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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Hewlett Packard  HP-200LX computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 25th February 2011
HPtom (Germany)

I still use the HP200LX for my business contacts and the calendar and task management. Also I use the windows version of calendar on my main PC in the office. Also I use many other programs for my daily work in the laboratory. The PIM software is the bst one I have ever seen and together with database engine of HP it is unbeatable! Also the calculator with solver is a big thing, beside LOTUS.

The HP200LX is a marvellous machine and the best ever built PDA for professional use, although in these these days there are limitations. But the robustness of the machine and the reliability is so good! I still have 2 "backup HP200LX" in my wardrobe so I think to have this little real PC in the pocket forever :-)
recommendable websites for support is and the

Greetings from Germany

Sunday 28th February 2021
Mark (Neverlands)

I''m writing programs in Quickbasic for the 200LX, is there anyway I can probe if the serial port is on or off, like an address or register? I use shell "lxstat s $ info" as a workaround, but there must be something better. Grtzz Mark

Monday 27th April 2020
LX Lover (Japan)

I have a HP200LX, and I download SSCL(star sapphire common lisp) last week. I install SSCL and EMACS, but EMACS reject key ''+'', ''*'', ''$'' and so on. Do you know how to input such keys on EMACS ?
Please teach me how to setup EMACS.

Wednesday 18th March 2020
DK2020 (US / Europe)

Hi, I recently purchased the HP 1000CX. (An HP 200LX without the built in software.)

I''m curious if it''s possible to manually install those missing built in software? Is there a download link somewhere if there is?

Sunday 17th April 2016
Jack Frost (New Zealand)

I do testing and tagging of electrical appliances. I use the Lotus 123 program as my client and asset database. The macros also prompt me for my test results. A Zebra TLP2844 prints my tags, directly from the Lotus 123 automatically based on the test results. I also have a spare HP200LX but cannot find my spare interface cable at present. If you have any unwanted HP200LX and/or accessories you wish to donate, email me at

Monday 2nd November 2015
radek (Belgium)

Hi Renato Silva.
Can you contact met

Wednesday 3rd June 2015
renato silva (portugal)

I have two working hp hewlett packard 200lx without the the adapter or manuals, just the pda to sell.

Wednesday 3rd June 2015
renato silva (portugal)

I have two working hp hewlett packard 200lx without the the adapter or manuals, just the pda to sell.

Thursday 16th April 2015
Radek (Belgium, Antwerp)

Hello to all

I am desperately searching one or more working HP Lx200 without the adapter or manuals, just the pda. Willing to pay via Paypal including shipment. Thanks to all.

Thursday 16th April 2015
Radek (Belgium, Antwerp)

Hello to all

I am desperately searching one or more working HP Lx200 without the adapter or manuals, just the pda. Willing to pay via Paypal including shipment. Thanks to all.

Monday 17th November 2014
Paul B Davis (Temple, NH USA)

The 200LX 32Mb double speed from Thaddeus is the best $1000 I ever spent$ Hands Down, no contest. It is NOT a "PDA", rather it is the first "Netbook". A real computer with OS incorruptibly in ROM. I use camera flash memory in an adapter in the PCMCIA slot. The wonderful "Carousel" gives me 10 completely independently configured computers that can swap out in 1 second.
This thing still sits next to my Win7 PC because it is SO FAST to get the answer I need. HPCalc is Fabulous. Work-a-day, (non-enormous) databases quite useable. Skyglobe 3.6, Collins English and multi-language Dictionaries work faster than just opening up Chrome on Cable internet on my reasonably modern Lenovo.
Next to my 200LX sits my first pocket calculator - also still very useful - the HP-29C. The calculator keyboard cannot be beat with an emulator - but I would dearly appreciate a full 200LX emulation that would run on my PC! I''d pay real money for it even.
The weakness of the 200LX is that the hinge for the cover wears out after 20 years or so :-) So I leave it open. A brilliant, ridiculously under-marketed device - the last throws of the late great Corvallis division of HP. Nowadays, "HP is neither". :-(

Tuesday 3rd July 2012
David (Spain)

jo (DE): There was more recent machines like you ask for. For example Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 line: Clamshell, full keyboard, Linux, color screen, etc, but they didn''t reach great success in market.

