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A > ACORN COMPUTER  > Archimedes A3000


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Acorn Computer  Archimedes A3000 computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Friday 22nd April 2011
Malcolm Ramage (United Kingdon)
Atari Music Network

The Archimedes took regular double density 3 1/2 inch floppy disks, just the same as the ST and Amiga. Later Archimedes machines could also use High Density 1.44MB disks, but the A3000 couldn''t without an internal upgrade.

Saturday 25th December 2010
Simon (Manchester)

Just wondering what kind of floppy disks the a3000 took?
are they available on ebay?

Saturday 4th December 2010

This is a beautiful little machine, owned and loved by my good self.

Everything works (will upload a picture of the system switched on ASAP).

Original manuals, software etc.

PHILLIPS 14" Monitor

Flashback, Lemmings, ChuckRock, E-type Jaguar, Chocks Away, many more!

I will probably update this listing as and when I scrutinise what I have!

Any questions, just ask! I love this machine, and to be honest, am very tempted to keep it, but I appreciate that you bidders out there have the same passion, so another good home is a welcome home....

There are some very good online-bookable couriers, so I think £20 should cover it, though maybe over two shipments (at the same time).

Monday 27th February 2006
Harris Khairuddin (Bath)

I have an A3000 with 4mb upgrade and RISC OS 3.11. Is the RAM module compatible with the A3010 and A3020?

Wednesday 25th May 2005
michael tesh (sheffield)

does the a3000 have an modem add on?

Monday 18th October 2004
Martin (Scotland)

My dopey mother sold my A3000 when I was out of the country, but I still have some files I'd like to retrieve - any ideas how i can do this?

Monday 13rd September 2004
Ace (sheffield england)

is there a acorn risc pc (a5000) around ive been after one for ages im after some games as well
p.s.i collect old computers and synthesizers

Tuesday 1st June 2004
Andrew McConville (Scotland)

Have never personally owned an A3000 - had a A3010, but I thought I'd share this:

My school Maths department had one(as did most of the depts in the school had an Acorn of some sort - Art topped the list with six! All different variants too.....) and over time it became known as "The beast" for the amount of upgrades that one of the teachers had performed. When I left it was running at "A5000" spec - Arm 3 25Mhz, 120MB internal HD 8MB ram (yes 8MB!) He'd gone and got one of the drive/board upgrades which gave it a 1.6 MB FD and internal podule expansion like the A3020's....
SO for anyone looking to upgrade... if you can still find them, then these may be worth getting. If I had known that the expansion of the A3000 was so much better than the A3010 that I got, I probably would have paid the extra £100 to buy a new one over the price I paid for my new A3010.

Thursday 17th July 2003
Sam Thornley (South normanton)
Sam's bits and bobs

I was setting up my A3000 and noticed on the under side near the mouse port is a compartment
with a screw.I undid the screw to find what looked like a batery compartment (AA size) .I think this was
made for CMOS back up batery. :-)

Wednesday 30th April 2003
ash purdie (pixton England)

I love Acorns there just amazing.

Saturday 22nd March 2003
Sam Thornley (South Normanton (England))

I have a A3000 with a internal hard drive. But the hard drive does not work.

Tuesday 18th March 2003
Ace (Sheffield England)

I own a Acorn A3000 but to add to my collection i was wondering where i could get an A4000 risc pc and a bbc master compact.

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