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N > NANO  > SKS 2500


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Nano  SKS 2500 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 26th July 2017
rfka01 (Germany)

@Joop Marquenie:
If you still have your machine and want to get rid of it, I''m interested.

Saturday 13rd May 2017
Marcus (Germany)
MarNoWeb - Virtual Computermuseum

Hi, I also have this little beautiful Box here in my collection - unfortunately without any Disks at all - so it''s a useless brick :-(

Could anyone provide me with some Systemdisks/Copies? Mail me at: marcus AT marnoweb DOT de

I couldn''t get any more Infos or Files for this little beauty - nowhere around the whole Web.

Regards, Marcus

Tuesday 26th April 2016
Joop Marquenie (Netherlands)

We still have a SKS NANO in original state including all original documentaton and I even believe electronic shemes. We actually do not know what to do with the machine. When we locked it away, it was still working OK.

Can you advise us what to do with the machine?

Thanks, Joop

Wednesday 10th November 2010
John Benfield

Sorry this response took so long, I was just browsing around and saw the question today

There''s no easy way to test the screen. If the floppy drive light is coming on, then it''s a pretty safe bet that the power supply and other electronics are OK. If that''s the case, then you need to check the anode cap on the monitor for high voltage. THIS CAN BE HIGHLY DANGEROUS AND SHOULDN''T BE DONE BY THE UNTRAINED OR WITHOUT THE PROPER TOOLS.

Chances are that you have no high voltage to the monitor. If you''re familiar with and comfortable working around high voltage, turn everything off, discharge the anode cap (just in case) and remove the video driver card (you can''t miss the card, it''s mounted on the monitor cage and not in the rack with the other electronics.

There''s a transistor next to the flyback coil mounted on a large heatsink. There are different versions of the board, so I can''t provide a component number or exact position. You may have to follow the traces from the flyback to ensure that you''re getting the right transistor. It should be fairly obvious which one I''m talking about. If you just put your nose to the board (disconnected board), you can probably smell for it. Just replace that guy and you''ll probably be back in business. (buy a few of them. It''s a common failure point) If you''re refurbing the machine, I''d recommend checking all of the electrolytic caps as well. (check for swelling or leakage. You can be proactive and replace them, but it''s likely not necessary. SKS used decent parts).

Wednesday 2nd February 2005
I am (Germany)


ive got a problem with this machine. the powersuply works, but the screen stays black.
how can i test the screen?

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