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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Camputers  LYNX computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 22nd February 2022
Lin (UK)

We had one of the first Lynx computers. My brother and father sneaked off to the NEC (without telling me) and attended one of the first ''Computer Shows'' in the UK open to the public. They spent the day (supposedly) bench testing various offerings before settling on a Camputers Lynx. Our parents had decided that a home computer would be a good investment and I was hoping that they would decided to get a ''Spectrum''! Both my brother and Dad argued that the demand for one would be huge and even then supply issues abounded,so the purchase of a Lynx was decided. They returned home that evening full of themselves, and much to my annoyance at where they had been without me, announced what they had decided over the tea table. The machine was promised for delivery in short order....... From memory I think it took Camputers at least 4 months after the specified date to get the machine to us - on its arrival my brother was delighted - I on the other hand pointed out the total lack of software support for it, and that the majority of computer publications at the time pretty much ignored it too! We only every had one game for it, based on ''Star Trek'', it was actually pretty good, but had a stupid timer mechanism which meant you could only play the game for about 20 mins before it simply restarted! TBH I couldn''t be bothered with it, primarily because my school didn''t even have a technology department or anybody on the staff who was interested in computers enough to engage with pupils. I think my Dad ended up with about half a dozen of them and various extra''s like a bloody great monitor. The whole lot eventually went to the recycling tip, along with a BBC Model B etc.

Wednesday 20th April 2011
Colin Baxter (New Zealand)

Wow, I''m speechless.
I owned a Lynx, my first computer.
In fact I loved it so much I went on to do a degree in IT and have a 30 year (and hopefully more) career in IT.
I used to live in Bradford and I wanted a TR-80 or a Spectrum but I bought a Lynx and I was delighted.
It''s like reading about your first girlfriend, except she didn''t go on to marry your best mate, she died and went to computer haven.

Friday 12th September 2008
Petter Lenge (Norway)

I was one of the founders of the Norwegian Lynx User Group.
We had a few members around the country and released a handfull of user magazines before Camputers went down.
I still have some copies of the magazines.
We also modified the ROM with some special functions which were added to the interpreter and also we put in Norwegian national letters on spare space in the character table in ROM.
I also had to build my own floppy controller from scratch as it was impossible to get a controller at the last days of the Camputers. I hardcopied a friends controllerboard by beeping track by track.
I managed to get the new board work in my first attempt and were pretty proud of myself on that time.
I got a Lynx 96 and Lynx 128 w/ CPM/M today.

Wednesday 22nd October 2003
Graeme Mawson (Cambridge (UK))

Oh happy days. We (myself and a friend) had a shed load of these at one time I think they all ended up in a skip! :-( we wrote a word processor that sat in the third eprom slot, an assembler and a dissasembler. We also finished off the CPM and had it running a treat We used to sell the Computers, hardware and our software through Pheonix software in Manchester. Although the basic graphic system was slow by using assembly routines it could be sped up significantly. also using the alternate graphics page ment you could prepare the display in the back ground and then simply switch banks for an even faster appearance. I still have much software on disk and many LUG magazines, and I would love to be able to get hold of a Lynx now for nostalgia.

Sunday 18th August 2002
russell davis (Currently USA)

well i had a couple of lynx's and loved it. i was involved with the user group (the original LUG :) ) and a few abortive attempts to improve it. unfortunatly before I left the UK I gavemine that had the sideways rom stuff and the reading user group scorpion rom away to a friend. but i really miss it. if anyone has the manuals for it and can scan them in for me and take a proper rom dump (you can tell it's good as the word DAVIS occurs in the first few bytes of the rom. i believe the rom programmer Davis Jansen put it there and I believe the name SuZy is in the first few hundred bytes IIRC) so i can write an emulator. i have a few of the other technical stuff but really need the manuals to read as my memory is a little fuzzy.

Sunday 23rd August 2020
Jean-Marie Rougeaux (France)

Je suis à la recherche de jaquettes de jeux ou d''utilitaires du Lynx pour compléter ma documentation.
Je possède le schéma du Lynx et nombreux logiciels.
Je recherche également la partie 3 du logiciel Backgammon. Je possède les deux autres parties.
Merci et salutations.

Friday 22nd February 2019
Gordon (Britain)


Did they ever Make a Service manual ?

If so Does anyone know where I can download a Camputers Lynx Service Manual ?

Saturday 25th January 2014
Anatole Beams (London)

I have a Lynx 48k if anyone is interested. It was fully working last time I switched it on. I''ll have to drag it out and hook it up to a telly to check it, but it has been stored away nice and dry.

If anyone wants it, let me know and I''ll stick it on eBay.

Friday 12th October 2012
Frank Rasmussen (Denmark)

Hi Mark Baxter and Peter Norman, look at my homepage - it''s on its way to be a LYNX website, containing all information about the Lynx''es

I got a lot of schematics - also for "add on" hardware.


Tuesday 9th October 2012
Peter Todd (UK)

I have updated the emulator significantly over the last few years.

