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Logabax, a French computer manufacturer specialized in small and medium size computers aimed at private and state-owned companies, launched its fist microcomputer.

It was a strange looking small plastic box containing a single multifunction Z80 based card and two 90 KB 5.25" floppy drives. A serial port allowed the Logabax video terminal to be connected. The system ran Logabax DOS and a flavour of CP/M Operating System.

In fact, due to its very expensive price for the time (about 4000 Euros) the LX-500 never met success near private companies despite Logabax efforts in setting up a European dealers network.

However, at this time French ministry of education sought French computers to equip thousands of high schools. Only two French manufacturers were able to provide such small systems: R2E and Logabax. Thus Logabax got more than half the ministry contract, even though the system was far to meet reliability and ease of use requested in educational environment.

Despite Logabax had priviliged access to procurement contracts with French state, the company met serious cash shortage problems. After several vain attempts from French government to refloat the company, Logabax was eventually sold in 1981 to Olivetti, the first Italian computers company. After some common ventures (Olivetti-Logabax Persona PC systems), Logabax finally disappeared for good.

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