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Microkey KFFT

The Primo computer series was manufactured by Microkey Kftt. (Kutatási Fejlesztési Termelési Társulás), and was originaly developed to be a school computer in Hungary.

The system was sold in various memory configurations:
A-32: 16K ROM 16K RAM
A-48: 16K ROM 32K RAM
A-64: 16K ROM 48K RAM
B-64: 16K ROM 48K RAM

Other differences were:
A type did not have built-in joystick and serial ports.
B type could works togewther with the Commodore VC1541 floppy drive unit (external software had to be load for this from tape).
B type also featured a full stroke keyboard (capacitive was not a perfect way for quick typing).

There was a colour prototype as well, called pro PRIMO.

Thanks to Viktor Varga for information and pictures.

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I was an owner. The primo was a really good machine, but not for games. No colors, no professional Keyboard, but usable for working.

Thursday 16th August 2018
B. Illesy (Bpest,Hungary)

Looks more like a children''s toy computer than anything resembling an actual computing device. In fact, I can remember something like this that was available in stores in the 1980''s. Except the one I''m thinking of had a handle on it and ran on batteries.

Wednesday 17th January 2018
Rod (canada)

Compared to the Commodore Vic-20 and Commodore 64 computers being made in the same year, this computer is just plain junk. Sorry.

Friday 3rd February 2017
Junk Junker


TYPE  Home Computer
ORIGIN  Hungary
YEAR  1984
KEYBOARD  Membrane keyboard
CPU  U880A (GDR Z80A)
SPEED  2.5 MHz (up to 3.5 MHz with some hacking)
RAM  16 KB (up to to 32 KB)
ROM  16 KB
TEXT MODES  16 lines x 42 characters
GRAPHIC MODES  192 x 256 dots
COLORS  Monochrome
SOUND  Beeper
POWER SUPPLY  External power supply unit

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