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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Sinclair  ZX SPECTRUM +2 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Monday 9th August 2021

This was a nice computer with lots of character!

Friday 7th August 2015
miles (essex/uk)

I own a reasonably mint +2(grey) same as the one I owned back in 1986 I have all my old games plus many more I got cheaper in the 90''s and will continue to use it I got a lovely scart lead and a refurbed Quickshot 1 joystick plus the joystick converters for both ports(a must) I do have an SJS1 joystick but keeping that intact as they snap easily as most of you will remember. The built in cassette deck worked fine back then and does now, I haven''t had to twiddle the Azymuth screw as yet like I did back in the day but I think that was more down to recording methods rather than any fault of the tape head. I''m prepared to change the tape drive belt if it were to perish and snap there isn''t much to worry about as far as repairs go. These are solid machines considering the fun people made of companies like Amstrad same goes for Sinclair. As long as you use them as intended they last forever :) I couldn''t live without mine it''s like my childhood never left me

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Selling a boxed black spectrum +2 at the moment on ebay, as well as a ZX81 :)$item.view$alt$web$id$321657454426

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Selling a boxed black spectrum +2 at the moment on ebay, as well as a ZX81 :)$item.view$alt$web$id$321657454426

Sunday 21st September 2014
Lelanna (Australia)$SEARCH

I currently have a listing on EBay for this computer and many games

Thursday 28th February 2013
Roger Jowett (Ulster)

please help
trying to convert 8bit video for sam coupe
this is still not mode 3 interlaced with hmpr bit 5$6 CLUT alterations per scan line HELP we only need a DMA...
masterdos/basic atom lite support HELP

Sunday 17th February 2013
John a Girdler. (Belfast, Northern Ireland.)

I have the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2, it has a 128K,

Still in it''s box, and for sale is therir any offers to buy it out there, Soon.


Saturday 21st July 2012
Miguel (Porto Portugal)

I''m not going to say anything but a little detail since everyone said and feels the same about this computer.
I had one too. What really intrigued me was this: I had a friend who had the +2 and I had the +2A and there was at least a difference besides the color and that +3 menu that it was the PLAY command with some keystrokes. He had that command in his +2 and I didn''t. I also had this book which I saw selling at ebay and some retro uk gaming site which came with it from where we could copy and try to run those little "programs"(?) and save them on tape. Oh but that play command...! Anyone used to code? (copy code too) Anyone remember that difference or used the command? Thanks in advance and keep on remembering old gold times spectrum gave us all!

Saturday 21st April 2012
Marco G (Portugal)

I own a +2B and a +3.

I remember the +2A cassette player buttons started breaking after some time. I remember using the screw driver - which was actually used for fine tuning - as a lever to activate the play button.

I had countless ours of gaming with this baby. Counting out the cassette player, they where damn robust and made to last.

I even made a cable to connect the RGB output to a TV scart input after looking at a diagram in some magazine. Guess what ... it worked. The TV transmitter wasn''t the best in hood. Best transmitter was in the Timex TC-2068. But, you just could get near my RGB to scart connection $)

Sunday 29th May 2011

That brought back memories, really enjoyed games such as Golden Axe, Bubble Bobble, etc. It was also a good introduction to programming at an early age, I remember spending weeks on end, programming in games from the manual and getting them to work.

The worst part was when loading bigger games, you could spend up to 10 minutes going through the loading, and just before the game would finish loading it would crash and you would have to start from scratch.

Tuesday 22nd June 2004
Sandro Zanello (Brasília - Brazil)
ZX_BOX Pictures

Hi! I made a new ZX Spectrum Box in CorelDRAW format with real size! See the pics at the link above!

Saturday 8th March 2003
joe (cardiff)

ive just found my spectrum 128k +2 after not seeing it for about 10 years. the only problem is i can only get 1 game to load. does anyone know where i can get games from?? and out of curiosity ..... what is it worth???

Tuesday 5th February 2002
Anders (Stockholm, Sweden)

Ah, I remember my old 128+2... the only thing I didn't really appreciate was the fact that it didn't have a tape counter. I remember an article in Sinclair User were they actually taught you have to make your own counter... Well it involved som pretty nasty surgery and my hands didn't really feel steady enough ;-) So I used an external cassette deck as a counter.

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