it as a MIDI sequencer, sampler / drum machine (Datel Sampler 64 hardware), database (The Consultant), editor for posters for my band (Tech Sketch lightpen and Wico trackball), & telecommunications. Of course the most important use was prgramming for games. I actually found my old disks of my unfinished project and they're readable. I had reprogrammed the character set and made about 20 animated sprites. Hardware: I later sold the C64 and !%$! when I had acquired an SX-64, which I still have. It doen't boot. Drive light stays on, nothing happens. I have also recently acquired two 1541s, two 1702 monitors, and a 1983 C64 off eBay. Check out the 25th C64 anniversary with Jack Tramiel and Steve Wozniak:

Friday 12th October 2007
lodger (Germany)

Well, this was my second computer which I got in1988, after my parents bought a VIC-20 in late 1984.Yes, I have been waiting four years for a C64 to be mine and even in 1988, when Amigas and STs began to sell in large quantities, this machine was still a "big name" amongst computer hobbyists here in germany (and possibly around the world).

Today, I have a very, very small collection of old Commodore computers. It's my personal contribution to those machines, since I had such a good time with them. My collections includes an Amiga 1200 (running OS 3.5 and NetBSD 3.1 and connected to my LAN), an Amiga 500 (with an external MIDI interface), a C128D (european version) and two C64s. I even have a "RetroReplay" and a "MMC64" cartridge for the C64/C128 systems along with the RRNet ethernet adapter, so I can do some simple telnet and very, very limited web browsing (utilizing ContikiOS by Adam Dunkels). Especially the fact that after more than 20 years beyond its initial release there is (amongst other cool hardware add-ons) something like an ethernet adapter available for the good ol' "breadbin", makes this machine a real legend!

I know that Speccy, Apple II and BBC users do feel the same towards "their" machines, but for me Commodore and most of their systems (execpt, maybe, the infamous C16/116/Plus 4 computers - sorry Mr. Herd) still count as the #1 computer company / computer products of all times.

P.S.: I *still* pitty the end of Commodore and their last yet most advanced computer system: the Amiga - how happy the world would be, if those babies had only won the competition and their marketing department had been less destructive.

Wednesday 3rd October 2007
Erik Jordan (Earth)

I got my first C-64 from a HAM radio operator, because these units apparently are popular with them. There is allegedly a program out there somewhere which allows the C-64 to interface with a Ham Radio and act as a Morse Code/Text Coder/Decoder. In short, Morse code signals would be translated to text on the screen, and one could reply by typing out text, which would be sent to the HAM Radio as morse code!

I also remember that this was the very first computer I ever programmed on, and I am still quite impressed with its capabilities. From a 3-D Pac-man clone to a game with actual speech in its loading screen, this little unit always amazes me. It also has amazing compatibility with Atari 2600 and 7800 joysticks, and limited compatibility with the Sega Genesis controller.

My current set up for my C-64 consists of a C-64, a shoebox full of software, a Commodore 1702 color monitor (can even be hooked up to any standard A/V source, mono sound), dual VIC 1541 5.25" floppy drives, an Epyx Fast Load Cartridge, a Modem 64 to swap with the Fast Load, two Atari 2600 joysticks, and a home-brew buffer for the joystick ports made in a standard Radio Shack project box.

Thursday 28th June 2007
Juan Jose Velez (Mexico)

This model of Commodore computer, as the C16, was also distributed in Mexico by a company called Sigma. They even sponsored a TV show named "Con-Cursor" in channel 13 (Imevision in those days) where they used C64 machines with games or educational programs for the players to compete against each other on the TV Show. The prizes were Commodore keychains, shirts, jackets... up to full computer sets. I even had the chance to go to the show to see my brother compete with the basketball One on One game. The players could register and practice in the CENTROS GALILEO Commodore learning centers. Also, Sigma had a monthly printed newsletter called "Chips and Bits" with info about the computers, from c16 to Amiga.

Tuesday 17th October 2006
Skel (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

The first 1581 disk drives that came off the assmembly line over it's first year of production had a flawed controller chip installed in them. The devices were recalled by Commodore the next year to have a newly programmed chip installed, but many devices were never collected and are still out there to this day.

Years ago.. when the 64 was still a hot number, I purchased a 1581 disk drive from a friend of mine who ran a local BBS but was shutting it down. I was setting one up and needed the advanced space this floppy offered. The disk ran great but has since stopped. All it does now is make a "blub Blub" noise but no red light blinks, might this be from that problem? The computer reports that the device is not ready.

Tuesday 17th October 2006
Skel (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

Take a close look at the C-64's User Manual for the 1541 disk drive. As was mentioned in the PET profile, the Tapes from the 80xx could be read by the C-64. Likewise, the 1541 disk drive used the Pet 40xx & 80xx disk format system allowing it to read the old PET formatted diskettes BUT NOT WRITE to them. It wasn't just tapes that could be read, but diskettes as well. Indeed, several diskette programming instructions in the Commodore 64 Basic V2 such as the save procedure "s0:" and "Duplicate" (completely useless on the 1541's single disk system) were hold-overs from as far back as the first PET disk drive systems.

