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K > KOSMOS > CP1 / Computer Praxis


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Kosmos CP1 / Computer Praxis computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Tuesday 9th October 2018
Andreas Signer (Switzerland)

It might be worth mentioning that there''s also a multiplatform emulator available at, containing a fully commented disassembly of the ROM (

Monday 18th June 2018
Michael Graf (Germany)

"Little is known about this german training kit..." may have been true when the article was written, but by now, quite a bit of information has surfaced:
- There are some excellent pictures, including all the expansions, at (as TOM already pointed out)
- The full set of manuals (including all expansions, in German) is available at
- Michael Mustun provided a ROM disassembly at

Best regards,

Monday 20th February 2012
Scouter3d (Österreich)

Hi, you can find more info and pictures here:

Greetings TOM:-)

Monday 14th March 2005
Ansgar Strickerschmidt (Munich, Germany)

My experience is similar - actually, I got more into the hardware side. Actually, I built a cassette interface of my own, since the original one was too expensive for me at that time. Along with a little 'modding' of the CP-1. And it still works, like the whole machine. Anyone interested in the schematics of my home-built cassette interface, might contact me at: stargar at gmx dot de.
Did anyone do further modding, acceleration, enhancements/improvements to the code, or manage to get anything useful attached to the system bus, besides the RAM extension?
I have not yet given up the idea of cloning the whole machine to a nifty little box and have it control something in the house.
I also wrote an enhanced version of the 'Towers of Hanoi' robot control program, which is capable of moving a tower of maximum 11 slices (with the RAM extension only), if someone might be interested. (Heck, I could make it into a *.wav file, probably an *.mp3 to get it loaded... don't know actually if the file is compatible with the original cassette interface.)


Thursday 20th March 2003
Johannes Franken (Germany)

The Kosmos CP-1 was my first, own computer. I got it when I was 8 years of age and I really loved it, bought any extension modules and connected them to my electronic kits.

Today - more than 20 years later - I earn lots of money with IT development and -consulting. I can say, that learning that simple machine-code on the CP-1 was exactly the right way for me to get into computing. It actually changed my life. Of course, the CP-1's still got its place in the cupboard.

I wish, there were similar learning computers today. It would help a lot.

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