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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Olivetti  PC 1 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 31st March 2015
Jim Moore (England)

I still have one of these, it has not the DD floppy drives$ it has two 1.44MB DSHD drives. Oh, and just giving it a power on test before deciding what to do with it, you have the option on boot, during POST, as to whether or not to use Turbo Mode.

Now I know it works, I think I''ll blow the dust off a couple shrinkwrapped disks and load the thing up with DOS EDIT. After all, you don''t need four cores and 8GB of RAM just to type a document, right? For that matter I could go completely retro and do my HTML coding on the thing as well!

Monday 2nd June 2014
Pedro Renato (Portugal)

I did not know that this did Olivetti computer to compete with the Amstrad PC 1512, not least because I got to use both computers at the same time!

Monday 2nd June 2014
Pedro Renato (Portugal)

I did not know that this did Olivetti computer to compete with the Amstrad PC 1512, not least because I got to use both computers at the same time!

Sunday 25th November 2012
Mario (Italy)

There are some ERRORS/OMISSIONS in this page.

The full name of this computer is OLIVETTI PRODEST PC1.
Colors: 4 in graphic mode (320x200) with 2 palettes, 2 colors in 640x200 mode, 16 colors in text mode
Number of keys: 83 (not 82)
Sound: Tone generator with volume control under the keyboard

Friday 20th April 2012
Zerover (Spain)
Olivetti Prodest PC1

Ya no tengo acceso a la página de Ciberia y parece ser que los ficheros para descargar están corruptos, así que los he vuelto a poner en este otro sitio.

Monday 8th November 2010
Stephen (UK)

I think this model was later equipped with a 20 MB HDD, taking over one of the FDD bays. I bought the double FDD version and was annoyed to find the HDD variant in store at a similar price a few weeks later! Although there was a wedge-shaped proprietary mouse, it was not supplied as standard in the UK, but cost about £30 extra. (Of course, you could use a serial mouse so long as you put the driver on your boot diskettes and amended autoexec.bat.) When I bought one in late 1988, it was bundled with the First Choice integrated software suite, which was excellent in its day, turning the machine into a versatile home office system.

Thursday 18th December 2008
stefano jodice (italy)

qualcuno ha trovato i driver del mouse ????

Saturday 2nd June 2007
Generoso Lombardi (Avellino)

Qualcuno possiede i driver del mouse del PC1 ?
Io l'ho perso il disco se qualcuno c'è l'ha me lo può zippare e mandarmelo ?

Thursday 8th March 2007
Generoso Lombardi (Avellino (Italy))

Sto cercando di costruire il cavo da 8 pin a Scart seguendo la pedinatura su questo sito. Non riesco a drovare lo spinotto 8 din in commercio, ma questa sera forse è quella buona. Qualcuno l'ha realizzato gli ha funzionato il tutto ?

Thursday 14th July 2005
stefano iodice (italia)

poco... a me me l'hanno tirato dietro gratis, con HD da
20 Mb, floppy, monitor originale CGA e stampante Olivetti Prodest DM91. Installato windows 2.0. e il DOS. No, niente mouse. Qualcuno ne ha uno orig? a proposito, i driver per questa stampante non si trovano. Ma vanno bene anche quelli della IBM ProPrinter II. Provati con CUPS sotto Linux.

Saturday 26th March 2005
diego messana (canicattì AG)

sarei grato se qualcuno saprebbe dirmi dove poter trovare il sistema operativo e se possibile quel giochino che all'epoca davano compreso nel sistema operativo che si chiamava load runner. grazie

Thursday 26th February 2004
Zerover (Spain)
Olivetti Prodest PC1

Por si a alguno le interesa, he colocado en la dirección "" el software que traía el ordenador.

Thursday 27th November 2003
Fog76 (Italy)

I want buy a PC1.
Qualcuno lo vende ?

Monday 13rd October 2003
Spanishard (Spain)

Can I connect an actual computer monitor to DB9 comector in PC-1 by olivetty?. Please help me, if you know this information.

Monday 7th April 2003
Bill Gate$ (Rome)

Actual Price in Italy: 15/20 €

Sunday 15th December 2002
xav (France)

When i switch on my PC1, it doesn't recognize the mouse...
I start this computer with an old "Zenith" ms-dos disk...
Where can i find the original content of the MS-DOS disk witch was sold with this machine ?

Wednesday 14th August 2002
Dan (Italy)

Qualcuno sa indicarmi dove trovare istruzioni o software per il download?
Does someone can tell me where I can find instructions or software to download?

Tuesday 9th July 2002
ivan (italia)

quanto puo costare adesso per u collezionista?

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