Saturday 23rd September 2006
G.Y. (Georgia, USA)

I remember those days, I was around 15 when my parents bought the Commodore64, with the 1541 disk drive, C=64 Monitor, Printer. I mostly used it for gaming. Hard to believe after all these years it still works, everything, even the monitor still runs. I had games like Platoon, Ikari Warriors, Kung Fu Master, The Dam Busters, Strike Force Cobra, Ace of Aces and many more. My brother had the GunShip game, and I had the Huey II sim game. Those were some great memories back in those days. What was so fun was every month I would ride with my mother, me and my brother and go to the mall to a store that selled commodore64 games. We would pick one that we wanted after looking through them all, that was so fun and interesting times. I learned alot about computers working with the commodore64. The commodore64 was me and my brothers first computer. Like I said ealier, it still works :-)

Saturday 26th November 2005
Chris Brown (USA)

I used a large number of these machines to run point of sale show stands for In-Car Entertainment. The computer allowed the setting up of an entire system to the customers selection, including all the switching via the user port and many, many relays and digital CMOS support ICs, prior to installation in their vehicle. It included basic product specs, pricing of components etc. The programming (by me) was originally in BASIC, but as time went on with updates, the memory began to fill, and this resulted in a complete re-write of 64K in machine code - hand assembled! I locked myself away for days on end! Even later, we added a second bank of 64K SRAM which was paged in and out via the expansion port! We used these machines from 1983 thru 1992 Those were the days, when every byte of memory was coveted like the holy grail:-) In my opinion, these were the first truly 'sensible' home PCs

Monday 24th October 2005
Søren Pedersen (Denmark)

"Crash course" on loading stuff on the 64:
To load whatever comes first from a tape in the special Datasette tape recorder, hold down SHIFT and press the RUN STOP key - if the play button on the datassette isn't already pressed down, the message PRESS PLAY ON TAPE on the screen will prompt you to do so.
To see what's on a floppy disk inside an attached Commodore 1541/1570/1571 floppy drive, type LOAD "$",8 and hit the RETURN key. And when it has finished loading, type LIST and press RETURN to display the directory.
To load a specific file from the disk, type LOAD "filename",8,1 (where filename is the name of the PRoGram file you want to load) and press RETURN, and when it's finished loading (after, say, a few minutes!), type RUN.

Good news for those who loved the music in the C64 games: the "music scene" of the 64 is alive and kicking...!

For a player that'll play C-64 tunes on your Windows PC, go to

For a HUGE collection of C-64 tunes that'll play on the aforementioned player, head towards

Some folks like to remix and remake them tunes. Here are 1500+ MP3's with tunes from C-64 games - re-made in a way you've never heard them before!

Yeah -- C-64 simply was the greatest -- 'nuff said!

Friday 18th May 2018
Scott (Canada)

The C64 was my second home computer (following the VIC-20) It still remains my favorite 8-bit gaming computer of all time) The only criticism I have is that it could no handle vector graphics properly.

Tuesday 2nd May 2017
Simo Jabir (Canada)
Bravo Telecom

When I see the messages 10 years before its really amazing how the technologies are developed now with the iptv , voip no need to many things to enjoy the life we just need a good internet provider such the one i have

Saturday 22nd April 2017
Fabio (Italy)

From 1982 to 1993, all models and Commodore 64 versions:
- C64 Silver Label
- C64 Breadbox
- Commodore 64C
- C64 Golden Edition
- C64 Aldi
- Commodore 64G
- Commodore 64GS
... others with "Commodore 64" brand

Thursday 18th June 2015
Job (Netherlands)


Thursday 30th October 2014
zozo (france)

j''en ai eu un mais pas longtemps il est tombé en panne a force de le bricoler. j''ai aimé cette machine en 1986 !je me souviendrai toujours de ma surprise quand j''ai réussi mon 1er programme en langage machine ! j''ai couru dans toute la maison en criant youpiiiiii !!!! quelle bonheur que de programmer des datas et des pokes ...

Sunday 26th October 2014
Tommy (Denmark)

Bought my C64 in 1986 when I was 16 years old. Now I´m 44 years old and still have it well preserved in the addict along with my Amiga 500.

I ofcourse sometimes start it up and have fun memories.


Wednesday 27th August 2014
Tom (Australia)

A piece of computer history. Sometimes I ask myself where we would be without it.

I must say, back in the day I hated the C64. I "grew up" on CBM30XX machines and owned a VIC-20. It was the arrogance of the C64 users toward the VIC which made me not want a C64 and in fact it wasn''t until sometime in the early 90s that I bought one of them (C64G) and only because it was dirt cheap. This one has been passed on to my brother a long time ago but I have since purchased an original C64 (the brown breadbox) and two C64C in a bundle for the horrendous sum of $1. One of the "C"s works the other two have faulty graphics. The screen just shows garbled rubbish on one and stays black on the other. Eventually they will be wall mounted in my study, (together with a VIC-20, a C16 and a TI99/4A). Now I am chasing a "Aldi C64", another C64G and if at all possible, a SX-64 to complete the collection.

Monday 24th February 2014
Ken Hudson (Crackpot) (Lamar, MO USA)

It was this machine that caused my career change from a marine carpenter to IBM PC repair. Twas a major turning point in my life. Thank you to PET computers and Jim Butterfield for their influence in my life. BTW- What ever happened to Jim?

