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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Philips  VG 8020 videogame system. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 6th July 2021
Folko (Germany)

In regards to the idea mentioned here that they sold a 80k RAM version in Spain to avoid taxes (like the Amstrad CPC 472 by adding unusable 8k to the CPC464 in Spain): The 80k statement was printed on all VG 8020 cases and it is just marketing by adding the 64k system ram with the 16k video ram. It’s still a 64k system ram computer and they did have to pay the Spanish tax. $-)

Monday 29th June 2020
Thierry (France)

hello :-)
Sure the vg 8020-19 (France) has no RF out since...RGB (din to scart) output instead, yeah $-)
Great feature at this times in early 80ties, also on other old computers sold in France.(ex:ti99)
Better video quality with this $-)

Monday 18th June 2012

$$Due to some differences in the chipset, the Philips VG-8020 was not always 100$ compatible with other MSX-computers. Typing ''poke -1,170'' before loading programs usually fixed the bug.

That''s not correct. It wasn''t a problem of the comp, but of the software that didn''t follow the standard specs. Well done software never failed.

Monday 24th October 2011
Eric Wolff (Luxemburg)

Ok update :) mine has written on the top 80kb ram+ 16kbvideo seems this is a model to avoid the spanish n on keyboard tax. Seeing that i got it from spain it makes sense. Hope it helped a bit :)

Thursday 13rd October 2011
Wolff Eric (Luxemburg)

It s a pal model i got from spain but cant say much more about it:(

Wednesday 12th October 2011
Eric Wolff

Hi i can say there are 4 models not 3 i have a vg8020/40 no idea what the difference is though. Only wanted to complete the data .

Saturday 6th December 2008
noobsaibot73 ((Madrid (Spain)))

There''s another difference between the Secam and the Pal models, Pal models come with RF lead which is missing in the Secam models.

This is a superb computer, I owned one and I was so happy with it...If you''re looking for a good MSX1, this is your computer.

Greetings from Spain.

Friday 21st March 2008
Francisco Martin (Madrid (Spain))

If you look carefully the photographs of the French version (Secam) of the VG8020, and the Pal versions, you'll discover one missing key at the right side of the right shift key. This is another difference between the two models.

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