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Expo 99 in Bordeaux
Pianeta Amiga 2001
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in Talence (France)

From 1st July to 15th july 2005, OLD-COMPUTERS.COM made an exposition about computers & videogame history, at the Forum des Arts et de la Culture in Talence (France).

More than 50 systems were exposed with their own descrpitive charts. A lof of detailed panels were also created relating the history of computing, videogames, grahical user interfaces, etc.

To avoid normal hardware expositions which tends to be boring, the emphasys was made on the visual and audio aspect . We wanted the visitor to be immerged into a complete retro experience, including hearing, seeing, touching and testing.

The result was apparently quite a success as most visitors we talked to were quite impressed by their visit.

Here are some pictures so you can virtualy visit the exposition, as well as some videos :

- Video 1 (entrance + pongs + atari 2600)
- Video 2 (Videopacs + Commodore PET + Tandy TRS-80 + Virtual Boy + Game&Watch)
- Video 3 (Game&watch + Table Tops + Mattel Autorace + Atari 7800 + Apple IIe + Sinclair computers + Commodore 64)
- Video 4 (Commodore 64 + Intellivision + Vectrex + old adverts frieze + commercials video)
- Video 5 (MSX + Amstrad CPC-464 + Colecovision + history panels + Oric + Laser 50 + MO5 + Homebrew ZX-81)
- Video 6 (old adverts frieze + Amstrad PPC + Sega & Nintendo consoles + IBM PC)
- Video 7 (old adverts + pocket systems window display + Atari Jaguar + Atari 1040 STE)
- Video 8 (Matra Alice computers + Apple Macintosh + Thomson TO-7 + history panels)
- Video 9 (exposition hall viewed from the upper mezzanine - part 1)
- Video 10 (exposition hall viewed from the upper mezzanine - part 2)
- Video 11 (Teamtendo electronic live performance for the exposition)

what you see when you enter the exposition

another view from the back of the hall

from the top

left part of the hall

here is the "pixel man" created with red self-adhesive
floor mats. Visitors only realize the meaning of the shape
when looking at it from the upper mezzanine.

the entrance

kids playing pong

pongs, Atari 2600, Videopacs,
Commodore PET, Tandy TRS-80 and Virtual Boy

Sega & Nintendo consoles, original IBM PC,
Atari Jaguar and Atari 1040 STE

Sinclair ZX Spectrum & ZX-81, Apple II
Tandy TRS-80, Nintendo Virtual Boy
and Game & Watch window display

Sinclair ZX Spectrum & ZX-81, Apple II
Commodore 64, Mattel Intellivision

The Vectrex had great success !

kids playing Super Marios Bros on the NES
and Sonic CD on Sega Megadrive + Mega CD.
IBM PC is playing Chess Master 2000 (Hercules graphics)
and Tempest 2000 is running on an Atari Jaguar
in the background...

Early Macintosh computer
+ french Alice systems
Computing history panels in
the background.

the Amstrad PPC is a very interesting
example of early IBM PC portable computers
The "old adverts" frieze is running all
around the hall

french Alice computers
+ Apple Macintosh + Virtual Boy
+ Tandy TRS-80 + Apple II
+ Game & Watch window display

Apple II & Sinclair systems enhanced
by a nice minimalist display and top lightning
A non-stop video of old commercials
is projected on the wall

Videogame history panels
+ some pong examples

The Nintendo Virtual Boy had great success !
As well as the "star-trek" style Commodore PET

Videopac consoles playing
"Jumping Acrobats" and "Stone Sling"

Some Game & Wath items with description sheet
+ some "Table Top" videogame systems

Top of the window display is showing
Mattel Autorace, the first handheld
electronic game + Atari 7800

Stoned visitor blinded by the commercials projection.
The "old adverts" frieze is still running all aorund the hall

Sony MSX playing "Athletic Lands"
+ Amstrad CPC-464 playing "Jet Set Willy"
+ Colecovision playing "Venture" on a very
stylish 80's portable television

Nice view of the curved wall supporting a large portion
of the "old adverts" frieze. Some mico computers
are presented on the forefront block.

young kid captivated by the first
IBM PC playing "Chess Master 2000"
with greenish Hercules graphics

Nintendo NES playing "Super Mario Bros III" next
to Sega Systems (Master System I & II, Saturn, Megadrive II
+ Mega CD II). The Megadrive is playing "Sonic CD"

IBM PC + Atari Jaguar + Atari 1040 STE
"Portable systems" window display in the background

Some example of portable systems...
Canon X-07 and Olivetti M10 for computers,
Atari Lynx, Nintendo Game Boy (+ Game Child asiatic clone),
Sega GameGear, Supervision and Gametronic for handheld consoles

Atari Portfolio and Sharp PC 1500 illustrating
pockets systems concept + some examples of
early data storage mediums (8'', 5''1/4, 3"1/2 and 3" disks, Sinclair Microdrive, Quickdisk and magnetic tape)

Yes, you can't avoid being ridiculous
when playing a Virtual Boy...

Atari 2600 (playing "Space Invaders")
and its box

These panels present two subjects:
evolution of soccer videogames through time,
and evolution of graphical user interfaces

Apple Macintosh and Alice micro-computers,
computing history panels and old
commercial video running in the background

This is the first one of the
videogame history panels

This is the second part of the
computing history panels

This is the second part of the
graphical user interfaces history panels

This is one of the two panels illustrating
the official or not adaptations of an arcade game
(here Donkey Kong) to the numerous gaming
platforms of the 80's

First of the 4 panels illustrating the
evolution of soccer videogames through time

one of the many old adverts used
to create the giant frieze running
all around the exposition hall

one of the press papers
published for the exposition
(Metro, 11th july 2005)



We would like to thank for their precious help building this exposition :

- René Spéranza at
- Philippe Dubois at
- Yves Bolognini at


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