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Please, be patient. We have only opened this history section a few months ago. We are looking for historians who will administrate and fill in this part of the website. So if you feel you can help us in this task don't hesitate, mail us !


hardware   month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #1
hardware   month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #2
hardware   month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #3
hardware   month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #4
hardware   month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #5


companies   month unknown - Commodore International is founded


software and languagesvideogames   JULY - Outer Space!


peoplehardwaresoftware and languagesnetwork   DECEMBER - The Mother of All Demos


hardware   APRIL - 8008 microprocessor released by Intel.


people   FEBRUARY - Stan Veit opens Computer Mart of New York
people   month unknown - Dick Heiser opens the first Computer Store, Arrowhead computers


hardware   MAY - Apple II, first deliveries
companies   MAY - MITS - ALTAIR company is sold to Pertec
hardware   MAY - The Z80-A becomes available in production quantities
hardware   JUNE - Commodore introduces the PET
hardware   JUNE - Lear-Siegler introduces the ADM-3A Video Display Terminal (VDT)
hardware   JULY - Atari reveals its new VCS video game console
hardware   JULY - First Texas Instruments TI-57 sales
companiessoftware and languages   JULY - Software Records, a bad idea...
companies   AUGUST - 14 Computerland stores already opened
software and languages   AUGUST - FORTRAN, Microsoft's second programming language
hardware   AUGUST - TRS-80 Model 1 now available
network   SEPTEMBER - ARCnet, the first local area network
hardware   SEPTEMBER - Bally Professional Arcade is announced
hardware   SEPTEMBER - Heathkit presents its first computer
hardware   OCTOBER - TI launches a new EPROM chip
hardware   OCTOBER - VAX 11/780, the first VAX system
hardware   NOVEMBER - North Star Horizon announced
software and languages   DECEMBER - ADA birth
hardware   month unknown - Building its own S-100 bus based system


hardware   JANUARY - Apple Disk II, the Apple II second birth
software and languages   JANUARY - BBS, the World Wide Web father
hardware   JANUARY - IBM ''Yellowstone''
people   FEBRUARY - David Packard and William Hewlett
software and languages   FEBRUARY - Space Invaders
software and languages   MARCH - Adventureland
software and languages   MARCH - BSD UNIX
hardware   APRIL - Exidy announces its Sorcerer
hardware   APRIL - Intel introduces the 8086 microprocessor
software and languages   APRIL - Microsoft COBOL-80 released
hardware   MAY - French Logabax LX-500 launched
software and languages   MAY - K&R first edition
hardware   JUNE - Click and Spell
hardware   JULY - Sinclair MK-14
software and languages   JULY - TCP/IP
hardware   AUGUST - ABC-80
hardware   AUGUST - University computer lab in 1978
software and languages   SEPTEMBER - MicroPro's first word processor software
hardware   OCTOBER - 4164
companies   OCTOBER - SoftSide, first issue released
hardware   NOVEMBER - Digital VT-100
hardware   NOVEMBER - Xerox Alto
hardware   DECEMBER - Atari unveils its 400 and 800 home computers


software and languages   JANUARY - Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston form Software Arts Corporation.
hardware   FEBRUARY - NEC PC-8001, the birth of the Japanese home computer industry
software and languagesvideogames   FEBRUARY - The first version of Flight Simulator is launched
companies   MARCH - Alan Shugart founds Shugart Technology
hardware   MARCH - Commodore PET vs Sharp MZ-80K
people   APRIL - First Smileys
hardware   APRIL - Zilog Z8000
hardware   MAY - Tandy announces the TRS-80 Model II
hardware   JUNE - Apple announces its third computer, the Apple II+
hardware   JUNE - Texas Instruments TI-99/4, first 16-bit home computer
hardware   JUNE - The 8088, first Intel's really successful CPU


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