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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the National Semiconductor Introkit computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Sunday 12th September 2021

Hi, I am a vintage computer collector. Please contact me (Contact via my website) if you have an IntroKit to offer.

Friday 4th March 2016
Dave Roberts (UK)

I used to have a Sinclair MK14 - and I have acquired all the bits to make another SC/MP micro of some description for ''old times sake''. I would certainly be interested in anything SC/MP related for the Introkit (especially the keyboard interface and monitor ROM listings).

The question is - how to get it posted?

Wednesday 4th February 2015
Wim-Jan van Rooijen (Germany)


I have a big stack of documents, incl. code and Assembler for this Computer.
Somedocs are in Dutch, but the stuff from NS is in English.
Also I still have the complete hardware of a ÁC based on SC/MP II, in a medium state, sertainly partly working, but the powersupply is missing. Little damaged during Transportation.
let me know what you Need.

Friday 11th June 2010
Darron Fick (USA)

The SC/MP was the first microprocessor I laid my hands on, sometime around 1976. The National guys were at one of the West Coast Computer Faires in San Francisco, and they were GIVING away the MCU - you then paid a small amount for the eval kit. I turned it into a simple music sequencer, and learned a lot in the process! I''ve always felt that National invented the eval kit culture with this product.

Sunday 7th September 2008
Roderick Wall

Hi, I have an old SC/MP (Simple Cost-effective MicroProcessor) National Semiconductor Corp computer that I purchased in 1977. I have all the manuals etc that came with the kit. As you know it interfaced to a ASR33 Teletypewriter. I''ve just got it out from under the house where it had been for many years. I even have a copy of my 1st program that I did it was a random morse code practice progran that I wrote to fit in the 256 bytes of RAM.

Sunday 11th February 2007
Frank Boehm (Germany)

Just received a "Telekit" - made by National Semiconductor, datecode 7618. This is pretty much the same electronics, but built into one of their larger pocket calculator cases (looks like the Mathematician PR 4640 with different key mappings). It has an external cable probably to attach it to a tty terminal.

Monday 4th September 2006
David Boccabella (Australia)

When I was just 17 I had a passion for computers and was desperate to learn. In Adelaide, South Australia the Kilkenny technical college had just started a Microprocessing Programming course. I was fortunate to get onto one of the first courses and this plus the inhouse designed computer was what we used. I still have the SC/MP ROM chip but sadly moving has lost the actual CPU. The very first microprocessor that I ever saw and used.

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