Thursday 28th February 2013
Roger Jowett (Ulster)
sam koopvidsear$zsjTpFR0oYQ

please help
trying to convert 8bit video for sam coupe
this is still not mode 3 interlaced with hmpr bit 5$6 CLUT alterations per scan line HELP we only need a DMA...
masterdos/basic atom lite support

Friday 18th January 2013

I walked 5 miles and tutored to get my C64. I ran that thing all night and all day long with software from a company called LOADSTAR. LOADSTARS came out on a 51/4 floppy disc once a month for the C64 and contained are sorts of software gems for the C64. We got them from bookstores for $29.00.

Saturday 28th July 2012
Vick Peña  (Mexico)

This was the very first computer I ever used...I still remember me tinkering with the BASIC commands to make a silly program that would simply show all ASCII symbols on the screen...(sigh) It was so long ago...whenever I teach my World History class I still amaze kids by telling them my C64 had powerful 64K of memory...they say it can''t be...

Saturday 21st April 2012
Marco G (Portugal)

I much as I love my speccy, my neighbor had a C64 - they were rare in Portugal - and I just leave everything I was doing with my speccy to go next door and play some C64 at his house. The colors man ... the colors !!!!

Tuesday 21st February 2012
James A. Schumacher (U.S.A.)

The Commodore 64 was my very first personal computer. After years of successful use, I''m trying to remember the name of the Commodore program that ran in a way much like the Macintosh. The program used a mouse and icons. Can anyone give me the name of that software?

Wednesday 21st September 2011
sandmannc40 (USA)

I was stationed in Japan when C-64 came out. I almost purchased one in Japan, but I waited and got one when I got back in the States. Then of course the tape deck, floppy drive, printer, and so many cartridges. I used the Commodore for almost 10 years, then I moved to DOS and Windows 3.0. Then to Windows 95, 98, 2000 (my favorite) XP, Vista. At the time of Vista I was finally tired of problem after problem with Windows and moved to Linux. Never turned back and my old friend the Commodore is now reborn using Linux. I am interested in the Middle range Commodore but I just don''t have the money right now!!! Reminds me when I got my first Commodore. Never having enough money, but getting at least the Computer. Then the Floppy drive, then the Printer and finally the Monitor. Later I got a Commodore 128 with the Floppy drive with that. They 64 equipment worked on the 128. I just wished that the 128 skipped the c/pm and moved to Linux. That is about the time Linux was born.

Thursday 8th September 2011
Jeff Keizer (United States)

I remember the days when I would spend literally days using my Commodore 64! It is, in my opinion, still the greatest original home computer that ever existed. I could do so much with it. My favorite things to do were programming and some game playing. But usually, I wrote the games myself! It''s great to see this site dedicated to the Commodore 64!

Thursday 8th September 2011
Jeff Keizer (United States)

I remember the days when I would spend literally days using my Commodore 64! It is, in my opinion, still the greatest original home computer that ever existed. I could do so much with it. My favorite things to do were programming and some game playing. But usually, I wrote the games myself! It''s great to see this site dedicated to the Commodore 64!

Friday 22nd April 2011
Spitz (Suisse)

Je possède un SX-64,premier ordinateur portable avec
imprimante MPS-803 et extention SIMONS''64

Friday 25th March 2011
David (USA)

I picked up a C64 after owning a vic-20 and did my first work with assembly code, making a version of the LIFE program. It updated and switched between two memory areas for the screen display. The memory architecture was so open and well documented it was a joy to work with. Alas, my next computer was an IBM clone and was much harder to figure out, but at least I had some idea what I was supposed to do, something I attribute to the C64.

Wednesday 23rd March 2011
Your Face (Earth)

using the actual system is 100 times better than an emulator. Too bad our computer today drifted away from the BASIC system.

Thursday 10th March 2011
Aynsley Watson (Edinburgh, UK)
Data Recovery Edinburgh

Since 28 March 2008, Commodore 64 games have been available to buy through Nintendo''s Virtual Console service in Europe$ the first games available were Uridium and International Karate. There is also a C64 emulator application with classic games available in Apple''s app store.

Sunday 20th February 2011
J. Meisenham (Calif., USA)

Hello. I''m looking for a Commodore 64, with box, poly/styro $s, manual, RF switch and cable, power supply, and (if possible) misc. papers. E-mail at james.meisenham @ gmail . com. Thank you.

Monday 7th February 2011
James (United States)

I have an old Commodore 64 system that is experiencing blank screen syndrome. I did some testing, and it appears to lock up after it resets the components. I believe that there is a short somewhere on the board, as the 5 volt regulator gets really hot. So hot, that I can''t touch it, or else I''ll get burned. If anyone has any ideas on how I could fix this, please email me at:

Thursday 4th November 2010
Ugo Capeto
Ugo Capeto Music

What can be said about the old C64 and making music? A lot actually. There was a neat little music app called "instant music" that was rather novel for the time as it kinda guide you in the "sequencing" of notes (was probably following a scale depending on your earlier notes). Other notable music apps are Electrosound, Music Studio, Ubik''s Music, etc. Those apps came about in mid-late 80s (eraly 90s for some).

Thursday 9th September 2010
commodore 64
commodore 64 music

what really sets apart the Commodore 64 is the SID chip with its 3 channels of pure chiptune delight.

