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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Hewlett Packard  HP-85 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Saturday 12th March 2011
Jules Pitsker (USA)

I had a poster of one on my closet door. It featured the HP-85 in the foreground, superimposed on an outer space background. A comet-tail animation came from the rear of the machine, as if it was coming right at you.
There was also an image of the Capricornus zodiac symbol, for whatever reason.
The poster was given to me by a friend of the family, who happened to be a chemist for the Nabisco company, circa 1981. Even though I owned a C-64 from 1982-1986, my childhood perception was that the HP-85 must have been more of a ''real'' computer.

Friday 18th June 2010
Pdubu (Camano Island, WA)

First computer I ever used. My high school got four of them when HP put a small plant in our town. 20 students, 4 machines, 50 minutes, not a lot of time for debugging our BASIC snowmen and other simple programs since most all of us where hunt-and-peck keyboarders. Good little machines though. Simple, only one cord and no need for printer ink. And as small as it was, that little amber screen wasn''t difficult to read (then again I was using my younger eyes).

Friday 25th July 2003
RENALDO (Seattle, WA)

When I went to the Byte Shop in Seattle, WA in 1980 to buy a Compucolor 2 they were closing out on (Thank God I bought an Atari 800!). They had some HP-85's. I was really impressed by their capabilities and I drooled over buying one, I couldn't afford them at $5000 (Atari's went for $1200). While I was there a well dressed gentleman came in and inquired about computers for his business. He was shown the HP-85 and said he would take two of them. He pulled out his AE card and the salesman looked very pleased with his sale.

Tuesday 30th August 2011
wesmorgan1 (USA )
Cognitive Buffet

I used the HP-85 back in the early 1980s at the University of Kentucky. The College of Engineering Library had 4-5 of these machines, and I found them fascinating. As a matter of fact, I just found my archive tape of HP-85 code. It''s a pity that I don''t have anything on which to read the tape...*sigh*

Thursday 25th March 2010
Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen (Denmark)

For info and manuals go to

Thursday 29th April 2004
Chris Gegg (Charlotte NC)

If anyone has an HP85 they want to sell, or even just the manuals, I am interested. Heck, even if you could just scan the manuals and send as a PDF.
Maybe someone knows where I can see the manuals online.
Any help would be appreciated.

Saturday 7th February 2004
BRN (Somewhere in Cyberspace)

How could anyone see anything very well on such a small monitor?!

Friday 7th November 2003
Franz Vida (Germany)

I can unsecure HP 85 basic programs without password. If someone is interested please let me know.

Monday 19th May 2003
joel (montpellier)

hello, i have just fogotten to send my mail, in the last message !

Monday 19th May 2003
joel (montpellier)

i have just buy one of this computer. :-)
it is a very nice computer.
i like it !
is someone have some programms, for sell, or want to give it to someone, please send me a mail.
thanks, joel

Wednesday 12th March 2003
michael (ky)

I saw one at a indoor flea market for $20. Only one I've seen in person wish I had bought it now :(

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