Wednesday 18th April 2012
Simon Inzel

I have just found back to my HPLX200,and decided to start using it again instead of / in addition to my Iphone. Does anyone know if it still is possible to have backlight installed on the LX?

Monday 12th March 2012
jo (DE)

Steven, I wouldn''t want to lure anyone away from this great device, but a modern and similarly capable device could be the Pandora handheld. Clamshell, full keyboard, Linux. Although its primary design goal was to be a retro game console, it''s in fact rather close to the LX200 in several respects and you should be able to find a powerful word processor for it as well. (Besides USB, SDHC, Wireless...)

Tuesday 11th October 2011
Steven L. (Italy)

I use it mostly for text editing (translation of screenplays) combined with Word 5 (for DOS) and/or VDE text editor. Big text files 120K. I can still beat the hell out of any modern handheld device. Only the PSION 5MX came close (excellent but poorly constructed - flat cable woes). I''d be lost without my HP200LX... No bells, no whistles, no Internet, no phone calls... but when it comes to inputting text, this little DOS XT combined with a program like Word5 that allows for macros, literally beats the crap out of IPADS, Androids, Palms, old stylus PDAs and the rest.

The other day I went to check out those marvelous and sexy Tablets. A nerdy young sales clerk came over with a smile, already extolling the Ipad 2 (which of course is wondrous). But I told him: "Look, I want to join modern humanity, but I also want to work fast and well. Can ANY of your marvel of cybernetic engineering do this?" Do any of your MAC / Android tablet programs have text editors with macros? See how fast I can translate this paragraph, how efficiently I $ the new and cancel the old... Do you have anything matching this (shameful, absurd, antiquated, hard-on-the-eyes) DOS XT power?"

"Oh but if you turn it sideways it automatically goes sideways with you and while you type, you can watch Dr. House and download Lady Gaga and check the weather in London!"

"Yes, but - damn it (- because I really would like to lay this superannuated thing to rest) - can you give me something I can walk around with, that fits in my pocket and has such amazing text editing capabilities? Can you give me something even HALF as fast?"

The kid went away shaking his head, no doubt convinced that I was a lost cause, just a grumpy old fart stuck in the past. But if he had shown me a worthy product, I would''ve bought it on the spot.

Friday 5th August 2011

I have an iPod, does all that and more. I believe there actually might be an app for that. All jokes set aside, really wonderful to step in the past. Thanks for making the site and please keep it alive!

Thursday 14th May 2009
Skip (Toronto - Canada)

I bought an HP200LX from Thaddeus Computing. They repair and recondition these old devices. I still need it to gather data via the infrared port from engine monitors like those sold by Insight Avionics.

Thursday 14th May 2009
Peter (Sweden)

Just found this website, amazing. I found a HP-200LX in my wardrobe! In the orignal box with user guide. And it´s still running.

Sunday 18th November 2007
Ruben (Bombarral, Portugal)

Were i can buy a HP-200LX???

Monday 1st January 2007
Axel Haegeman (Overijse - Belgium)

I just bought a 200Lx on Ebay, but did not get the adapter kit HP F 1023, to connetct the PDA to my PC. Can anyone help me on this ? I want to hook it up to a PC to download data.

Sunday 11th June 2006
Hoi Lam (San Jose, CA)

I have a HP200LX. The backup battery low was on for a while but I was too busy to go get a new battery to replace the old one. It went completely dead finally. When I connected the plam top with AC power, I noticed that the machine rebooted itself in DOS and all my data (address book) were gone!!!

Does anyone know if there is a way I can recover the lost data from HPLX200?

Saturday 21st January 2006
david masson (STL)

I have a 100 LX, the rarest in the series, and I love it! Even for a computer from 1992 I still use it, A LOT!!!

Friday 22nd July 2005
Bob Johnson (Toronto, Ont)

Just bought one of these today at the Goodwill in Toronto for $1.99 with PS (Look the thing up on EBay!), and when I turned the damn thing on its in French! (I can't speak French so you can see my problem), but I'm fooling around with it and it looks like fun, just have to figure out how to put programs on it.

Thursday 30th June 2005
Sylvain (France)

The HP-200LX was actually released in 1994, about one year after the HP-100LX. Some parts were probably designed in 1992, hence the copyright.

Tuesday 28th June 2005
random replyer (USA)

My friend has one of these. We looked at the copywrite on the bottom and it said that it was actually made in 1992.

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