Tuesday 31st August 2010
anonymous (BAHRAIN)

even though its a dinosaur the games were classic

i had fun using it when i was a kid and i still play some of the games with the emulator

good old days with the C64

Sunday 27th June 2010
Mary (USA)

I have some old literature on the commodore 64 computer and catalog from 1982. Also user guides. Are any of these idems worth anything?

Wednesday 28th April 2010
Paul (USA)

Hi. I have an old friend, who has and even older 5.25" floppy diskette containing cherished family diaries written on (I think) a Commodore II. Do you know of anyone in the Atlanta area who could read this disk and save the files in something more modern or translatable?



Tuesday 13rd April 2010
sh4rkbyt3 (USA)

Bluekatt, I hate to rain on your parade but the production numbers alone along with peripherial sales proved the Mac crowd was no where near the size of what you claim.
It''s sad when someone can''t deal with the facts.

Friday 12th February 2010
Keith (USA)

im looking for the old gunship game that was for commodore 64. it was a combat flight simulation. please contact me at friskyviddles at yahoo . com

Friday 15th August 2008

the total amount of macintosh computers today in the world is grossly undervalued there are at least twice as many macintosh units out there today with a number ranging from 50 to 60 million

Monday 28th July 2008
James (Port Hope, Ontario)
James Alexanders corner of the internet

I too had a 64 as my first computer, I got it april of 1984 in scarborough, ontario. I also had it when I lived in whitby until 1986. I even ran a small bbs on it: The Universe, a big name for a small board. My original 64 wore out in 1988 but now I have another with a few other commodore & atari computers. They still get used on a daily basis. Now if I could just find some of the old friends I'd made over this machine during those years.

Tuesday 4th September 2007
DENA (Coventry)

I wondered if anyone knew what the market value is for a commodore 64?

Wednesday 6th June 2007
bluekatt (netherlands)

the more macintoshes claim is more then just a little bit skewerd there are at least 60 million macs and or mac users in the world twice as much c64's there ever were

Tuesday 23rd January 2007
richard lyon (england,birmingham)

just like 2 say hello 2 all the retro heads glad i am not te only 1 got a few games 4 the 64 and the spectrum 48k,128,so if any 1 wonts get in tuch .

Friday 17th November 2006
Skel (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

In the article, the "User Port" is mentioned as an output device but what is it? The Commodore classic "User Port" was an "Inverted RS-232C"... essentially a fancy name for a simple communications port.

Wednesday 26th July 2006
Anoxy (usa)

matthew, the BASIC command you want is ON .. GOTO. For your example, 1 X=INT(RND(1)*10+1) generates numbers from 1 to 10. 2 ON X GOTO 10, 20, 30, ... 90, 100 will select a line based on the value of X. 10 PRINT"Hi":GOTO 1 and 20 PRINT "Hello":GOTO 1 and so forth for your printing needs.

Wednesday 26th July 2006

the original chips in the c64 were the sid chips.
the remaining stock of sid chips were manufactured into a midi device called a sidstation.

Sunday 28th May 2006
Callum (Australia)

Does anyone know if the internet is still available on the Commodore 64?

Monday 5th December 2005
matthew burton (england)

i am looking to write a program which the computer randomly selects lines of my program before sending the line to my printer. so far i have been trying to use the c64s in built random number genaration. it will not however GOTO my variable ( in all it looks a bit like this)
1 X=INT(RND(1)*(20+5)-5)
4 PRINT"...
5 PRINT"...
6 PRINT"...
and so on
If anyone knows a way around this problem i would be extremely greatfull.

Saturday 18th June 2005
Michael Clark (Sacramento, Ca)

I remember having a summer job when I was 14 and wanting to buy the Vic20, My Dad insited I wait another week and get the C-64.

By the time I was 16 I had compilers for every major language on that machine Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, C, Forth, and I taught myself assembler on that machine. I probably read 10,000 magzines on it. Later I had a 128 and that was really the end of the era for me.

I have my Masters in CIS today because of the endless hours I "Wasted" on that machine. if nothing else the system was the most awsome teaching machine I ever had. Sure the MAC was easy (but a paperweight for programmers) and PC faster, the C-64 taught me a lot about how computers wok.

Tuesday 19th April 2005
Dan (Melbourne,Aust)

I recently put together my c64, I found the components and software at some obscure places. The software(old collections of 5 1/4 in disks) and some peripherals, I discovered at 2nd hand shop inside a waste transfer station, the the keyboard unit and 1541 disk-drive I discovered at a local buisness which mainly sells/repairs small wind generators and sells some old electronic stuff too. I was excited when I found the main components and have more recently picked up a datasette.I was going thru some old tape games and found a chill game called 'Paradriod', I never played when I was growing up if anyone reading has not played it I highly recomend giving it a go. My brother,sister and I had fun on the c64 interimittently as we grew up due to reliability problems.The games we enjoyed were 'Eagle Empire','Galaxy','Donald Duck's Playground','Supergridder",'Attack of the Mutant Camels'.'Bumping Buggies', to name just some.One game that I was introduced to by a friend a couple of weeks ago is called 'Wizball',he played it when he was young,and now I am getting into it sweet game.Some sites worth checking out are '', '', old school gaming lives on cheers to all

Thursday 31st March 2005
Taimur (Pakistan)

Although now we are among extremely powerful computers but I still love my C64 and keeping it with me (since 1985) as it was bought yesterday. I have C64, tape drive and Printer MPS 1250. For C64 I wish time had stopped.

