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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the MGT (Miles Gordon Technology) Sam Coupé computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 3rd June 2020
Quazar (Scotland)

Some corrections for you to update the Technical Information box:

-$ 1999. The SAM was commercially available up until the start of 1999. It did not stop when SAMCo went under in mid-1992.

SPEED 6MHz with screen off, 4.5 MHz with screen on
can be slowed down to emulate ZX Spectrum
-$ The Z80 CPU always ran at 6MHz, but /WAIT delays were added when the ASIC accessed the memory to draw the display, giving an ''effective'' speed of ~4.8MHz. Extra delays were added when using the ZX Spectrum graphics mode to make it closer to the speed of the spectrum, so in MODE 1 graphics the effective speed is ~3.8MHz.

CO-PROCESSOR Motorola MC 1377P Video Chip,
-$ The 1377P is not a video co-processor, all it does is convert RGB signals to Composite Video.

SOUND sample rate 15.6 kHz
-$ The SAA1099P doesn''t have a sample rate. The sample rate depends entirely on the timing on the software controlling it when it''s being used as low resolution DACs.

BUILT IN MEDIA one or two 3.5'''' ultraslim Citizen Double Density Drives (800 kb)
-$ Citizen disk drives were used from 1990-1992 until they were discontinued. NEC also produced slimline disk drives which were used for about a year afterwards until they also became discontinued. After that, standard PC style disk drives were used until the end of SAM''s production in 1999.

Wednesday 30th January 2019
Quazar (Scotland)

Still a lot of development going for the SAM Coupe, and I am also please to announce my next hardware project - ''Pandemonium''.

It started with three tweets on my twitter account on 1st January 2019...

(1of3) 2019. It''s now 26 years since I bought my first SAM Coupe and 24 years since I started Quazar and all my frantic developing for the system. It''s a shame the SAM didn''t thrive, but I often imagine what I could do if I ever got my hands on a handful of SAM''s ASIC chips.

(2of3) The ASIC is the unique custom chip at the heart of the SAM Coupe. What could I do if I had some? A new SAM drastically enhanced with my extra peripherals and a faster Z80, plus an eZ80 co-processor? That would surely be some advanced micro! It would be utter pandemonium!

(3of3) I just need those SAM Coupe ASIC chips... Oh wait... I have over 200 ?? Okay... Hmm... Pandemonium... Thats a funky codename for a new SAM! So, I happily announce ''Pandemonium''! I''ve a long way to go but it''s underway! Stay tuned...

While initially sounding a bit cryptic, I did just announce my next hardware project that will follow on from Symbiote!

Codenamed ''Pandemonium'' for the time being, this will be a new SAM!

Yes, you did read that right, a new SAM!

What makes this possible? Well, as covered in my new year tweets, I''ve got my hands on several hundred of the ASIC chips - that''s the customised VLSI logic array designed by Bruce Gordon, that provides all the main system logic of the SAM Coupe - graphics generation, memory paging, interrupts, MIDI, keyboard reading etc, etc.

Why the name ''Pandemonium''? It''s expanding on ''Mayhem'' the name I used for my prototype SAM accelerator. While interest was very low over a decade ago it never fully progressed into a released unit, however on the basis that I''ll be able to make a limited quantity of spanking new SAMs it makes sense to add in whatever I can incorporate, so that does include making it faster if possible. I''ve already updated my accelerator design, so couple that with most of my other hardware peripherals that I''ve designed and released over the years, such as the Trinity Ethernet Interface and the forthcoming Symbiote (an eZ80 based co-processor and audio interface I''m also working on) it''ll be a rather fantastic computer!

Sunday 3rd February 2013
Roger Jowett (ulster)

please help
trying to convert 8bit video for sam coupe
this is still not mode 3 interlaced with hmpr bit 5$6 CLUT alterations per scan line HELP we only need a DMA...
masterdos/basic atom lite support HELP

Saturday 26th May 2012
roger jowett (ulster)

apparently i cut and pasted the same link twice oh dear

Saturday 26th May 2012
Roger Jowett (ulster)

video removed by youtube thanks help yourselves to the promotion money after you removed the video wont you

Tuesday 22nd November 2011
rj (ulster uk)
sam coop vids$EmwW_6kUdHw

please post this link to youtube
hope yu can find your way to the real great sam sites on the net

Monday 13rd December 2010
Lez  (England)

Has anyone put the Sam Coupe onto a single CHIP like a ALTER Stratix or Cyclone FPGA? It would be a great project and has been done for other old machines !

Friday 6th April 2007
Joao Salema (Portugal)

I have a original Sam Coupe in the attic for sell... It was my first computer... if anyone interested, please e-mail me (i don't want to throw it away... it means a lot to me)

Tuesday 30th May 2006
wayne samuel (Earth)

hi, i wrote software for this computer in its last days of manufacture. There was an IO peripheral device which i think was trying to change the cutomer base from a home computer to an industrial control and logging center. I was only about 13 at the time and was over the moon about being given the chance to write published software.

Saturday 6th May 2006
Colin Piggot (Lincolnshire, UK)

Theres still plenty in development and being released for the Sam Coupé, including a 20MHz accelerator! Check out the URL i have included.

Wednesday 29th June 2005
Steve Parry-Thomas (Staffordshire, UK)
Sam Coupe Pro-Dos Resource Site

loads of manuals as pdfs, plus details about Sams CP/M 2.2 Syetem. Hardware manuals as pdfs.

Wednesday 23rd February 2005
Ian Chapman (UK)

I believe I owned the second ever SAM sold in the UK. Shortly after my Spectrum died I went looking for a replacement, but apparently there was a shortage of spectrums due to the computer system at the manufacturing plant being hacked and PCB layouts altered, resulting in a recall. I came across this beast and bought it as a replacement. Here's a little tip, you can effectively turboload any programs on tape by playing the tape in hi-speed dubbing mode if your player supports it. It loads nearly twice as fast.

Thursday 15th April 2004
Peter (Australia)

Hi, I am searching for 8bit computers that can produce photo like graphics. So far the Atari800XL is winning with its 256 color mode ( 16 shades of grey mixed with 16 colors giving 256 individual colors on screen at once.) What about the sam coupe. If anybody has any info on the graphics side I would love to hear from you. Please email any info, pictures of the power of the 128 colors of the sam coup.


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