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The TI-57, TI-58 and TI-59 programmable calculators were revealed to the public in May of 1977. Sales of the TI-57 started in July, and in August for the TI-58 and 59 (as we will see next month).

It will become the most sold programmable calculator in the world. Though inexpensive ($80), the TI-57 is a technological prowess. It is the only programmable calculator with all functions centralized in a single integrated circuit.

A low consumption MOS/LSI circuit does the work of 30,000 transistors. It features a 4 bits microprocessor, 50 program steps in RAM and a ROM command software. A new coding method allows to save in one programming step up to three keys entries (as in : Inv-2nd-cos).

All these characteristics are largely inspired by Hewlett Packard's latest products, HP being Texas Instrument's largest competitor in this area.

The TI-57 will also be sold through Radio Shack under the name of EC-4000.
TI-57 production will end in 1982.

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