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I > IBM  > PC XT - Model 5160


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the IBM  PC XT - Model 5160 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 10th February 2021
Merv B (US)

I have an IBM XT 5160 I would like to sell. Desktop model, with monochrome monitor, and keyboard. Original boxes. With 5.25 floppy diskettes containing DOS, as well as several additional programs. Has been in storage for over 25 years. In Colorado Springs area. Would prefer not to ship, as that would add significant cost for the buyer. If interested, contact me at

Sunday 3rd January 2021
Cuvtixo (United States)

Jay, you''re crazy. Shipping costs alone easily go over $100. It''s all metal and heavy, yet also easily damaged. Going rate is $300, no disks, no monitor. It''s long past just being an underpowered PC. Its a collectible piece of history. If you are going to ask here, don''t insult people with that kind of offer.

Tuesday 22nd September 2020
Jay (Washington State USA)

I am looking for one of these at a cheap price, I will pay up to 100$ including shipping if I have to pay for it
Email is

Sunday 30th July 2017

"I have an old IBM XT Model 5160 that I’d like to sell, it is very rare in that it is brand new in the original IBM boxes never used. It has the desktop tower, monitor, keyboard, and software all new in original IBM boxes. Also comes with many software programs also new in the boxes. Email me for pictures and price. Local pickup only, I’m located in Washington State USA. email:"

This is Bill again my IBM XT Model 5160 has sold thank you.

Thursday 9th March 2017
Nick (West Springfield/United States)

I have an IBM 5160 XT for sale. It in excellent condition, with the original monitor (monochromatic) and keyboard (buckling spring capacities switches). Location is west Springfield MA. Message me if you are interested.

Monday 6th February 2017
Bill (USA Washington)

I have an old IBM XT Model 5160 that I’d like to sell, it is very rare in that it is brand new in the original IBM boxes never used. It has the desktop tower, monitor, keyboard, and software all new in original IBM boxes. Also comes with many software programs also new in the boxes. Email me for pictures and price. Local pickup only, I’m located in Washington State USA. email:

Monday 2nd January 2017
Hristijan (Macedonia )

I have ibm pc still work prfect . Model 5160 made in geenkong Scotland . And i want to sell it if some one is interesting pm at mail

Monday 4th November 2013

I bilt my first computer whith a 8080 famely whith tineybasic on the chip and used a radio shack wire warp gun and goog old BITE magzine now i desing hvac system for seafood plants :))

Monday 4th November 2013

sure miss thos days i had a 30 mb rodine hd lol
I put ibm basic on rom,s and then added the letters ibm in the bios so the clones whoud run ibs softwear
miss thoes days

Monday 4th November 2013
Dr-D (usa)

back then my ibmpc had 640 mem 10 mzh mother board

Tuesday 18th June 2013
Pascal (France)

I have a complete PC XT 5160 and I would like sell it but I don''t know where to sell it ? Ebay ? Which is a right price ?
I don''t use it since 1985 but it works perfectly !!!

Monday 21st January 2013
Ed (United Kingdom)

Andrew Jenner has hooked up an XT machine to the internet, so you can run code on it: see
(There''s no storage or OS: your code is loaded via the keyboard port by a bootstrap loader which allows character I/O)

Wednesday 1st August 2012
Phil Culmer (UK)

I''ve still got one of these - my first PC. it got me a job as a programmer, after the guy that did the support for my Dad''s company say the Enigma emulator that I wrote on it.
Unfortunately, the power supply seems to have packed up$ I''d love to get it running again, even if only to use it as a terminal and play some old games.

Tuesday 17th April 2012
Lucas Machado (Brazil)

Hello, anyone from Brazil have a XT like that?

I really need another part, a memory card to a Tandy 1000 EX.

please send me a email:



Monday 17th January 2011
Lucas Nascimento (Brazil)

I have a IBM PC XT but I don$t know the Model, there$s a way to find out? and how much I can sell it nowadays? And someone have the disk with O.S.?
Thanks in advance.

Sunday 23rd December 2007
Mike Griffith (USA)

I have one of the first harddrives from an IBM PC-XT. It has a whopping 4M capacity! I have never read any info on this option. My machine came with 2 3.5" FDD, and the 4 Meg can. It was a 8088 w/ 8087 and 128K ram.

Thursday 5th July 2007
memsys (holland)

man i still have ine of these but i'm not sure if it's the 8088 or the 80286
it's eating a little dust now but i do still love it if i only had more programs for it

Sunday 9th April 2006
Abir Stolov (Israel)

I just want to thank debs, I has an old 5.25" disk with SSA and i wanted to download it, the his post is the only link between SSA and the name of the game - of the Ancient Empires - which i found here

Tuesday 28th February 2006
Olli (Germany/USA)

The best Computer I've ever owned...a real big machine, that was so reliable, stable and a personality. Unforntunately I sold mine 13 years ago...I can't believe that I really did it..:-(

Have fun with the reamining XTs, cherish them and keep the spirit alive!

A wonderful website - well done!

