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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Multitech  MPF-1 A/B computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Thursday 9th April 2015
Glenn (UK)

I never owned an MPF-1, but I did have the EPROM programmer and the printer. I bought these as a job lot from either Bull Electrical or Greenweld in the early 90s for a few pounds. The printer was pretty useless without the MPF-1. The EEPROM programmer on the other hand was easily adapted to work with a ZX Spectrum and I was able to burn 27-series EEPROM chips using it.

Friday 5th September 2014
Simon Lyne (England)

Found the manual $-)$27s-manual.pdf

Just got hold of one as a grad present.

Monday 31st March 2014
David Shepherd

No the picture is definitely not an MPF-1B I have one here:

Friday 4th May 2012
Tom (Germany)

Update to street prices: The Micro Professor I is still built and sold by Flite electronics. Their actual price is £225.- (ca. €275). Considering what the prices of Arduinos or even professional prototyping kits are, I wonder how many they have been selling, lately $)

Friday 6th January 2012
Polymike (South Africa)

Dave Shepard''s comment that the picture on this mini-forum is perhaps not accurate. Partly true. The picture refers to, i believe is the MPF-1B. For a picture of the MPF-1A go to Wikipedia under Multitech MPF-1.
I have technical questions but will post them on the main forum.

Monday 29th June 2009
Maarten (The Netherlands)

I have a MPF with a Bardehle Electronic video board. Thanks to Elco''s post I found the manual for it, but it turns out that I also need an eprom (called the VIDMON monitor according to the manual) to replace the usual MPF monitor rom. Does anyone know where I can find a dump of this rom? All of my searches have come up empty and I am very curious to see what this video board does. Thanks!

Sunday 14th June 2009
elco (The Netherlands)

here are manuals for the mpf-1

Sunday 6th February 2005
bob weir (colorado USA)

Hi , my MPF was bought new in '85. the one w/ a fluorescent display. also have the printer, the BASIC chip and the IOM board and a radio shack tape recorder for storing the programs. and a stack of manuals. what i am up to at present is working on serial rs-232 code for i/o. if you have had some luck in this area please let me know. or if you know of another forum for MPF users where code and experimental results are shared please let me know that too. thanks to you all. bw

Thursday 20th January 2005
Paul Schenkels (Belgium)

Does somebody know where I could find copies of the manual for the MPF printer and the MPF Eprom Programmer? Thanks .

Wednesday 1st December 2004
MooglyGuy (USA)

Just so you know, the MPF1 board is currently emulated in MESS, thanks to my own efforts in emulating it.

Friday 24th September 2004
Sergio gimenez (Spain) (SPAIN)

Please I need how to use SBR and CBR keys .
Thanks !

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