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CZERWENY  Czerweny

Windows emulatorEightyOne

Excellent emulator emulating nearly all ZX computers (80, 81, Spectrums, Timex, etc.). As well as emulating the machines themselves, numerous addon cards are supported, including hi-res graphics, custom character sets, sound and colour cards.

Windows emulatorGLECK

Spectrum emulator. Runs on Windows 95 and up, and requires DirectX. Includes a debugger, and emulates also some Southamerican clones

Windows emulatorJPP

A well-known emulator for PC compatibles (DOS)

Windows emulatorRealSpectrum

complete and innovative Spectrum emulator for DOS and Windows

Windows emulatorSpectaculator

Spectaculator emulates the 16K/48K/128/+2/+2A Spectrums and some additional hardware.

Windows emulatorSPIN

Spectrum emulator running on any version of Windows from '95 onward up to and including XP

Windows emulatorWarajavo

an excellent bosnian emulator for PC compatibles by Zeljko Juric (DOS)

Windows emulatorX128

Spectrum 48 / 128 / +2 / +3 Emulator

Windows emulatorZ80 - The PC Spectrum Emulator

Perhaps the best emulator for PC compatibles

Windows emulatorZX-32

Great Win32 Emulator. Very stable, very fast.

Apple emulatorMacSpeccy

Apple emulatorMacSpectacle

One of the most powerful Spectrum emulator

Apple emulatorPowerSpectrum

The Spectrum Emulator for Power Macintoshes

Apple emulatorZXSP

Emulator for PowerMac

Unix / Linux emulatorIan's ZX Spectrum page

the official page of xz80, the emulator for XWindows

Unix / Linux emulatorxzx

an other emulator for Linux computers

Amiga OS emulatorASp

Amiga OS emulatorZX Spectrum Emulator

Amiga OS emulatorZXAM v1.3

RISC OS emulatorSpec128

Emulates a Spectrum 128 for the Acorn

Other platform emulatorHOB Java Spectrum emulator

Fascinate yourself for hours with this portable Java Spectrum Emulator.

Other platform emulatorJava On-Line Emulator

Plays games on-line !

Other platform emulatorPocketClive

Spectrum 48k and 128k emulator for PocketPC !

Other platform emulatorQAOP

Qaop is a ZX Spectrum emulator Java applet

Other platform emulatorSinclair Spectrum Emulator 1.1

Handheld PCs and Palm-size PCs running Windows CE 2.0 or higher

Other platform emulatorTEZXAS

ZX Spectrum emulator for TI 89 and 92 calculators !

Other platform emulatorZX68

Emulator for various 68000 based machines. First version is released for PalmOS

Multiplatform emulatorFUSE

Fuse (the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) is a ZX Spectrum emulator for Unix and MacOS X

Multiplatform emulatorSPEC

Spec is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k emulator for the PC. There are two different versions, Spec (freeware for DOS) and SpecX (Shareware for Windows 95/98/NT4).

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