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E > ENTERPRISE  > Enterprise 64 / 128


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Enterprise  Enterprise 64 / 128 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 13rd November 2013
greg (Scotland)


I ve got one , if anyone want to buy , please contact me


Saturday 6th April 2013
Roger Jowett (Ulster Londonderry)
sam coupe$zsjTpFR0oYQ

has anyone found a zx spectrum 128k full emulator that runs commercial software please

Wednesday 3rd April 2013
Thomas (Hungary)

Hello I would like to Buy Enterprise EXDOS with floppy...Somebody?? plesase write me thanks

Saturday 3rd March 2012

See the Hungarian website for documentation:

Tuesday 29th November 2011
Lez Anderson (England)

If anyone is interested in helping me to put the OLD Enterprise64/128 into VHDL code so it can be run on an Altera DE0 board or even on a STRATIX ASIC chip... making a single chip ENTERPRISE 128K plus, running at 25MHz plus !!!!

Then email me at

Saturday 12th November 2011
Vic (UK)

I used to work for Welwyn Electric in Bedlington, Northumberland UK. Our systems department built the Elan Enterprise here in the UK around 1983 as I remember. There were hundreds quarantined in our store when the buyer went bust! Eventually lots were sold to employees at a cheap price... I used to test them and remember the NICK $ DAVE chips that were the type specific ASICS in the Enterprise. I have a boxed as new 64 here and schematics!!!

Sunday 3rd July 2011

Where can I get schematics, service manuals , Technical documents ??? Can anyone help.... please leave a message.....

Sunday 3rd July 2011
Marcus (England)

Does anyone know if the Enterprise has been put into VHDL code ... so I can put it on my Altera DE0 board ??

Wednesday 1st December 2010
Alex Filatov (Russia)

It also was shipped with special tape recorder witch coul be remotely controllel from a computer by second wire with some kind of microjack. It had 2 type recorder interfaces (standard JACK) and 2 remote interfaces (that microjack).

sorry for bad English.

Thursday 30th September 2010

@Phillip :

try it here :

Thursday 23rd September 2010

Does anyone know where to get technical info on the Enterprise. Service manuals, schematics etc ???

Thursday 23rd September 2010
Lez Anderson (England)

Has anyone tried putting the Enterprise onto a FPGA (field programmable Gate Array) or CPLD/ASIC to produce a single chip version. i.e. an Enterprise 128 on a single chip ??

It''s been done for other old machines!!!

Tuesday 12th August 2008
Andrew Dunlop (UK)

I worked as a developer for a number of Enterprise titles for about 18 months prior to it's release. I actually had two Enterprise's! One would do 80 column and the other high res graphics. I think they were having problems with the video chip.

Tim from London. Did I meet with you and provide you with copies of the assembler and 3d starstrike (spectrum conversion) many many years ago in London? I was working for DK'tronics, CDS software and Intelligent Software at the time.

Wednesday 11th October 2006
Miodrag Stancevic (Serbia)
Miodrag Stancevic's Emulation Site

Please, provide me a power supply specifications for Enterprise 64.

Thursday 5th January 2006
John Fisher (UK)

I won an Enterprise 64 from a magazine competition- the month it was supposed to be released. It eventaually arrived after several months of my patient chasing, so I probably had one of the first machines- but by then I was much more into BBC machines. It WAS a nice BASIC with some
clever tweaks. In my time I dragged my school into supporting my first 1802 homebrew, Commodore PET, BBC B, Atari ST and Acorn Archimedes- they
eventually went for the unimaginative and expensive PC! Ho hum....

Tuesday 30th November 2004
Sergio (Verona - Italy)


i've an enterprise 128, but i don't have any manual, anyone know where i can find some info about the enterprise basic and os ?

When i was a child it was a dream... Now i've one of this and i want to try to do something!!!

Thank you

Sunday 17th October 2004
Mike Smith (London)

Wow... so the Elan Enterprise really exists??? I remember getting a promotional brochure for one when I was still at school - it looked fantastic, miles ahead of anything else on the market at the time. But alas that was the last I heard of it - I presumed it never made it into production. I'd love to see any info / pictures of it if anyone has anything. Regards, Mike.

Tuesday 29th June 2004
Richard Kilpatrick (Hawick, Scotland)
Richard Kilpatrick

I had one of these in 1989-1995. Nice to see familiar names. I wrote a lot of stuff, but the forum software doesn't like Safari, so I can't be bothered retyping it. I've got another 128 and EXDOS, plus a 'FLAN' motherboard which must be early production or pre-production....

Saturday 5th June 2004
Russ Pitman (Hastings)

Enterprise is still going strong, hopefully will be getting more info and a web site ASAP, If not search for the 'Enterprise Depository' and there you will find a bit more. Regards Russ P.

Wednesday 14th January 2004
Tim (London)

Just came across this page. I used to run the Magazine for the User group "Private Enterprise". Any body remember it.

BTW it was a great machine, Ahead of its time at conception, which was one of the reasons it failed, they could not make the main Chips Nick and Dave. They did at the time have the most transistors in one device. The delay in getting it to work then deciding once they did perfect it, to move production to Europe, took so long that the likes of the Amstrad filled got there first.

I even had a Mouse and software on sale for it, any body remember it.



Wednesday 14th January 2004
Ian Mapleson (Edinburgh)

What was the spec of the Elan? I wanted one but
parents couldn't afford it. Ended up with an Electron
instead, which was great, though the Elan would have
been nicer perhaps. There's an Elan on Ebay UK just
now, but it's for 200 UKP! Ouch. Does anyone know
how many were made? Was there just one version?
There don't seem to be too many pages on the net
about the machine.


Friday 8th August 2003
Alex (Munich / Germany)

I found my Enterprise 64 unit again and want to play "KING OF THE CASTLE" again ... but I can't find the Powersupply and TV Cable. Can anybody email the specs ? THANKS !!

Sunday 22nd June 2003
donald (glasgow)

HI, i used to have an Enterprise 64 with the mouse and speech synthesiser!!, i gave it to my brother (boxed) years ago, who gave it away for nothing, i could have killed him. Great machine.

Friday 28th February 2003
Ian (Northumberland)

Woot I have 3 of these !

....working for the company that made them helps of course

Wednesday 12th June 2002
Robert (Manchester (UK))

Anyone remember the TV advert with 'Max Headroom' doing the voice over?

Monday 10th June 2002
Knut Axel (Norway)

I have just got my hands on an Enterprise 64, but I only have the machine. I would love to buy some software and hardware to it, if anyone has some they would sell.


Wednesday 29th May 2002
Clive (Plymouth)

Hi the Enterprise was my 1st computer and I sold it at a car boot for nothing, however I have just managed to pick another up whcih unfortunately does not have a power supply could somebody help with the PSU specs please

Wednesday 15th May 2002
Steve Grabauskas (UK)

One of the best computers I ever owned! Trying to track down a mate of mine - lent him my Enterprise 128 + 720K DD about 10 years ago! Still got the tecnical manual kicking around here somewhere.... ;-)

Friday 3rd May 2002
Mike O Brien (Australia)
Metro PC


I want to buy an Enterprise.

Will pay a fair price.

Any ideas (or offers).



Sunday 28th April 2002
Nevermind (Norway)

Elan Enterprise 64/128 would have been a great success if it had been released earlier! I think it was one of the first home computers featuring stereo sound... It had a great and powerful ANSI basic (which even formatted the code according to loops and subroutines) with multimedia functions and even control of i/o. (Compared with the commodore basic that consisted of 90% "poke" :-)

Sunday 10th March 2002
T0Mi[xts] (Hungary)

Where can i get EP programs?????

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