Friday 25th March 2005
qwerty (earth)

Well ron, 'syntax error' means there is a problem(missnumbered line, etc,etc.)
in the program. And 'press play on tape' is pritty self-explanitory,but it means to press play on the cassete player(that's one way you got information back then!). If you want to load something on one of the big, 5 1/4 inch disks, you would tipe something like:
load"a dog",8
(NOTE, the name 'a dog' is only a example.)
hope I was usefull ron,

Wednesday 2nd March 2005
Ron Co (ohio, usa)

I completely forgot the origin of these phrases untill I came across this web page. Does anybody know what "Press play on tape" and "syntax error" means? I had a c64 in '85 or so and my cousin and i still laugh about those two messages.

Thursday 10th February 2005
Thomas (Netherlands)

I sold my first commodore for 50$ (who would...?)
recently i worked at a take-in for old/broken electronics
I saw a lot of C=64 and Amiga
I have the beige and brown version, and a 1280 desktop model . 2005 still going ....

Friday 28th January 2005
Dave Kellow (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Heh. Well, there were lots of 'online games' that you could play over a modem... mostly text-based, and they'd require *gasp* 80-columns. Man oh man. How many of us tied up the phone lines with a 1670. Twelve hundred baud, man! It cooks! I wrote essays and cruised bulletin boards, and, you know, stayed in my room and avoided talking to girls with that thing. Good times.

Wednesday 19th January 2005
matt (London)

Does anyone know if there were "online" commodore games available on bulletin boards or otherwise that users could download before 1985?

Monday 17th January 2005
Brian Kuhlman (Wisconsin)

I have owned computers all the way back to a Tandy this day i still keep a commadore 64 emu on my pc and the cool thing is it works....Programming was fun when you do it yourself....just a thought

Monday 3rd January 2005
Jerry Robinson (London SE)

My wife made the big mistake of purchasing the C64 for Xmas in the early eighties. I learned the art of BASIC, and wrote a complete game called "Gamble JR Style". I still have memories of allowing my wife to fall asleep, and would spend hours in the middle of the night writing the program. Gone are those days.

Monday 3rd January 2005
qwerty (canada,vancouver bc)

i must say i realy injoy the commodore 64,it realy is the best
basic programing computer i have ever ran into.i am looking for
geos for it currrently.dose anyone know where i can find it?
please e-mail me if you do

Sunday 19th December 2004
Joe Soivey (United Kingdom)

I fondly remember the C64, the tapes... the graphics... the dot matrix printer... there isn't a computer like it.

Saturday 11th December 2004
théjy (France)

I did spend a lot of overnight programming on that machine in 1983-84; BASIC, FORTH and Assembly. It really was the best computer you could get for $600. I remember detecting "stack overflow" by hearing the tape drive engine start (the adress of the tape engine control was next to the begining of memory...).

Sunday 28th November 2004
Adam Christian (NY/VA/GA, USA)

The C64 is almost my very first memory... From Demos to Games to Music, this computer has influenced my whole life. To this day SID music is one of my favorite types! IK++ ROCK ON!

Saturday 27th November 2004
john green (California)

When I was a kid. For Christmas I got a C64 and the tape drive. Parents wanted to see if I would use it before they purchased the disk drive. 20+ years later its still running like a champ. I let anyone on my new pc. But I don't let just anyone touch the 64.

Thursday 28th October 2004
Webmaster (France)

Yes, mef601 is right

Connect your disk-drive to the C64. Turn on computer and disk-drive. Insert a disk into the drive.

Then you can type LOAD "*",8,1 and RUN to run the first rogram available on the disk or you can also type LOAD "$",8 and LIST to list content of the disk , then LOAD "thenameoftheprogramyouwanttolaunch",8,1 and RUN...

hope that helps

Wednesday 27th October 2004
mef601 (NC)

Russell- I remember the commands being something like
Load"*",8,1 then enter,
then RUN.
The commands were usually written on the lables too.

Wednesday 15th September 2004
Russell (Austin,TX)

I just bought a Commador 64 from a yard sale and it works great. But I have no idea how to use it. I get a blue screen that looks simpilar to a DOS prompt but cant figure a command to get a game running. It also came with a external Floppy (BIG Floopy) Drive and modem. I have no idea how to works thes either. Could someone help please. I would love to try out the game and have a blast from the past

Tuesday 14th September 2004
Jack (Central New Jersey)

I'm cleaning out the basement and came across 2 boxes of mid to late 80s C64 magazines. You remember them. RUN, AHOY, COMMODORE. I need the space but hat to just throw them out. There was a lot of great information and programs, not to mention memories, stored in those pages. I'm not looking to sell them, I'm just hoping someone wants them. I'll hold on to them until Sept 24, 2004. If you're interested you can contact me at "". These are some fairly heavy boxes (probably 30lbs each) so shipping on them would not be cheap. Local pickup in central NJ would be best. If no one is interested by Sept 24 they have got to go.
Thanks for Reading

Tuesday 24th August 2004
greg (

i have a program called "dream writter" i used it with my commador 128, now i have a pc, xp wimdows, i am looking for and ineed of and emulator that will translate commador basic to windows xp or 98se. so i can finially use this program? send your reply to greg.

