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H > HANIMEX  > 666   


This is a handheld pong. The biggest paddle includes the system hardware. The second one wich is smaller (1/3 of the system size) is attached to the first one but can be detached. Thus, this is a real portable and easy to carry pong system.

The 666s and 666t seem to be similar in every ways apart from their color: the 666s is blue while the 666t is green.

Note that there is a french version of the 666s called the 666s-p (P for PAL ?) while the 666s-n is the english version. Both are blue and absolutely similar, except for the writings which are in french on the french model...

The model 677 is the same system with two shooting games.

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I think -p means positive video, France used positive video modulation, I''ve a Pong console made in Honk Kong or the like but designed for the French market and it has a RF modulator circuit that gives positive video too.

Wednesday 25th January 2023
Ruben B. (Spain)

Just broke out my dad''s old Hanimex 666s-n earlier today. Hasn''t been played in ~50 years. It was sitting in a box in the garage along with other things collecting so much tust and flys and dirt in that open top boxs, I had no idea if it would work. I always misstook it for a power tool. Well let me tell you, it works like a dream! Me and my dad played a couple of rounds of tennis and to tell the truth, I can''t remember having this much fun with my dad ever. Fantastic little relick! I adore it.

Wednesday 14th March 2018
SWEEPER_92 (England)

More like "The Pong of the Anti-Christ".

Sunday 7th January 2018
Johnathan Rivera (USA)


NAME  666
ORIGIN  Europe
YEAR  1978
BUILT IN SOFTWARE / GAMES  Football, Squash, Practice, Tennis
CONTROLLERS  2 paddles with no fire button
CPU  AY-3-8500 (General Instruments)
SPEED  Reset, Serve
CO-PROCESSOR  Ball speed Hi/Lo, Ball angle 20°/40°, Bat size Small/Large, Power On/Off, Serve Manual/Auto
RAM  On screen
COLORS  Black & white
SOUND  Built-in speaker
I/O PORTS  RF TV video output

Software for this system!

1976 General Instruments
1976 General Instruments
1976 General Instruments

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