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R > RADIO SHACK > TV Scoreboard (handheld)


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Radio Shack TV Scoreboard (handheld) videogame system. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Monday 31st August 2015
Jeff (US)

The video game came out through Tandy between 1976-early 80''s. I would guess if the box and instructions and all the connectors were with it could fetch a couple of hundred at best

Saturday 21st December 2013
Pete (Seattle)

I have a Raido Shack T.V. scoreboard that I dug out of the attic so my grand kids could play with it on Christmas. I set it up and it works like the day we bought it. Thats the problem, we can''t remember when we bought it new, and there is no date on the box or on the instuction sheet. It''s a hand held. Anyone have an idea of the age?

Wednesday 3rd April 2013
T.K. Dunbar (USA)

I didn''t have this model - I had one that had control levers - mounted on separate rectangular controllers - 3 or 4 games - Pong - Double-Pong? - Hockey - and Soccer? - in some ways it seems better - more advanced than this - but I know I got it for Christmas in the late 70''s (77?) and it cost under $20 - which was the family limit for Christmas gifts - I know most people would think we were poor - but I knew other people who got less or nothing, and I never felt bad about getting less than most of my neighbors. I learned to play pong with myself - left hand versus right - full English - fastest speed - in my family, this was the toughest opponent I could find.

Friday 20th July 2012
Joe (USA)
Coyote Joe

How do you connect one of these to a new LCD TV? I have mine from when I was a kid and want my kids to see how video games started.

Sunday 18th March 2012
Matty (SE Qld. Australia.)

G''day. I have a TANDY electronics- tv scoreboard. Fully complete $ working unit, 6 games $ the gun. It''s all still in the original box. Been in the family since day dot. Back in my day!!! lol...
I''m MATT, I''m in SE Qld, Australia. I can be contacted at
Looking to sell unit, open to offers!
Think I still have a vic20 floating around somewhere too! lol...

Monday 5th March 2012
Edward Rudd (USA)

I want to find an adapter for mine so I can hook it up to my TV :-D

Saturday 19th February 2011

hey how much is one of these worth becuz i recently got one and im planning on selling it

email me at:

Tuesday 3rd August 2010
Kyle (USA)

Wow I actually get some info on these. I have one that has actually never been used. It still is packed in its original wrapper! LOL!

Tuesday 12th April 2005
Charles (Earth)

I remember this game. Any time some one was playing squash or tennis and you had the gun connected you could shoot the ball.

Tuesday 11th January 2005
David Lenti (Struer, Denmark (formerly Massachusetts))

We too had one of these consoles as kids - and loved it. Does anyone know how the gun function actually worked? CRT televisions were not interactive back then as far as I know.

Sunday 29th August 2004
zak (vancouver)
gloopy poopy

i got one of these little gajet's at a garage sale a hour ago.dosen't work:-(
anyone have some ideas?

Saturday 10th July 2004
qonos (Seminole, Ok)

Hey, it's great to see this! I remember my uncle bought one of these for my brother & I in between the Sears Pong game & the Atari... loved it because it was easy to travel with and it had the target shooting game! The gun itself is still in my parents house as a toy for the grandkids! Killer!

Tuesday 16th March 2004
john k (iowa)

i got one of these at a grage sale about a year ago in the original box(#2) for $2.50 i thought these came out in the late 70's but i dunno

Monday 6th January 2003
Ryan Thornton (St. Louis, Missouri)

Wow, I had this as a kid, back before we bought our Atari 2600. The gun wasn't much fun, but there were a few tricks to do with the master controller. If you adjusted the main game selector knob and placed it between two games, then the master control would get an extra paddle on that particular game. I think Hockey was my favorite.

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