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VIDEO TECHNOLOGY   Video Technology


The Laser 310 is only an improved version of the Laser 200/210. But both computers stay compatibles with each other, for software and hardware.

The Laser 300/310 has a quite bad typewriter keyboard, the stroke being quite weak. But this is not surprising for a VTECH product... Apparently the keyboard is directly mounted upon the old mechanism of the Laser 200/210 rubber keyboard, which explains a lot of things...

The Laser 310 has more memory than the Laser 200/210 : 16 KB. But strangely enough, some games sold for the Laser 200/210 with the 16 KB RAM extension won't work with the Laser 310. That's because the Laser 200 has 4 KB, so a bit more than 20 KB with the 16 KB RAM extension, whereas the Laser 310 has only 16 KB...

Finally, the last improvment is found inside the machine itlself : the conception is far more integrated and the its quality is better.

As usual, Dick Smith Electronics sold the Laser 310 in Australia and New-Zealand under its own brand where it was called the VZ-300.


coin_vert_1.gif (126 octets) dotclear.gif (172 octets) coin_vert_2.gif (127 octets) coin_rouge_1.gif (147 octets) dotclear.gif (172 octets) coin_rouge_2.gif (146 octets)
Bons côtés dotclear.gif (172 octets)

+ Its cheap price
Its expansion possibilities
+ The full page editor
+ Its Laser 200 compatibility

dotclear.gif (172 octets) Mauvais côtés dotclear.gif (172 octets) - Its graphical features
- Its overall limited features
- Its bad mechanical keyboard
dotclear.gif (172 octets)
coin_vert_4.gif (125 octets) dotclear.gif (172 octets) coin_vert_3.gif (126 octets) coin_rouge_4.gif (145 octets) dotclear.gif (172 octets) coin_rouge_3.gif (147 octets)


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