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A > ATARI  > FALCON 030 MicroBox


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Atari  FALCON 030 MicroBox videogame system. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Monday 10th January 2011
AEX (Ireland)
Atari Explorer

Great site!

This was to be the new case for the Falcon 030.

The Falcon Microbox is part of the official Sony PS2 Patent mostly pertaining to ergonomic design. All tooling and parts were ready for this case to be turned on but Atari abandoned the computer business in favour of supporting the Jaguar gaming platform. An 040 version was also designed to motherboard stage and a project called "Painter" utilising Jaguar tech was proposed. Another case design was found in proto form and it was based on the "Painter" spec, but it is unclear if this was another "Microbox" design or specifically for "Painter".

Friday 28th May 2010

Your right about the PS2 case design, they (Sony) bought the rights to the "GRILL" section if memory serves correctly..? I believe in the time the PS2 was launched Atari was nothing more than a rights and patents company.. (I.e still holding all the copyright and patent designs)... It was either this design or the jaguar design grill section that SONY Bought the rights to use? (Very vague but there is truth in this somewhere!) Peace out..

Thursday 21st April 2011
Malcolm Ramage (United Kingdon)
Atari Music Network

This was supposed to be what the falcon should have been all along. The data and address buses were to be full 32 bit and a proper 68030 expansion bus with access to the 68030 burst mode for fast data transfer. The picture here is of one of the case designs, I have another picture of a case design with a CD ROM drive in the top and an Atari logo embossed onto the front. This may have been for the later proposed 68040 model but to be honest, I cant really be sure.

Wednesday 11th February 2009
Nathan (USA)

I saw one of these about a year ago on ebay. No one knew what it was so it only ended up selling for about 400 dollars. It was complete, with case and motherboard, and I am sure it worked.

Sunday 17th October 2004
Desert Eagle (Brazil)

Anyone have more pictures of Microbox? It's a very interesting system ^_^

Monday 12th August 2002
Ben Booth (Leeds/UK)

It looks very similar to a PS2
Looks like Sony's contemporary design was not that comtemporary after all!!

Wednesday 13rd March 2002
Markus (Boston)

Wow! I have never seen a picture of the Microbox.... It really existed! :)
To bad ATARI is gone .....

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