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S > SEGA > Master System II


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Sega Master System II computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Sunday 30th August 2020
Dave (UK)

Hi. I am currently going through my SMS games and detailing in a spreadsheet which I own (and which remain).

I''ve come across something that has confused me - Captain Silver but with NO barcode on the back of the case.

Have you ever heard of this? The items I see on Ebay all have barcodes, where my case instead has an empty space (just the squares of the standard SMS game box).

The game appears legit, and works on my PAL SMS.

What do you think?


Sunday 28th January 2018
rod (canada)

Never liked the controller for the Master System. The D-pad felt way too imprecise and mushy for my liking, and the buttons just didn''t feel good when you pressed down on them. Thankfully, you can use a regular Genesis controller instead.

Sunday 18th March 2012
scrappy (usa)


Friday 31st August 2007
Joel (Australia)

the Power Supply was big and the RF out cables where long

Monday 9th July 2007
Ste (UK)

Alex Kidd was only built-in on early models of the U.S. and European Master System 2, it was later replaced by Sonic The Hedgehog. As the Master System 2 was never released in Japan there is no built-in Japanese version. All cartridge versions regardless of country have the rice ball, all built-in versions have the hamburger. The most likely reason for the hamburger in the built-in version is that this version was never intended to be released in Japan and was therefore "westernised".

Monday 9th July 2007
Greig (Earth)

Remember the master system 2 also came pre installed with the classic game"Alex Kid in Miracle World". Two versions of the game were installed on the machine and can be identified by the meal he eats between levels. On the Jap model he is eating a rice ball but on the American and European model he is eating a hamburger

Wednesday 16th May 2007
Thomsonicus (Poland!)

SMS II - one cool device!
I had one with Sonic the Hedgehog built-in.
The first game I've bought was 'Ultima IV' with a A2 format map and two thick books. Every game was sold inside a standardised cover which included the cartridge and a short info about the game. Nice!

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