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Nowadays, everybody has heard of or has played adventure games, a style of game that puts the player in an environment and then allows him to manipulate objects to accomplish an objective.

In 1978, noboby played adventure game, except some DEC owners who could enjoy the first adventure game written by two college students and called Colossal Caves Adventure.
In 1978 Scott Adams had the opportunity to play this game and he was fascinated by the concept. He wrote his first adventure game Adventureland in the same year for the Radio Shack TRS-80 model 1 and was thus the first person to put an Adventure game on a personal computer and sell a computer game (for $14.95). He is credited with starting the computer game industry.

Few months later, Scott formed his company, Adventure International, and wrote a series of adventure games during about six years. Among them Pirate adventure, Pyramid of doom or The Count. Some versions were all text for S-100 or CP/M based computers, others (Atari, Apple 2, Commodore 64, TI-99) were graphical and offered primitive animations.

In 1985, during the big down turn of the personal computers industry, the company went out of business and Scott became a senior programmer in a management software company.

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