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TCP/IP (JULY 1978)   

In 1978, The Xerox Corporation created an Internet Protocol called IP. A few months later, IP, combined with the TCP protocol would be known as the TCP/IP, a standard system for information exchange in large networks and later the World Wide Web.

Back in the 60's, the U.S. government’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), searched a way to keep academic and military computers talking with each other in the event of an international conflict. They founded ARPAnet, the first decentralized network allowing a part of the network to keep working even if another one was unable to work. ARPAnet began operating in 1969, based on a protocol called NCP.

As the ARPAnet grew larger, it became clear that NCP was not robust enough to handle the huge amount of data transferred between computers. In 1974, a team of computer scientists supervised by Vint Cerf implements a new protocol called Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). TCP was faster, easier to use, more flexible and reliable. It was introduced in 1977 for cross-network connections, and slowly began to replace NCP within the original ARPAnet.

IP was thus added to TCP in 1978. TCP handled the correct transmission of data packets and error checking, IP took care of connecting the server and client computers to the various networks necessary to send data across the Internet. On January 1st 1983, every machine connected to ARPAnet switched from NCP to TCP/IP which became the core Internet protocol. The Internet Activities Board (IAB) was created. The University of Wisconsin created Domain Name System (DNS). Internet gradually became more 'user friendly'... You know the following of the Internet story!

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