Tuesday 3rd August 2004


Tuesday 27th July 2004
brian brisby (calgary alberta canada)

looking for anyone that has any books or notes on righting program code for the 64. It may sound funny but i work for a company that still uses the old eprom to run a vending machin. if you can help me thank.

Wednesday 14th July 2004
Revlater (Cleveland, Ohio)

This was my first computer.. Geez, it sure was a great system.. I dont have any complaints about it at all.. I sometimes wish I still had one..

Wednesday 23rd June 2004
Quick Basic (PA)

To hook up your c-64 to a TV do NOT use the coax Type cable (that goes to the old 1702 monitor) Instead use a tv-rf switchbox (or cable adapter for newer TVs) and a composite cable from the single jack on the computer to the switchbox (You can get one at RadioShack as well as the switchbox but the cable is 3 cables you need to pull apart)

Monday 7th June 2004
Squatdog (Perth, Australia)
Squatdogs domain

i wonder if these machines will be worth shitloads in 10 or so years?

Thursday 6th May 2004
Rich (Cardiff)

Rare commodore 64 on Ebay

Wednesday 14th April 2004
Leandro Tami (Mar del Plata, Argentina)

I had a C64 when I was 4 years old, until I had 6... and it really was something that marked me for good. I have so many good memories, I remember coming from the kindergarden, watching the Pink Panther and playing in my C64, exactly in that order. Today I'm studying computer engineering, and I love computers, although I must recognize that I usually think I would enjoy more playing again in my C64 than having the latest Pentium 4. I don't think I'd be able to express all the emotions I experience when I think in this computer in only one English sentence. And Ali, my favourite games were Galaxian, Vampire, Frantic Freddie, Impossible Mission, Ms. Pac Man and Gyruss. I also recognize I was quite afraid of Friday 13th (but I played it too:))!

Thursday 1st April 2004
Yves (Quebec, Canada)

Nice memories?
- a C-64,
- a few good friends
- Cola glasses
- Blue Max game loaded and running

Thursday 25th March 2004
Ali Tabibi (Tehran, IRAN)

I have a C64C and it is my first PC. Nowdays I don't use it. My favorite games were MP Soccer, The Last Ninja 1,2,3. What were your favorite games?
I have a Fujitsu Simens Laptop and a PC. I'm waiting for your nice memories about it.

Friday 5th March 2004
Ted (Oceanside, CA)

My first computer was a C64 and I was so impressed with it. I still have 2 of them along with 2 - 1541 drives and 4 - SFD1001 drives with all the cables, IEEE interface, power supplies, and 1 monitor.
I ran the second largest BBS in San Diego at the time. Most of my disks are gone, but I still have the C-Net BBS program and all the manuals. Am thinking of selling the whole set-up one of these days.

Wednesday 11th February 2004
Steven Westerviller (Columbus, Ohio)

I have a Commadore 64 computer consisting of the keyboard, 1702 monitor, and manual. If anyone expresses a desire to have one, all you have to do is contact me and if you pick it up, it is yours free. Everything works fine. It's just taking up needed space. I am disabled and have no use for it. I normally check my e-mail 2 times a week, usually on Thursday and Friday evenings. It still has its original box. Anyone inters=ested, please let me know how to get in contact with you. I do not make long distant calls due to my very limited income.

Friday 6th February 2004
ricardo (belgium)

i have a special model that they used in school with special keys for drawing software

Wednesday 14th January 2004
bRENT  (michigan)

I am looking for a couple of old c-64 games called bards tale and bazooka bill! please e-mail me if you know anything.

Thursday 30th October 2003
Christopher Parker (Massachusetts)

I have an old Commodore 64 sitting in a box in my basement. I had tried a while ago to hook it up to my TV, but all I could get was static. How do I hook this up to my new TV? It has co-ax and RCA (red, white, yellow) connections.

I would love to be able to use my C64 again.

Also... anyone know where I'd be able to get a reference guide or something for C64 commands? Like... listing the contents of a disk, etc?

Thanks a bunch!

E-mail me with any of this info, if you'd like.... but I'd rather see it on this forum. (Both would be cool.)

Wednesday 1st October 2003
Yves Mc Donald (Quebec, Canada)

I collect Apple ][ stuff mainly but I just had an irresistible offer for a C-64. It will soon sit side by side with my Apples in my collection. Yeah, in my teen years, my friends had C-64's: way cool sounds and graphics indeed. Too bad the BASIC interpreter and its DOS suck (compared to AppleSoft anyway) and a slooow disk drive. An excellent machine otherwise.

Thursday 25th September 2003
Christopher James Wood (Port Macquarie, Australia)
Home of Chris Wood

I used to have the old brown commodore 64. I used to make programs and play games. It help me with programming and I got it after my Commodore Vic 20. Now I play computer games with my PC and I now can use the internet and have fun downloading great programs that related to the Commodore 64.

Sunday 21st September 2003
george (canada)

ahhhh the c-64 what memories, it was way ahead of its time and I still miss it. I still have two of them and two 1541 disk drives in the basement.

I remember programming in assembly mixed with basic calls it could do some cool stuff.

I remember VORPAL, the disk drive speed loader that you had to convert your disks to its format and made the disks load very fast and it was disk based and always there on the disk.