Tuesday 28th February 2006
Robert Santellan (USA)

Sad, but true. It was not long ago that I was first introduced to this old heap of what I now call IBM junk. It was back in 1998 that I first used this computer. I had told a neighbor of mine that I was a huge computer fan, but did not own a computer of my own. Being that she was a giving person, as well as very much out-of-the-know when it came to computers, she promised to give me hers. Overwhelmed with excitement, I could not wait to see it. When I came home, this old thing was sitting square in the middle of my floor. I knew it was old, but out of curiosity, I plugged it in a booted-up. I still remember that premature IBM screen, which lead up to the MS DOS screen. Of course, there was no GUI, and the idea of multi-tasking was none-excisting. Also, I am not sure if they even excisted, but the fact that I did not have a mouse was very annoying when using the MS Paint-like program I had with it. Believe me when I say drawing pictures is no fun with a keyboard. There was no internet connection, and the Command Line Interface was very irritating at times. This left me wondering what all the hype was about when it was a popular machine. But, believe it or not, this was the family computer for over a year, simply cause it had a printer. But once the ink ran out and we discovered it was damn well near impossible to find a replacement ink ribbon, we decided to buy a new computer. But, I still own that old thing, wondering what the hell to do with it.

Saturday 21st May 2005
CarpeSpasm (jax, Fl)

i can pull of some of the programs from my old XT, i have display write 4, NYET (a tetris clone that can run in monochrome), a menu program called MOO, and As Easy AS (a lotus 123 clone), i also have a few other programs if you wanna drop me a line, i can email the to you. email me at

Monday 6th September 2004
debs (brasil)


anyone knows where i can find XT games? i am having a nolstagic moment.
i am looking for one called: Challenge of the Ancient Empires!
here in brasil it was called SSA.

Saturday 1st May 2004
carpespasm (Jax, Fl)

After looking long and hard, i've finally found another of these great old machines and it's sitting happy in my house playing "nyet", an old tetris clone, and using display write four.i don't plan to let this one go and i want to start my own collection. maybe few early macs, an appleII and a c64, who knows, i may even go for a vms machine if i can find room to keep it.

Monday 25th August 2003
bob klahn (Sylvania OH)
Bob's Home Page

Anyone familiar with the Intel Inboard? Converts an IBM PC XT into a 386sx w/2 meg ram.

Ever see an XT running Windows 3.1?

Friday 16th May 2003
carpespasm (Jax, FL)

I've had two of these computers in the past few years, my grandmother gave me 1 as my first computer, and i've been hooked ever since. the first one i had had 420kb ram and a 5mb hdd. i took it apart and was surprised at how much of the case was full, this thing weighs on the order of 40-45lbs, and it was packed SOLID w/ expansion cards, i had no clue what did what or even how to use dos, so i just tore it down a few times over. luckily it had a very good dos tutor program on it that taught me the fundimentals and some advanced uses of dos 4.02 this was the first version of dos to come w/ dosshell, and it showed, the later versions of dosshell were a breez after weilding this beast. ain't it great what can get u started on computers?

Thursday 17th April 2003
Steve Guzzi (New York)

This was the first computer I ever owned, and as funny as it is, we were both made the same year (1983)! It was originally my older brother's computer, but all it did was sit on the floor of his closet. When I as about seven or eight I asked him if I could have it, but he wouldn't let me put it in my room unless I let him have the 20-inch television set back (it was taken away from him as punishment by our parents, and they had let me have it for some time). I agreed, gave him the TV, got the computer, and have been hooked on technology ever since. Best trade I ever made.

Monday 16th September 2002
Akis (Greece)

I'm a young collector of old computers. About a year ago, I found the pieces of an old system packed up in the house of an old friend. It took me some time to identify that it was actually the legendary PC XT and hopefully none of the parts was missing nor broken. So, I modified a 486 box and used an old CGA monitor to bring back from the dead,one of the oldest PCs.I never had a PC XT (always an Amiga fun), but now it's up and running, almost 15 years after it was permanently shut down... I installed MS-DOS 6.0, added it to my network as a DOS client, I'm programming in GW-BASIC and I'm happy to have it in my collection. Although the 20 MB hard disk, has some bad sectors, it still works pretty fine.

Monday 17th June 2002
B.J. Rowan (Florida, USA)

In 1986, the IBM PC XT S became my second computer (after the TI-99/4A in 1982). It had the 20 MB hard drive, single 360K 5.25" floppy, and 640K RAM. It was one of the later models equipped with an actual EGA (16 color!) adapter, which pushed the system price somewhere over $4,000. I used this system for six years, playing games, word processing, and writing GW-BASIC programs before buying a 386 in 1992.

Saturday 25th May 2002
Daniel Silen (Earth)

I grew up with this computer. The system I used had 192KB of RAM, the 10MB hard drive, a Monochrome Display Adapter, some brand of modem RS232 I think Hayes. It had an AMD 4.77MHz, must of been a newer model. I always begged for a CGA and a color monitor, but my father said they were too hard on the eyes. "Monitors are going to get better and better." he said. So I had to made do with the Monochrome display. I have to admitt, it was quite a crisp display for it's time. "The Trinitron" of the displays. I could not run much with 192KB. Finaly before we gave it away, we put 640KB in it. I remember ordering a cheap $10 Hercules compatible adapter so I could get graphics on it. I was jealous of my friend that had the true Hercules. I remember running PARK.EXE when ever we needed to move the machine. That parked the hard drive's read and write heads so they didn't scratch the disk durring movement for those of you not familar with technology of hard drives back then. It was mainly used for word processing.

Wednesday 13rd March 2002
Chris Barry (Earth)

We had LOTS of the 3270pc model where I worked... we would add the six pack plus cards to bring the memory up to a meg!. I still have at least 1 of the 3270pc's, and a couple six pack cards still in the boxes... brings back memories...

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