The current (as in released on the website) Win32 (VC++ and VB) version is 8.12

Running on 2000,XP upwards or under WINE

There are also now running versions for:

DOS 32 Bit under the DOS4GW extender
Win32 SDL + FLTK
Linux SDL + FLTK
Raspberry Pi SDL
An unfinished source for a PIC 18F + Parallax Propeller combo

These will shortly be released on my website.

I''m still on the lookout for more software written for the system.

Best Regards to all


Pale -

Saturday 8th September 2012
Frank Rasmussen (Denmark)

If anyone need some information, manual, schematics or anything else about the Camputers LYNX, then write me an email or look at my webpage , If I dont have the information You need then I will try to get it and provide You with the info.


Saturday 21st July 2012
Mark Baxter

Can anyone point me at LYNX websites.. I don''t seem able to find any when I do a google search.. I need technical documents and stuff !!

Saturday 21st July 2012
Peter Norman (England)

Does any one know where I can download LYNX documents : User Manuals, Schematics, Service Manuals etc.. As these are extremely hard to find now.

Tuesday 17th July 2012
Bad Robot (England)

Does anyone know where you can download LYNX technical documents, Service Manuals etc.

Or any LYNX archives containing any LYNX documents.

Please post message pointing to website.

Thursday 24th November 2011
George P (Greece)

A Lynx 96 was my first computer. I was so impressed by it that I followed an entire career in IT. It didn''t have many games like the other micro-computers or as impressive, but I really liked the ones it did have.

Saturday 5th November 2011
Mike G (UK)

I have several Lynx handbook which I am about to dispose off if they are not wanted. These are:
Lynx Cassette Operation, Lynx DOS Manual, Lynx Printer Tech Manual and Lynx User Manual.
If anyone is interested please let me know.

Sunday 2nd October 2011
Frank Rasmussen (Denmark)

Im a computer collector from Denmark, I got a Lynx 96K and would like to add a diskdrive, and have found a schematic from camputerslynxinfo, but there are errors in the diagram. Then i saw that Peter Lenge from Norway write here in this forum, that he built his own interface, is it possible that You Peter would share Your diagram with the rest of us ? I would be very happe to get in contact with You. I got equipment to make real PCB''s - proff.

Best regards

Saturday 2nd July 2011
Mark Sanderson (England )

Has anyone put the LYNX into VHDL code so I can put it on my Altera DE0 FPGA board ??

It would be great to see it running on real hardware again !!

Monday 4th October 2010
Lez  (England)

Has anyone thought of putting the Lynx onto a FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array) so that it can live again. It been done for other legacy compurters like the Coco 3 (now runnung at 25MHZ) and the Amstrad CPC464 (running at 24MHz) !!

Tuesday 10th August 2010
Stuart Shaw (England)

When will the Lynx preservation site be live again ?

I''m in need of some schematics and just can''t find them anywhere !!

I have a 96k Lynx, and I''m interested in getting the disk drive controller working as well as the Joystick interface.

Monday 8th June 2009
Russell Davis (USA)
Camputers Lynx Preservation Site

just wanted to let everyone know that I have updated the Camputers Lynx Preservation site and moved it from mediawiki to drupal and have also setup a group for the camputers lynx on facebook.

also if Petter Lenge could contact me either via the facebook group or via I would be grateful. actually if anyone wants to contact me with regard the camputers lynx i''d be interested to hear from them.


Monday 10th January 2005
Russell Davis (currently NYC)

i've setup a small wiki to try to collect as much info, software, pictures, schematics, docs... etc. as possible. if you are interested in the camputers lynx or have memories about it or details about the players involved or technical info please visit.

Thursday 17th June 2004
John Rostron (Earth)

I remember that in Basic, the BEEP or SUUND commands stopped all on screen graphics movement for about 1/2 a second!!! My Lynx suffered from a row of bright dots/pixels down the left hand side of the screen. Although it went for repair on two occasions, it always came back with the same problem.
There were virtually no good games for the Lynx and I always envied those Spectrum and BBC owners :-((

Monday 22nd December 2003
Pete Todd (Aberystwyth, Wales)

Mine was thrown out while I was away at uni., I was left with the memory board and a few tapes...

the tapes have been retrieved from the loft and
an emulator has been written:

happy christmas to all

Thursday 22nd May 2003
Tony Darch (Swindon)

Well, I'd love to get my hands on one of these little babies. The one we had was dropped and it was busted. My old man wrote a few games for this. He tried to sell them himself but I dont think there wer more than a couple copies sold. I would love to get my hands on a lynx and some of the games he made, or at the very least an Emulator, I havent been able to find even that! Have you guys ever Heard of games called Pincerman and a small compilation of games Tower of rings, Blooker, Yahyzee and a couple I cant remember? Let me know....

Saturday 29th June 2002
Voyager (Greece)
Voyager's infamous collection

It's a very strange machine, awfully slow for a Z80 @4Mhz, and the memory usage is very strange. All my Lynx48K machines, have 96K installed. Only one has an extra Eprom that lets you use more than the 48Kbytes. Looking for the Lightpen and Disk Drive.

Monday 11th February 2002
Guy Hindle (Southampton)

Just saying HI! to anyone else who has one.

I haven't bootde it up for quite a while, I'll try again now!

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