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C > CONIC > TV Sports TG-621


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Conic TV Sports TG-621 videogame system. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Sunday 21st April 2013
Micke (Sweden)

I am cleaning out some old things and I was wandering
if Conic TVG-202 console is worth anything?

Monday 19th June 2006
Niklas Forss (Sweden)

How much could one get when trying to sell a ConicTv sports TG-621? In my case, i don't have the original box for the, i I guess it won't be worth a lot. Still, if anybody knows of anything, maybe a site where I can find this information, please let me know.

Thanks :)

Friday 24th February 2006
Carlo Pescatori (Venezia, Italy)

Hello! I own a Conic TV Sports TG-621 pong. An electric chock damaged it and I want to repair it but no components can be found around anymore. Does anyone have a broken one I can use for parts? I need some components on the integrated circuit that were burned, a diod and one of those lottle black cylinders with three contacts connected to the circuit. Sorry I'm not an expert, thanks everybody!

Thursday 8th January 2004
Olivier (France)

Sadly, pong systems arn't worth much these days, specially systems produced at a large scale like the ConicTV Sports TG-621... this is a common system...

Saturday 27th December 2003
M.Marino (Germany)

Hallo, first i want to say :sorry for my bat english.
I need an Information. i own 25 or 30 old gaming-consoles since 1977 Model conic TG-621 in original package. is there enybody who have interess for it ? is it from high value?

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