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K > KAYPRO > Kaypro 4


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Kaypro Kaypro 4 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 11th January 2017
Robert Pearse (United States)

Like Andy M-S, I have a 2/84 which does not seem documented here. It had improved display and the rear looked just like the 2X, but did not have the X and had a "3" sticker just like the 4/84. Place for a fan but no fan installed. It lacked the modem or clock, but had the plug for the modem (inactive). I had 180K drives, not the 4x 360K drives. So somewhere between the 4/84 and 2X. It still runs just fine. I fire it up about every 2-3 months just for fun.

Wednesday 26th February 2014
Charlie (Santa Cruz, CA)

You never forget your first! A really sweet system. Still works except maybe the Bios Battery needs replacing. Still have all the manuals and disks.

Friday 21st February 2014
Andy M-S

In 1984, I bought a 2/84 machine. By the end of its life (c. 1993) I had upgraded it with DSDD drives, an Advent TurboROM, EZCPR (ZCPR2, for all intents and purposes) and a 256K coprocessor, which (like others) I used primarily as a RAMdisk. My boot disk loaded Perfect Writer''s swap file, along with all of my main utilities, onto the RAM drive, and I then put a "utility" disk into drive A (which via magic was now drive B$the RAM drive was A:) and put my data disk into drive B: (which via magic was then drive C:). That machine was absolutely wonderful, and as heavy and awkward as it could be at times, I really miss it. (Oh, and it fed an Okidata ml92 and an Anderson-Jacobson TTY that I used as a daisy-wheel printer).

Sunday 2nd September 2012
Arnold Franken (Netherlands)


I can Use aan old telephone cable to connect THE computer with THE keyboard

Saturday 14th July 2012
John J Wingenbach (Canada)

I''m looking for a chord to fit a Kaypro 4 to connect computger to keyboard

Monday 10th May 2004
Dereck Martin (Columbus, IN)

I have a Kaypro4, and it still works. Found it in my stepfather's attic. He told me it was originally used on his navy ship from which he served. many years ago. It has a big ol' chest with that has tons of manuals for the countless disks of software and for the computer it self. It's blue and grey. You can still by them on ebay, but who knows what software will come with it and it the boot disk will work. I wanted to by a excellent looking White one, but the price got to high for me.

Its a great nostalgic peice of equipment. Great for playing the good games like pong and atroids and and stuff. =) i'm only 21 and i appreciate this fine pc, they don't make them this durable of computer anymore. 20 years and still going!

Tuesday 4th March 2003
William J. Rodriguez C. (Caracas, Venezuela.)

Hello, i looking for information about Kaypro. General Information, Cost, models, applications, an so on.

Thanks in advance

William Rodriguez C.

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