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P > PHILIPS  > P2000C


This mini forum is intended to provide a simple means of discussion about the Philips  P2000C computer. If you want to share your own experience or memories, or add relevant information about this system: post a message!

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Wednesday 12th May 2010
Jim Goldenberg (USA)

I was recruited by Philips to Vienna in 1980 and was responsible for getting the development of the P2000C started as an engineering development with my boss Herr Firster. Product Management had us developing the P2000B businees desktop using UCSD Pascal P-Code and was very slow. Engineering did the P2000C without Product Management support, that is, an end-around development to get a successful product to market. The dual Z-80 prototype graphics really got us the managemet backing we needed.

Sunday 3rd January 2021
Lucian (Romania)

I am looking for a mint p2000c with the 8088 CoPower board or the CoPower board separate. Most grateful to whom can help! email:

Tuesday 16th July 2019
Oreste (Austria)

Hi. By July 2019 there ist very Mint pc2000c in Sale in (Austria eBay) with loads in Disks ....

Sunday 23rd September 2018
Günther (Austria)

Hi all,
I am collecting all kinds of vintage computers. My Philips collection includes several P2000T, one P2000M with monitor $ disk drive unit, a P2500 (P2000B) with monitor and disk drives, two P2000C and the 8250 MSX machine. All of them are working and I have some software for them. Unfortunately I am missing the original CPM disks for the P2500. It would be great if someone could share the software, e.g. in Imagedisk or Teledisk format with me.

Monday 21st March 2016
Adrian Wallaschek (Deutschland)

I own two of these beauties. I studied the external monitor connector, but I have absolutely no idea, how to get this connected to any monitor neither new nor old nor a converter.

Any clue?

Monday 30th April 2012
Ziemowit Jankowski (Sweden)
My small manufacturing site


While digging through my cellar I discovered that I probably have one complete P2000M and P2000B (aka P2500). The P2000M has both BASIC and UCSD 4.0-something cartridges to it. The P2000B was probably booted off the floppies, if I remember that right. I loved the P-system implementation on those machines, asit was quite fast - at least compared to the compatition of that time.

Thursday 22nd September 2011
SusanB (New York/US)

I worked for Philips Information Systems in NYC as a marketing support representative from 1981-1985. I still have the MS-DOS version, OEM''d by Compaq that I bought, in about 1983, at a discount when it was being discontinued. That thing is heavy! I remember upgrading it to the full 512K RAM. It has been in storage for a long time. The keyboard was lost many years ago, but I still have the boot disks!

Sunday 3rd April 2011
Ian Gregson (UK)

I have a Philips P2000C, It is fully working.
I have many disks
BUT no boot disk.
Can any one please supply me with one.
I would love to get this old beauty working

Hope you can help

Thursday 24th February 2011
M. Jansen (Netherlands)

I also still own a p2000c, which is also still working today. First it was gonna thrown away, it was outside,for 2 days covered in plastic, in the rain. I couldnt resist to take it back in. a day later i turned it on, and it started up right away.. Very strong computer, and im showing it to the " younger " generation sometimes.
About the sound, it does have a tiny build-in speaker, but it doesnt go further then just saying " beep " .

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