Does anyone remember the two pins on the joystick port that forced a reset when shorted...... a pen with a metal top provided me with lots of fun with other students in the computer lab at school. I guess it was cruel to reset the computer when they spent all that time typing in their simple programs. And the computer teacher hated me because i was always correcting her and the other students came to me for help and not her haha. She tried to fail me but could only get me down to 85% (took off marks only on me for like forgetting a period on hand written assignments or using the correct answer on a test ("I dont care if the book is wrong") etc)

poke 48980,0 (i think that was the background color register)

Wednesday 10th September 2003
jonnymc (newcastle)

where can i get old games like kickstart or any other from commador 64

Tuesday 2nd September 2003
Retro_sand_monkey_TG-621 (England)
Sand Monkeys

Ah I love the C64 I still have it under my bed with about 500 games!

Friday 15th August 2003
mike winton (grove okla)

I'm looking to buy a commadore 64 monitor .Can anyone help me? thank you very much

Sunday 10th August 2003
Chulang Searles (Barbados West Indies)

The C64,C64c is the computer responsible for the development of The IT sectors in Barbados. It was popular in Business, schools. It was the computer that was responsible for home computing to rise in Barbados.
It was consider to be a power house in its time with Word Perfit etc being availible for it. I had not the pleasure of owning a C64, but did many repairs on them. The second computer was the Apple II. ZX Spetrum and BBC Acrons. Acrons were used in microporcessor controlls training.

Wednesday 6th August 2003


Thursday 24th July 2003
Tyler Walraven (Oskalosa,IA,U.S.A)

I think the C 64 is the best computer in the world . Ihope they make itr again . Tyler Walraven age 11

Thursday 17th July 2003
Ronald Robinette (Cumb., Md USA)

I apologize for mis-spelling my e-mail name, my correct e-mail address is, BRITENOTE@HOTMAIL.COM. Not bright, right.

Thursday 17th July 2003
Ronald Robinette (Cumb., Md USA)

My first computer was a Vic 20, I loved it, but I soon moved up to the C-64 to get the advantage of it's huge 64 k of ram. I have had an IBM pc, or a
clone there of for more then fifteen years but i still miss the excellent Commador basic. Does anyone know if Commador basic is available as software that I can run from a floppy disk or cd- rom? Any e-mail info about this would be welcomed by, BRIGHTNOTE@HOTMAIL.COM

Saturday 12th July 2003
Olivier (France)

Check, you should find everything you need here (Emulator & games). Enjoy...

Friday 11th July 2003
teri (ohio)
First page is my family page, the second is my husband's artwork. If you love art check his page out.

Hey everyone. I'm looking for an emulator that runs old commador 64 games, specifically Burger Time. My parents still have our commador in their basement unused. I miss some of those old games! :-)

Thursday 29th May 2003
George Kirk (Whitby, Ontario, Canada)

Oh the memories - the thrill of going to a friend's house at the age of seven to play cool games on his computer, then finding a 64 under the christmas tree that year (1983)...and then using it until 1992 to play games, make long-distance phone calls for free, the whole BBS scene.

Wild stuff - thanks for the memories. The newest generation of kids will never know how great it was to squeeze so much out of 64K of RAM.

Friday 9th May 2003
Starfox ( Yorkshire U.K)

Great site and wonderful memories,I got my C64 for Christmas 1983 and it's still works fine.The first game I ever played on the C64 was Beach Head,does anyone remember it, I thought it was one of the best games ever.

Wednesday 9th April 2003
David (Sweden)

Anybody know where to get the midi interface hardware for a c64? Seems too tricky to make one by hand :( please email me if you know

Wednesday 8th January 2003
J. Hirtle (Earth)

This was my first computer, so let me add a few things I was taught: The tape drive used a "special" 10 minute long audio tape cassette to store information (any longer was bad I was told) and if you didn't have the entire tape rewound, then the program wouldn't always load! For a monitor, we used a TV set. We later got a 5.25 inch floppy drive and a word processing program that would let you type up to 7 pages of text (any more and the machine would slow down and freeze). Our first one (which you have pictured) did die, and we replaced it with a slightly redesigned model that was more lower and more streamlined sometime in 1988-1989. For games we had "Lemonade Stand" and "Oregon Trail". We also got a magazine that had programs printed out in it so that you could type them into the computer manually.
The one thing I never found out was how to transfer the information from the old Commodore 64 to IBM compatable floppies (or Macintosh which I use today)

Friday 1st November 2002
Paul (dayton)

I LOVE THE COMMADORE 64!!! I think i want to start colecting old computers. I find them facinating.

Monday 30th September 2002
JulWCZar (Hungary)
Putra Ware freeware software group

C64 was cool. Unfortunetly, the new generation of computer addicts will never experience what was using a "Commodore 64 Personal Computer".

I sold mine in 1996 for 10.000 HUF (aprox. 100 $).

Saturday 17th August 2002
ElecTro (Home)

i love my c64...i got 2 of them for 10 bux at a flea market and am oh so happy. So may ppl talk about making music on it but i really dunno how or what software i should get...please help me.

Thursday 15th August 2002
jendoz (Israel)

what a great computer it was :)
i had ne when i was 10 and
my friend got it from someone
shame its no more now
a true piece of classic stuff!

