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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the IPTVT (Traian Vuia Polytechnical Institute) MicroTim computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Sunday 22nd August 2021
George (Olanda)

Informatiile din acest articol sunt gresite. Prae nu era compatibil ZX spectrum, era un concept propriu (Dezvoltat de un colectiv condus de Dl. Miklos Patrubany). aMIC (dezvoltat la Bucuresti de un colectiv condus de Dl. Adrian Petrescu) era de asemenea un concept propriu incompatibil cu Spectrum. Clone romanesti de Spectrum au fost HC-85 (in doua variante de carcasa), HC-90, HC91, HC-2000. (ICE Felix), CIP (02, 03) - Electronica, Jet-M (Electromagnetica), TIM-S/MicroTim (timisoara), CoBra (Brasov). A existat si o clona numita "varianta Maracineanu". Cam atat.

Saturday 8th August 2020
Tibor Pardi (Hungary)

As a student in Romania, I longed for a MicroTim computer in the 1980s. I got the printed panel, the eproms and some digital ic, but I couldn’t finish it. Now I want to finish it in over 35 years but I can no longer find the documentation. Can anyone help with the wiring diagram, photo of the finished panel and ROM content? What sites should I search on?

Wednesday 19th February 2020
Mihai Dragan (Romania)
Plan Zero

The technical sheet information is wrong in stating there is no graphics mode. MicroTim is a ZX Spectrum clone, so of course it has a graphics mode with the same specs as the Spectrum.

Friday 21st September 2012
AAA (Timisoara/Romania)
"Politehnica" University of Timisoara - Computer Department

The "best" Romanian Spectrum clone was TimS Plus, a Sinclair +3 machine, running CP/M. It looked like a PC and one version with floppy disks is displayed at the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara Computer Department museum (building "B" level 4). It was never mass produced, but it was the last from the TimS series (''90s). I am not aware of many other successful +3 clones.

Sunday 29th August 2004
bbg (Romania)

Actually CoBra was developed at ITCI (the Institute for Computing Tehnology and Informatics).
IIRUC dosen't developed anything - they were responsible for servicing equipment.

Thursday 3rd July 2003
OG (US, Virginia)

Actually aMIC and Prae were NOT Sinclair Spectrum clones. That was reflected in the much fewer applications / software developed for them.
Prae had a better screen resolution than Spectrums (512 x 256) even though in B&W only.

There was also a series of TIM-S manufactured with a thin foil keyboard :-(very unreliable)

Should also mention HC-85 (ICI Bucharest), as well as maybe the best Romanian Spectrum clone, that would run under CP/M also - CoBra (developed at IIRUC Brasov)

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