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This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Apple  APPLE IIc computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 14th October 2016
Malachi McCoy (United States)

We had a iic as a kid growing up!!!

It had a COLOR screen and a 7 color dot-matrix printer. Top of the line at the time. My friends had Compaq''s and Atari''s!!!

Tuesday 13rd May 2014

i was just wondering, how much is this thing worth? found one in my basement, and it works, so is it of any value?

Friday 28th March 2014
Erick (USA)

This computer makes a brief appearance in the move 2010

Thursday 4th November 2010

Our first computer was a Apple IIc(1985) too and in Germany nobody trust at that time these strange boxes. But we loved to learn programming Basic and it still is working. From a trip to USA we brought our first game the "Wishbringer" and it was exciting to play it!

Monday 27th September 2010
Tom (USA)

The Apple IIc was my first computer also. I learned about computers in jr. high and high school on Apple II''s and IIgs''s, so when a friend wanted to sell hers I bought it. Had lots of fun using Appleworks like in school, plus playing games like Wavy Navy and Typhoon of Steel on it. Like Stephen Tripodi said, the bootup was always noisy, but that sound is nostalgia to me now.

Monday 30th January 2006
Stephen Tripodi (USA)

Ahh.... good memories. I had a IIc as my first computer. It was on this machine that I first learned to program computers, with the built in Applesoft BASIC. I fondly remember playing such games as Super Munchers and Flight Simulator II on that tiny 9 inch green monochrome monitor. One thing I also remember is the awful grinding noise the built in drive made when booting up. The first time I ever used the thing, I thought I had broken something. :-)

Thursday 29th December 2005
Thierry Legros (France)

I have seen this Apple IIc into the movie "Explorers" from Joe Dante with Ethan Hawk. This is the computer the guy uses to connect his extra-terrestrial electronic board which creates a force field

Monday 19th December 2005
Alex (Minnesota)

I recently found an Apple IIc in my garage. I remember playing it in the early 90's when my aunt gave it to our family. We kept using it until at least 1996 or 97. I was really excited when I found it. I need to get more software though... Most of my disks dont work.

Wednesday 9th March 2005
Aran Carrigan (USA)

The IIc had two odd problems: It had a TV out just like the C64, but it didn't respond usually. Another problem was that the PSU tried to store energy, but it constantly got hot even when the computer was turned off.

Tuesday 8th June 2004
Chris (North Carolina)

i have a lot of old computers and i love to collect them. My favorite types are apples. I have an apple //c that is my most favorite of all of them. I will be asking around for some accessories for it.

Monday 22nd December 2003
Ricky (Maryland)

I just found one of these machines at a yardsale a few months ago, they gave it and about 50 peices of software to me for free! It was made before my time but I love old electronics so I thought Id give it a try, Its a great old machine! By the way, anyone who dosent have a monitor, just plug it into the video plug on your tv.

Thursday 20th March 2003
Tim (Portland OR)

The Apple //c was my very first computer and fully responsible for getting me hooked on computers. It was a gift for my 6th birthday from my grandfather, grandmother, mother and father. They all pooled the money together because "This could be something big some day". Little did they know it would lay out my professional career.

I remember spending hours exploring what exactly the computer could do, running any piece of software I could come across, coding dinky programs in basic.

A great system, I'm almost tempted to try and locate it and boot it up again.

Tuesday 23rd April 2002
Ken Duncan (Nth Ipswich, Australia)

My first computer also, purchased Apr 86. Spent many late nights at friends place learning about computing, (and drinking lots of beer-thanks Wayne). Added Applied Engineering 1mb RAM card (run Appleworks in RAM-no disk access required), 3.5" external drive and 5.25" external drive. Loved programming in AppleBasic. Added in a lot of the Beagle Bros enhancements (Appleworks was great!)

Tuesday 5th March 2002
Isaac Johnson (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
netizen news

my first computer (..tear..). Wonderful machine - brittle power cord plug. They even had a cool optical mouse for it with a graphics package.

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