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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Exidy  SORCERER computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 17th February 2023
Peter Jones (United Kingdom)

Correction to the size of the rompacs. 8k not 16k.The CPU could only address 64k: 0-48k for RAM, 49-56 for rompacs, 57-64 for the OS.

Saturday 25th April 2020

Hello Stephany, did the Sorcerer find a good home?

Sunday 5th August 2018
stephany (Tennessee US)

I''ve my Dad''s Exidy Sorcerer in a hall closet for years and it''s now time to get rid of it. I have no idea if it still boots up. But it does have the original manual. He upgraded the system to have the 8-track-ish tape thing for storage.
Anyone who is willing to pay the shipping CAN HAVE THIS FOR FREE. It is heavy.

Wednesday 20th June 2018

Bolches yarboclos, Batman!!!

I''d like an Exidy Sorcerer for Xmas.

Monday 5th February 2018

I have one of these in my loft. Back in 1981 I wrote my own COS (cassette operating system) using Hitachi tape deck which had electrical controls and a opto to check for tape stop. Using this deck I could write a directory at the start of tape, and then automatically access multiple programs off a C90 cassette by letting the Sorcerer control the tape movements and get position count from opto!

Tuesday 30th January 2018
rod (canada)

I knew that Exidy published and developed a lot of games for various home computers and video game consoles. But I had no idea that they also made a line of computers as well.

Very interesting read...

Tuesday 31st October 2017
Tibsi (Gyula, Hungary)

I''m searching for a working piece of Exidy Sorcerer.

Wednesday 3rd June 2015
Scott Adams (United States)

My company Adventure International did support this system with a number of my games. It was a decent machine I really liked it.

Wednesday 3rd June 2015
Scott Adams (United States)

My company Adventure International did support this system with a number of my games. It was a decent machine I really liked it.

Monday 11th May 2015
Miles (New york)

I have two new exidy computers in original boxes.
Would you like to buy them? Email me at
now before they sell out.

Monday 11th May 2015
Miles (New York)

I have two new exidy sorcerer computers in the original boxes. Who would like to buy them?

Friday 17th October 2014
Tyler  (us)

I have a sorcerer complete in box working in good condition with original literature few cassette tapes a cartridge standard basic I think it is and a external cassette player I''m looking to sell this contact me via email a9163161094 at Gmail for pictures info and offErs

Friday 27th June 2014
Rob (Australia)

I am interested Paul, if it still boots, I am not sure if the internal battery would be good to replace if it doesn''t. Wait to hear from you, Only needs to boot to Rom, as I only ever programmed them in hex. Regards Rob

Monday 23rd June 2014
Paul Hynek (Canada)

I have a Sorcerer with the original box. Cleaning house. anyone want to make me an offer?

Sunday 1st May 2011
Andy Holyer (UK)

We had a Sorcerer as the only computer at my school (in about 1980).

Not a very good machine. Tended to freeze, and we put a sticker on the top of the case saying "hit here to unfreeze".

The wierdest thing was the "bounce-free" keyboard. To prevent bouncing, the key registered on the up-stroke of the key rather than the down-stroke. That is, you pressed a key, nothing happened. Released the key, and the character was entered.

*Not* a good idea.

Monday 17th January 2011
James Perrett (Melbourne)

I remember it being the first Micro Computer in Austrailia with the top 128 Characters being programable. My Homebrew was a cross between a Trs-80/System 80 and Sorcerer. With a monitor program writen by myself and a friend and Basic copied/mod-ed from TRS-80 Remember the wiz.

Tuesday 12th December 2006
Brian C (Vermont, USA)

The sorcerer II was my first non-mainframe computer. It totally used 8-track carts for the ROM packs. I don't remember it being terribly colorful, but that's probably because we had a mono monitor. I totally remember programming like mad in basic, and playing some of the games..

Tuesday 20th December 2005
Paolo Colombo (Australia)

Is the Sorcerer really dead? I have kept my 4th Sorcerer packaged up for a number of years, and one of these days I shall start it up. It has a S100 Box, 2 Micropolis 16 hard sector drives 360Kb, 64K of memory and a modified 80x32 columns screen. It was the mightiest machine of the time before the arrival of the first XT, and besides the floppies being totally unreliable by Verbatim, my wife used to do thesis typing with an Olivetti daisywheel typewriter with the interface designed and built by me. his offered excelllent pages, miles better that the 8 dot dotmatrix printers of the time without lower case descendants. The lot cost me a fortune by todays standards, but thats all that was available.

Thursday 27th January 2005
Steve Shepherd (Herts, UK)

I have a Sorcerer II but don't ever remember it having any colour capabilities, only the ability to define your own mono graphics characters. I also have the Video/Disk Unit.

Wednesday 5th January 2005
Duncan Layne (UK)

They bought one of these at work (British Aerospace) back in 1980. I am sure that the ROM packs (seen on the right of the machine) were built into empty 8 track tape cartridges ! Was a colour version (or add on) available. I am sure that the reason work bought this was for its colour graphics (they already had a PET and Nascom which were both monochrome). I remember someone being sent out to buy a portable colour TV (costing £250, about the same as my monthly wage) to use with the Exidy. The arrival of this generated just as much interest as the arrival of the computer !

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