Thursday 8th August 2002
REking16 (Earth)

There were two add-ons that, although rare, were rather significant, the REU and SuperCPU. The Ram Exapansion Unit allowed for substancally more memory (16MB?) while the SuperCPU boosted the system speed to 25Mhz. Also, the commodore disk drives (1541, 1541II, 1571, etc.) were computers on their own, each having their own CPU and RAM. This is why Commodore disks can't be used in modern drives.

Wednesday 10th July 2002
Gabriel (Boca Raton, FL)

Ah the memories! The good ol' C-64 greatest home computer ever made. Even now it is amazing what 64K could do, coupled with SID and VIC. Had it for 6 years and did so many things... From school projects to GAMES and GAMES and GAMES. Awesome website!

Wednesday 26th June 2002
Chris Carpenter (Ft. Myers, FL)
Chris Carpenter Dot Org

Great site, great computer. The C=64 was everything to me in the 80's, games, clubs, friends, hardware, software... so many memories. I only gave up my last bit of stuff to Goodwill in 2000 after I had moved into my new house, I hope its new owner loves it as much as I did. Two things i kept: the color monitor, which still looks great, and the few original boxed fantasy games I have aquired over the years. I want to especially thank some of the software developers out there, you guys and gals made some awesome games and programs, very few of which I paid for. If I could go back in time and pay for Mail Order Monsters, Racing Destruction Set, Bruce Lee, Phantasie, and about a dozen others, I would. Your hard work may not have been paid for, but it was certainly appreciated.

Wednesday 26th June 2002
Shar Kurtishi (Gjakova (KOSOVO))

Hmmm what can I say, it has reminded me a lot, I still feel those sweet memories spending hours and days in front of my monitor (thats why i have glasses today). I started thinking when i bought my first personal computer C64 in Sarajevo in 1991 just before the war. Programing on basic
20 print"My first computer"

Friday 14th June 2002
if 10 then goto 20 (Atlanta, USA)

The C-64. What can I say... To begin with, it was better designed than any other computer in it's time. Just look at the Apple II or IBM's and you'll see what I'm talking about. Then the games. This was post-Atari/pre-nintendo times and the graphics were awasome. And the music! This machine could emmulate voice! I still have a working C-64 with monochrome monitor, Geos software, printer, 300+ working games and programs and it is hooked up to an Ensoniq Mirage digital sample via a midi interface. This was my music machine back then, and it still rocks! I keep it for one day donating it to a 'physichal' computer museum. Thanks for the memories. Great site!

Wednesday 12th June 2002
Happy Fellow (Italy)

The Commodore 64 is the most remarkable piece of computer history: it is a great home computer, an amazing game system... a friend.
With the C64 I programmed in BASIC and enjoyed many great games. My C64C is broken but I use the great CCS64 emulator.

Wednesday 12th June 2002
Happy Tom (Earth)

I had one of the orginal Commodore 64's. There was a easy way to tell. There was a error in the main "kernel" of the Commodore 64 that caused the computer to freeze up. If you took the cursor down to the very left corner of the srceen and put a three lines of soid charaters like this: fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. The whole computer would frezze! Still, I miss my happy "micro-computer" I really enjoy your site.

Friday 24th May 2002
Søren Jensen (Denmark)

The C64 is a true legend! I mostly used it for computer games - and it really did the job. Along with other Commodore products (VIC20 and Amiga 500) it is a good friend of my childhood :-)

Sunday 5th May 2002
Simon Rosseel (Belguim)
Simpy's place on the net

I love the c-64, it is really the best system i ever had!

Sunday 5th May 2002
Bastiaan Winde (The Netherlands)

Recently I bought the Sequential Circuits Model 64 MIDI-sequencer :-)
Isn't it fun!?

Thursday 18th April 2002
Peter Badrick (Durham, UK)

Got my C64 for Xmas '83, and still use it today. It was the beginning of my computing life, and I now have a small collection of Commodore machines.

Wednesday 10th April 2002
Jessica Nordyke (Kansas)
The adventures of c64 girl

I loved the c64! Recently, I found out that I was about 9 months old when my father bought the computer. I was forced to give it up when I was about 15 or 16 because it was starting to die. The thing that really bugs me is that the monitor that my father bought for it is still alive and working well to this day. When I came here to this site, I searched for c64 and started to remember the wonderful memories I had of using it as a kid growing up on it. I'm currently working on a web comic about the c64. :)

Monday 8th April 2002
ArVie (Belgium)

This was my first computer and still it is my favourite and the GREATEST of all. Now with some good emulators, I can have the old feeling again sometimes. Those were the days...

Tuesday 26th February 2002
Warlock (UK)

I remember seeing some AMAZING C-64 demos in "the day", most noticably one which played music while multiplexing 128 sprites on the screen... vertically in a sinus pattern (text scrolly :) )

Ah, memories!

Thursday 21st February 2002
Saar (Israel)

indeed an amazing computer !!!
i spent most of my childhood programming in basic and logo and enjoying its amazing games...thank you very much for bringing these sweet memories back...

Wednesday 6th February 2002
Joseph Hays (USA)

I still use my C64 to this day. No it isn't that powerful, but it is fun

Thursday 31st January 2002
marco saraceno (italy)

today,whit this site,my life is changing
i remember some very old moment whit my c64.
thank you
(sorry for my english!!)

Tuesday 29th January 2002
darius (croatia)

C=64 is the greatest old home computer ever!

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