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hardware   month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #1
hardware   month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #2
hardware   month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #3
hardware   month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #4
hardware   month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #5


companies   month unknown - Commodore International is founded


software and languagesvideogames   JULY - Outer Space!


peoplehardwaresoftware and languagesnetwork   DECEMBER - The Mother of All Demos


hardware   APRIL - 8008 microprocessor released by Intel.


people   FEBRUARY - Stan Veit opens Computer Mart of New York
people   month unknown - Dick Heiser opens the first Computer Store, Arrowhead computers


hardware   MAY - Apple II, first deliveries
companies   MAY - MITS - ALTAIR company is sold to Pertec
hardware   MAY - The Z80-A becomes available in production quantities
hardware   JUNE - Commodore introduces the PET
hardware   JUNE - Lear-Siegler introduces the ADM-3A Video Display Terminal (VDT)
hardware   JULY - Atari reveals its new VCS video game console
hardware   JULY - First Texas Instruments TI-57 sales
companiessoftware and languages   JULY - Software Records, a bad idea...
companies   AUGUST - 14 Computerland stores already opened
software and languages   AUGUST - FORTRAN, Microsoft's second programming language
hardware   AUGUST - TRS-80 Model 1 now available
network   SEPTEMBER - ARCnet, the first local area network
hardware   SEPTEMBER - Bally Professional Arcade is announced
hardware   SEPTEMBER - Heathkit presents its first computer
hardware   OCTOBER - TI launches a new EPROM chip
hardware   OCTOBER - VAX 11/780, the first VAX system
hardware   NOVEMBER - North Star Horizon announced
software and languages   DECEMBER - ADA birth
hardware   month unknown - Building its own S-100 bus based system


hardware   JANUARY - Apple Disk II, the Apple II second birth
software and languages   JANUARY - BBS, the World Wide Web father
hardware   JANUARY - IBM ''Yellowstone''
people   FEBRUARY - David Packard and William Hewlett
software and languages   FEBRUARY - Space Invaders
software and languages   MARCH - Adventureland
software and languages   MARCH - BSD UNIX
hardware   APRIL - Exidy announces its Sorcerer
hardware   APRIL - Intel introduces the 8086 microprocessor
software and languages   APRIL - Microsoft COBOL-80 released
hardware   MAY - French Logabax LX-500 launched
software and languages   MAY - K&R first edition
hardware   JUNE - Click and Spell
hardware   JULY - Sinclair MK-14
software and languages   JULY - TCP/IP
hardware   AUGUST - ABC-80
hardware   AUGUST - University computer lab in 1978
software and languages   SEPTEMBER - MicroPro's first word processor software
hardware   OCTOBER - 4164
companies   OCTOBER - SoftSide, first issue released
hardware   NOVEMBER - Digital VT-100
hardware   NOVEMBER - Xerox Alto
hardware   DECEMBER - Atari unveils its 400 and 800 home computers


software and languages   JANUARY - Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston form Software Arts Corporation.
hardware   FEBRUARY - NEC PC-8001, the birth of the Japanese home computer industry
software and languagesvideogames   FEBRUARY - The first version of Flight Simulator is launched
companies   MARCH - Alan Shugart founds Shugart Technology
hardware   MARCH - Commodore PET vs Sharp MZ-80K
people   APRIL - First Smileys
hardware   APRIL - Zilog Z8000
hardware   MAY - Tandy announces the TRS-80 Model II
hardware   JUNE - Apple announces its third computer, the Apple II+
hardware   JUNE - Texas Instruments TI-99/4, first 16-bit home computer
hardware   JUNE - The 8088, first Intel's really successful CPU


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