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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Tandy Radio Shack  TRS 80 MODEL 16 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 16th July 2016
Ray MacDonald (Canada)

Sadly missing a lot of info here. The Model 16b/6000 running the Motorola 68000 and Xenix became a large population of the Usenet network (BBS-like global chat/messaging environment based on UNIX UUCP). I developed my career on the 6000 doing UNIX (Xenix) multi-user environments running up to 15 dumb terminals from 1 unit. Installed into many companies with the Profile/filePro16 database system and Realworld accounting systems. Specifically the 6000 was very capable and used frequently as a Mini killer. We knocked many a Mini computer out of transport/shipping companies with these. As an example would install one 6000 running core accounting with 10+ terminals, and a second unit running another 5 to 10 terminals running the custom shipping applications. Very effective and had longevity. Took me to HPUx on HP9000 then Symetrics sac parallel computing and onwards...

Friday 26th December 2014
Chuck Rose (Vermont, USA)

Dav is correct, the original Model 16 had the single full height 8" floppy drive like the Model II, not the two slimline drives shown here. However, the drive on the model 16 had 1.25 MB capacity as opposed to the Model II''s 500k capacity.

I worked on one of these briefly in Model II mode using COBOL language software to write a VHS tape inventory program. But, alas, the owner of the store (also a Radio Shack store) decided he''d rather have the system put on a Model III instead so he could sell it to other video renting businesses in the area. I did get to play with the COBOL compiler quite a bit though.

Friday 27th September 2013
computer geek

I loved this machine! Never had one, though - still in college no money.

In 2004 someone posted a query on how to get out their data - the best way with incompatible machines is over RS232 - the only common interface among almost all machines.

Write a program to dump $ read hex (with checksum if so inclined) on both systems, start transferring.

Did this so many times in the 1980''s and 1990''s working with industrial applications..

Wednesday 12th December 2012
Dav (USA)

The picture displayed and the specs are for the TRS-80 Model 16b/Tandy 6000. The original Model 16 was a smaller cabinet based on the original Model II.

Tuesday 3rd May 2011
Roberto Espinoza (Peru)

Model 16 was the most wonderfull design and perfomance ever conceived. It$s history is not very well kown. Model II was designed and manufactured waiting for the market right timing for multiuser, multitaskink features. The Unix version for it was Xenix it$s development started in 1978 which gave bill Gates the basis for the MS-DOS that sold to IBM without having it. The trial between them proves this.

Saturday 16th October 2004
Chester Kwitowski (Tampa, FL)

I think the TRS-80 Model 16 is the best computer ever developed. The problem I have recently is that mine is failing and I was wondering if anyone out there knows how I can get my valuable data from my Model 16 to the current PC technology. Please respond to Thanks.

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