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P > PHILIPS  > P2000 T/M


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Philips  P2000 T/M computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 6th November 2021
Jacik (Spanje)

Has any-one a printercable for the P2000T to a parallel/centronics printer ?

Wednesday 9th September 2020
James (Ireland)

The P2000 whilst a good machine was primitive due to its teletext chip and expensive price but it did have some success in education in Holland.

Friday 24th November 2017
Richard (Belgium)

1982 My father worked as a employe at Philips and came home one day with a P2000.
We hade a lot of fun with it, and made my basic for computeing.
At that time there was a P2000 customar club at Philips Netherlands in Eindhoven.
We whent there and there was a proffesor, i believe his name was Klaas Koppinga, and he stated the fact that 256 kb of memory was a whole lot and good for the comming 10 or 20 years.

Wednesday 15th March 2017
Ziemowit (Sweden)

Some more information about those nice machines. I had the pleasure of owning 1˝ Philips P2000M and 1 Philips P2000B. (Yes, I still have them in my cellar somewhere, although I do not know if they work anymore.)

Both variants used the same look of green monitor/double floppy unit, but even if the monitor units looked identical down to connector to the machine they were not interchangeable between the models. The diskettes were of same physical size and the diskette stations had identical looks, but the diskettes were not interchangeable either. The P2000M looked like on the images on this site, but the P2000B was a different animal: the keyboard was separate from the CPU box, and the CPU box was rectangular, same color as the P2000M brownish, but it had no mini-cassette station - only the power button, connector to keyboard, RS232 for a printer and connector for the monitor and floppy disks, if I remember correctly. Internally the P2000B machine was built around a bus of some kind...

The P2000M could boot into Word processing (saving of documents on tape), Basic or UCSD p-system (UCSD Pascal), depending on installed cartridge. The P2000B could only boot into UCSD p-system, probably because I just had this one cartridge. Needless to say, cartridges looked identical but were not interchangeable between machines.

I have not found any information about P2000B on the net at all. It seems like as if the machine never existed, but I have one.

Sunday 16th November 2014

What is a good selling price for one of these?
And what is a good buying price?

Sunday 16th November 2014
Matthias (Nederland)

Voor hoeveel gaan Philips P2000T normaal gesproken?
Wat is een goede verkoopprijs?
En inkoopprijs?

Thursday 18th September 2014
Laios Palingas ($$917$$$955$$$955$$$940$$$948$$$945$)

I''m interested droop

Monday 4th August 2014
droop (the netherlands)

i have 1 P2000 T for sale

Sunday 13rd April 2014
Joop Klok

Ik heb een P2000 te koop. serienummer 94, een van de eerste dus. met de originele handleidingen en vele extra''s

Sunday 5th August 2012
Jac Goudsmit

The video chip used in the P2000T computers was the same as the chip that Philips used in Teletext decoders inside TV''s. That meant that text was well readable and some character-based graphics were possible. This made the computer popular in public displays in places such as airports. But just like Teletext, switching from text to graphics was done with a special hidden character on the screen that would, itself, take up one character position, so mixing text and graphics was limited.

The keyboard was based on the keyboards that Philips made at the time for terminals and workstations, which had a reputation of being very robust but nevertheless very comfortable to type on.

Sunday 15th May 2011

I search the manuals for the P2000T to download in german or english.

Thanks Andreas

Sunday 29th August 2010
paul walker (manchester uk)
philips p2000

i have one of these in my loft if you are interested in it

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